As will the stubby stock screen which barely pokes its head above the LED headlight. Rear suspension: WP APEX monoshock, 177mm travel It will sit on 110km/h relatively easily, but anything faster and you’ll begin to hear the motor swearing at you. From high-performance motocross and enduro bikes, to monolithic (and extremely capable) adventure bikes; KTM definitely knows how to do dirt well. The information was displayed clearly, and the menus were simple and intuitive to scroll through with the use of a keypad on the left handlebar. Only feeling a little worse for wear the next morning, I set off on my 270-mile journey home. The footpegs are angled forward, making standing uncomfortable, The WP Apex fork is solid, but struggles in technical terrain, Some spoked rims from the KTM Powerparts catalogue would be great. I was flicking through a book of Spanish phrases when suddenly the COVID-19 police burst into the cabin. Since its announcement at EICMA, the KTM 390 Adventure has captured my attention. I soon plunged into a network of leafy English country lanes and was immediately reminded just how liberating it feels to ride a small bike on tight, twisty roads. The compromise with the small-displacement engine is that it starts to struggle a little at highway speeds. To be honest, I expected this to be the case on a small adventure bike, and while it didn’t stop me having fun for a couple of hours on Salisbury Plain, it’s not a position I’d want to spend an extended period of time in. It might not be for everyone, but anyone who does buy it definitely won’t be disappointed. I agreeI do not agree, Well, they say be careful what you wish for, because that’s exactly the opportunity I got when I received a phone call from. But the truth is, many bikes in the small-capacity adventure segment are all adventure style and no off-road substance. 1290 super adventure. So much so that I could only just about plant both feet flat on the floor, despite being 6’ tall. It’ll also be easier to slip into crowded motorcycle parking bays than a larger machine. Other small gripes that I had were the relatively small windshield and a slightly uncomfortable seat, though both of these can be improved through the KTM Powerparts catalogue. Affordability and user-friendliness were the key points in the design brief for the 390 Adventure, and KTM has absolutely nailed it. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a bike, and read all the latest news and reviews. Don’t think a low price tag equates to a sub-par bike though, because KTM has packed a lot into the 390 Adventure – it is an absolute bargain. In the official press kit, KTM describes the 390 Adventure as an ‘introductory tool for light off-roading and wider adventure touring.’. Avec la 390 Adventure, KTM propose une moto A2 native au gabarit très valorisant et à la prise en main évidente. He’d arranged for me to pick up KTM’s new 390 Adventure from the Austrian manufacturer’s UK headquarters at Silverstone. It does feel. on the stiff side but I didn’t bottom out once. The fork doesn’t like big hits, ruts or potholes, and it certainly doesn’t like airtime. There is also Bluetooth integration with KTM’s My Ride app. His bike looked every inch the adventure-ready machine with crash bars, soft luggage, and smattering of dirt from local green lanes. The tapered aluminium handlebars, mirrors, switch gear, and LED headlight, all look like they’d been taken from more expensive bikes in KTM’s range, but most impressive was the crystal clear TFT display shining brightly in front of me. The entry level adventure bike is priced at PHP 309,000. EICMA 2019: KTM 390 Adventure Could it be the little bike that could? Front brakes: 320mm discs with Brembo four-piston radial caliper, ABS The thrill of flying to a foreign land and being among the first people in the world to ride a new adventure bike never ceases to put a big, silly grin on my face. He was happy to play host. Fuel capacity: 14.5 litres/3.5 litres reserve, OTHER STUFF You’d think the powerful, sexy Africa Twin would be the obvious choice, but every time I went to the garage, I found myself walking straight past the big Honda and riding off the on the KTM 390 Adventure. KTM has finally begun rolling out the highly anticipated 390 Adventure for the Philippine market. At 158kg, the 390 Adventure is incredibly light and agile, and this makes for fun experience off-road. At $8995, the 390 Adventure is one of the cheapest road-legal KTMs in Australia. The KTM 390 Adventure is a super-fun little road bike that will benefit beginner riders and urban commuters greatly. After having spent the previous three months stuck at home in COVID-19 lockdown, I was overjoyed to be testing a new bike once again. I had the option of commuting to work on a Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports, or the 390 Adventure. Affordability and user-friendliness were the key points in the design brief for the 390 Adventure, and KTM has absolutely nailed it. The WP Apex suspension was a little bouncy on the tarmac, but both the fork and shock are adjustable, so you have some flexibility. However, the seat itself is quite wide which contributed to my flat-footing struggles. Well, if I was a new rider looking to build confidence on the road, or I was limited to an A2 licence, I would seriously consider snapping one up. Leaving KTM’s offices behind, I did as I would on any new bike launch and dedicated the first few miles to familiarising myself with the bike’s ergonomics and controls. In my book, any adventure bike worth its salt needs to be capable of travelling long distances in relative comfort, so I plotted a route on the SatNav that purposefully took in motorways and fast A-roads. It was built in India as part of KTM’s partnership with Bajaj Auto (Bajaj has a 48% share in KTM). Afterwards, I find myself back at my desk wondering if it was all just a wonderful dream. Bore x stroke: 89mm x 60mm Final drive: Chain Could this bike serve a specific purpose? Related Reading: Having explored much of Europe and most recently Thailand on two wheels, he’s now got his sights set on exploring more of the world by motorcycle. Around 70 very happy miles later, I pulled up next to my mate’s Yamaha Ténéré 700 in Luton. Now for the limitations. With gleaming fleets of test bikes waiting to be ridden both on and off-road you’ll have the perfect opportunity to try before you buy. Claimed maximum torque: 37Nm at 7000rpm, TRANSMISSION ENGINE Usually at this stage of a bike launch abroad, the wine and beer would flow freely among the assembled motorcycle journalists as we discuss the merits of the new bike we’re testing, and that night, I can confirm my mate and I didn’t let the side down. With less weight and power to be concerned with, I could flick the 390 Adventure around with a carefree abandon I wouldn’t dare to replicate on a heavier, more powerful machine. 2017 KTM 390 Duke Launch Review


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