If you need some reflective metals profiled, send us your requirements today. Brass is often used for laser-cut metal art, clock wheels/gears, and sleeve/bearing surfaces. Despite the risks of reflected beams and broken laser machines, these materials can be laser cut. Upload your part outline in DXF format and select brass as your material option to get instant pricing on your custom brass parts! If set up with particular care and with consistent cutting parameters, the chances of damage caused by reflection can be reduced significantly, enabling CO2 laser to be able to cut materials such as aluminium etc. No graphics restrictions. Detectors within the laser head monitor radiation levels and will automatically shut the laser down if too much radiation is being reflected back into the lens, before any damage is done. At Charles Day, we have 4 x CO2 lasers, 2 x Fibre optic lasers and one of the UK’s largest waterjet cutting beds all under a single roof. Alternatively, if you require any more information on our laser cutting and waterjet cutting services our website has a wealth of information. Brass is often used for laser-cut metal art, clock wheels/gears, and sleeve/bearing surfaces. Mirror surfaces can reflect the laser beam, damaging the cutter’s interior components. The short answer is yes. Fibre lasers are only really effective on thin sheets up to 5mm thick. Over 100 elaborate balustrade panels cut from 20mm aluminium with a black anodised finish. When purchasing 6kw fiber laser cutting machine, many customers who do sheet metal processing will ask whether they can cut aluminum, copper and other high-reflective materials. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why cutting reflective metals using fibre laser technology is becoming an extremely popular method. The inherent nature of laser cutting, there is a chance of some molten metal being present during the cutting process, some of the molten metal can also be highly reflective and become a source of a damaging reflective beam. Cutting non-ferrous and highly reflective materials using CO2 laser technology has always been a tricky operation. Gas laser cutting, the most common type of laser-based cutting, was founded in 1964 and remains a common method. Check out some of the parts we've laser-cut in brass below. With large industrial CNC laser machines, like the one’s here at Charles Day, costing hundreds of thousands of pounds and any damage to the laser delivery system can cause lead to both considerably repair costs and lengthy downtime. Our fiber laser produces a beautiful edge finish to match a beautiful material. A great example of our waterjet capabilities in the architectural sector. We stock 260 "cartridge" brass in thicknesses ranging from 0.02" to 0.25" thick. As we explain below…. Although waterjet cutting is an effective alternative to profiling these reflective materials it shouldn’t be considered the only option. It’s well known that both sliver and aluminium are considered the two most reflective metals on earth (silver itself can reflect up to 95% of visible light), and are commonly used in solar mirrors, solar pane windows, sunglasses and jewellery. Written by Charles Day on 22nd January 2015. poses no danger of damaging the cutting equipment meaning it is both quicker and safer to set up. Charles Day’s Etching Helps Drive a Successful Product Launch! Posted in Cutting & Profiling Guides, Laser, Waterjet. In fact, the metal laser cutter was able to cut aluminum plates a few years ago. :-)  Brass and copper have reflective surfaces that can make the material difficult or impossible to cut on CO2 lasers, but a fiber laser cuts brass nicely. Some mirrored materials can be placed reflective-side down and cut. Fibre lasers represent the latest development in laser cutting technology, utilising fibre optic cables as opposed to mirrors and gasses, they have become the most cost effective and quickest method of cutting thin sheets of reflective materials. This article aims to highlight why laser cutting reflective metals is so tricky, why other cutting methods are often advised and ultimately what is the best way for you to profile these types of materials in a range of thicknesses. So it is easy to see why many sub-contract laser cutting companies will try and suggest an alternative profiling method for reflective metals such as waterjet cutting. Without the use of mirrors and delicate lenses, the reflective nature of aluminium, brass, copper etc. Photo: Jenoptik. Although covering the sheet in a non-reflective coating may sound like an appropriate remedy, the surface of the metal sheet is not the only source that can cause a damaging reflection. Above this thickness the roughness of the cut and cutting speed deteriorate considerably and waterjet cutting becomes a more viable option. But there is a modern alternative. Laser fusion cutting involves melting material in a column and using a high-pressure stream of gas to shear the molten material away, leaving an open cut kerf. We stock and laser cut brass up to 1/4" thick. From 1977 Charles Day (Steels) has evolved into one of the largest and diverse specialist profile cutting companies in the UK.Phone: 0114 244 5544Email: [email protected], Copyright © 2019 Charles Day SteelsPowered By Spotlight Studios. Additionally, many modern laser machines have a failsafe in place to prevent damage to the cutting equipment. Other reflective metals, which can be difficult to laser cut using CO2 lasers include yellow metals such as gold, copper, brass and bronze. So regardless of your requirement we can profile reflective materials from less than 1mm all the way up to 230mm. The laser die cutting machine is specifically designed for the cutting and perforating of reflective material, transfer film and other roll materials. Laser replaced traditional knife-cutting, No mould required. With so many considerations to be taken into account, ensuring the correct set up of the laser and reflective sheet before cutting can commence, it is often a much slower form of laser cutting.


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