, Certain products may be unavailable due to insufficient data. . The second syllable is higher and shorter. The base is often made with large oak leaves. BEHAVIOUR IN THE WILD: INTRODUCTION: In 2007, the Kentucky warbler was seen as far west as Farmington, New Mexico. The male remains within the territory, but rarely brings food to female. The Kentucky Warbler is currently evaluated as Least Concern. This species produces one brood per season, sometimes two. It feeds on insects and various other arthropods, and occasionally takes fruits. These chases are interspersed with songs and aggressive “chip” notes at close range or while perched. The adult head pattern is lacking. It nests on or near the ground. Nd: Kentuckyzanger They are fed on small insects and spiders. (NatureServe 2013) Kentucky Warbler (Geothlypis formosa) Species GuidanceFamily: Parulidae – the wood-warblers Learn more. The Kentucky Warbler, is a sluggish and heavy warbler with a short tail, preferring to spend most of its time on or near the ground, except when singing. Kentucky warblers nest on the ground hidden at the base of a shrub or in a patch of weeds in an area of ample vegetation. But the species is not currently globally threatened. The Kentucky Warbler’s most common call is a low, sharp “chuck” or “chip”. The female resembles male, but she is duller, with the black colour of the head sometimes reduced or mottled with greyish-olive. Biometrics: The young Kentucky warblers usually leave the nest about 10 days after hatching. Kentucky Warbler Species Guidance 1 of 7 PUB ER-694 (last updated October 8, 2018) Global range map for Kentucky Warbler. The flight is swift and direct, with rapid wing beats. At the beginning of the breeding season, the male chases other males, but without, or rarely physical contact. The song is a series of rolling musical notes “churry churry churry”. They fly and follow their parents by 4 days after leaving the nest, and they remain in family groups for one month more if a second brood is not initiated. Wingspan: 18-22 cm Ang: Kentucky Warbler It is usually build between 3 centimetres and 1 metre above the ground and it is usually well hidden among the dense undergrowth. It is a sluggish and heavy warbler with a short tail, preferring to spend most of its time on or near the ground, except when singing. They start the spring migration in early March and reach their breeding areas from early April, but mainly late April in N. The Kentucky Warbler flies in straight lines. This map depicts the range boundary, defined as the areas where the species is estimated to occur at a rate of 5% or more for at least one week within the breeding season. The nest is placed between supporting stems or dead twigs in small brush pile. Range: Breeding. The adult male has bright olive green upperparts, no wing bars and no tail spots or bars. RANGE: This call may be uttered as a single note or very rapidly, almost as a trill. 40 THE KENTUCKY WARBLER range. The Kentucky Warbler breeds in woodlands with luxuriant undergrowth near streams, usually at low elevation. The juvenile is similar to adults but duller, with rather olive-green than black areas. Incubation is done by the female only, and lasts for about 12 days. Long legs and feet are pale pinkish. All: Kentuckywaldsänger During migrations, the birds also frequent suburban gardens and parks. They winter in undergrowth of moist tropical lowlands, and foothill second-growth forests, but also in mature tropical forests. Both male and female may give high-pitched “teep” under extreme stress when predators threaten the nest. Both adults and young give the common “chip”. 2010 THE KENTUCKY WARBLER 55 WINTER HOME RANGE OF A GOLDEN EAGLE (Aquila chrysaetos) IN EASTERN KENTUCKY Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., and Brian W. Smith Introduction As concerns about the environmental impacts of the use of fossil fuels for energy have become more acute, attempts to develop alternative or “green” energy sources have increased. The Kentucky Warbler is native to many parts of the world other than Kentucky. It is migratory, spending summer in the central and eastern United States, often ranging as far north as Wisconsin to Pennsylvania.


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