2X Sealed Bags. King's Tea, a TenRen exclusive, is made of high quality oolong tea blended with a touch of ginseng to create an incredible aftertaste. The tea has the rich smooth taste of oolong with an aftertaste which is sweeter and longer lasting than the traditional oolong tea. Founded in 1953, Ten Ren’s Tea is the leading international retailer and manufacturer of specialty teas over 2,000 retail locations in North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Yan Hou Tang Organic Taiwan Original Oolong Green Tea … (Green tea … The bitter tartness associated with ginseng can not be tasted in this tea. Ten Ren King's Oolong Tea Loose Chinese/Taiwan Tea, 300 g/10.6 oz. Oolong tea represents only 2% of the world’s tea, but it’s well-worth discovering ().It combines the qualities of dark and green teas, giving it several interesting health benefits. Oolong Loose Leaf Tea from Taiwan, Delicious and Detox Helps Aid in Weight Loss. Heavily influenced by the … Unlike black tea, which is fully oxidized with deep black leaves, oolong tea is partially oxidized. A lesser-known type of tea, oolong tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to make black and green tea.The difference is in how the tea leaves are processed.


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