I suggest using as small or slim as you can find. By making this substitution this recipe comes out to only 1.4 NET Carb per serving. Frying takes longer because the whole item is not submersed into oil, only part of it is. If I was able to pick a side, fries were not my first choice. Halve each piece of zucchini … These delicious baked zucchini are stuffed with crispy pork rinds, tangy parmesan cheese and ground almonds and roasted until tender and golden. Fried Zucchini has always been one of my favorites. Parmesan Cheese – Used to help bind the coating together and also adds flavor and protein. Even though when we hear the word zucchini we think of the long green squash. I’ll leave out the Parmesan and try extra nutritional yeast (can never have too much of that!). To make Pork Rind Breading it’s really simple with only a couple of ingredients. Your email address will not be published. Zucchini is a low carb and healthy vegetable, and tastes great this way! When you are ready to eat them do not thaw them out. For best results, buy zucchini that is not too large, instead buy small and medium which are sweeter and good for fried zucchini. So I break out the air fryer and make this low carb fried zucchini and it’s delicious. You guys nailed this. These keto zucchini fries are the perfect…, Keto Carrot Cake Bites | 100 Calorie dessert, Roasted Cauliflower With Garlic Alfredo Sauce. Get a large cutting board and a knife and slice your zucchini in the shape and thickness that you would like to. Keto allows (and I dare say encourages) frying to get fat into meals. Make up some avocado/cilantro sauce with sour cream, avocado, garlic, and cilantro. If you cook them in the oven flip them over halfway through cooking them to make sure both sides get crispy. How does the batter stick? A nice staple food that you can eat often on Keto/low carb diets. Enjoy! This way it will keep your breadcrumbs dryer and you won’t have to throw them out so quickly for getting wet and clumpy. Its a demand driven process not a supply driven process and this outdated line of thinking needs to change. One way of doing this is by making it in an air fryer. Next add the mayonnaise and crushed garlic to a small baggie and squish to mix it up. The best way that we have found to make our breading stick to our zucchini is to double egg it and double flour it. So for this fried zucchini recipe I only used zucchini, mayonnaise, garlic, parmesan cheese and pork rinds. Love this how quick and easy this is and the fact that it’s an air fryer recipe! Just remember, if you cook them ahead of time they won’t be quite as crispy as they would be if you ate them immediately after cooking them, but they’ll still be tasty. Can’t wait for the end result. The fries are in the oven. When you are just frying something, normally the oil that you are using to fry in is shallow, the food item is not totally submerged in the oil. The egg wash is made of eggs and heavy cream. I added garlic to the mayo to because I like that flavor combination with fried food but you don't really need it. The almond flour is a little more crumbly, nutty and crunchy, whereas the coconut flour is a little softer and has a more mild taste and also absorbs more water than almond flour. Your Fried Zucchini will taste good if you bake it or if you fry it. Crispy Oven Baked, Grain Free Zucchini Fries, Low Carb. For instance, if you like things spicy then add cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper. The peel actually acts as stability for the zucchini when frying it. For extra crispy fries, bake for an additional 10 minutes. Italian Seasoning – It also adds some other flavors to your Fried Zucchini, like oregano, basil, and thyme. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even if a little falls off into the oil during the frying process, then there will still be breading on there and hence it will be crispy.


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