The installation process is straightforward and there is nothing to worry about. Sega NAOMI Action Fighting Battle. Emulators » Sega NAOMI » Windows » Makaron Makaron Naomi Emulator for Windows Overview. Sega NAOMI Fighting Battle. 361 downs / … Browse All Sega NAOMI Roms. Capcom vs Snk 2. Reply Delete Makaron is Saga Naomi emulator for Windows, created by dknute. Makaron . Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper. Answer, please! Once you are done with it you can download ROMs … Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Makaron is a Sega Dreamcast console and Sega NAOMI arcade machine emulator for Windows. hey, do these ROMs work too in NullDC Naomi, or just in Makaron???? 415 downs / Rating 100%. One of its stand out features is the user interface. We have different versions available, but it's to download the latest one. It is very enjoyable and easy to use which is why many gamers like this emulator as well. Please answer! Makaron is capable of running many commercial games and has a pretty high compatibility rate. Download the Makaron and play a wide range of games on your computer or phone. Unfortunately it hasn't seen updates in the past few years. 1178 downs / Rating 33%. Last on the list is Makaron and it is a SEGA Naomi emulator that was released in 2010. And the ROMs i found to NullDC in net are lots bigger that these ones. It can play a large variety of Dreamcast games. Parameters Values; Console: Sega NAOMI: Platform: Windows: Version: T12_5: File Name: Sega NAOMI Fighting Battle. Capcom vs SNK. Homepage. 'Cause Makaron does not work in my PC, but NullDC Naomi works. 1815 downs / Rating 25%.


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