Without any particular attribute for f the leafs/arguments will be evaluated before the parent f. With f having a HoldAll attribute you don't evaluate the leafs but go directly in the evaluation of f. a and b will be evaluated as soon as they are used in a function that doesn't hold again their evaluation. What's the difference between these two ways of specifying dependent packages? How does Mathematica determine that an evaluation should be terminated? You've really done a remarkable job at maintaining it! Automatically generating a dependency graph of an arbitrary Mathematica function? https://groups.google.com/group/comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica, http://www.mathkb.com/Uwe/Forums.aspx/mathematica/201107/1, Differential geometry add-ons for Mathematica, http://library.wolfram.com/infocenter/MathSource/7655/, http://www.mathprogramming-intro.org/additional_resources.html, https://github.com/fmeinberg?tab=repositories. What is the fastest way to maintain a large set of expressions? Non standard evaluation allows to work on the symbols of an expression before they get evaluated. How can I create an advanced grid interface? How to implement dual numbers in Mathematica? Thanks. xkcdConvert routines perform slower in Mathematica 9, http://blog.wolfram.com/2012/10/05/automating-xkcd-diagrams-transforming-serious-to-funny/. Is it necessary to have a prior computational background or is it possible to learn Mathematica as a first programming language? Here's how I represent myself Mathematica's evaluation: consider a function/tree f[a,b]. Shouldn't some stars behave as black hole? Mathematica is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc. Nested definition: How can I define a function with a passed-in expression? What's fastest way of defining 10^5 down values? Can I easily post images to this site directly from Mathematica? What are quick references to mathematica that fit my needs? +1 for the cookbook but I agree with @Nasser on the readability of the demonstrations (plus, doing everything in one giant code block as demonstrations seem to organize things is probably not going to scale very well for anything nontrivial). http://www.objectica.net/Documentation6/guide/ReferenceGuide.html. How to pass a symbol name to a function with any of the Hold attributes? Enforcing correct variable bindings and avoiding renamings for conflicting variables in nested scoping constructs Where in the documentation can I find a list of function argument types? Writing data to a common file during parallel processing, http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/DistributedContexts.html, How to share numbered variables between kernels, http://reference.wolfram.com/legacy/applications/parallel/, http://www.verbeia.com/mathematica/code.html, http://www.weber-und-partner.com/resources, http://home.comcast.net/~djmpark/Mathematica.html, http://library.wolfram.com/infocenter/Conferences/8073/, http://vimeo.com/groups/mathematica/videos, http://pages.uoregon.edu/noeckel/MathematicaGraphics.html, http://mathematicaforprediction.wordpress.com, http://www.wright.edu/~richard.mercer/Calculus/Lab/Download/index.html, http://library.wolfram.com/infocenter/TechNotes/6111/, http://mathfaculty.fullerton.edu/mathews/n2003/NumericalUndergradMod.html. How can I get the unchanged Box form of an arbitrary expression? How to improve this code for solving the "Mr.S and Mr.P" puzzle? Programming Mathematica in plaintext, i.e. How to implement the sample-point process like the built-ins of Mathematica? How can I add a column into a existing Dataset? The gap between MapAt and ReplacePart for 2D data tables with headers, Data Table Manipulation in Mathematica: Step 2. How can I make the seasons change faster in order to shorten the length of a calendar year on it? StringReplace, ReplaceAll and Rule interact in a bizarre way. Module variable scoping in Scheduled Tasks? Automatic e-mail/text message when a calculation has finished? @cormullion Got any tricks that work on Windows? how to speed up the loading? such as, If bewildered one should look into examples. How to do System dynamics simulations / diagrams in Mathematica? Efficient code for the Ten True Sentences puzzle, Mathematica Implementations of the Random Forest algorithm. How to generalize and speed up this program? How to generally match, unify and merge patterns? Is there a way to download the videos from wolfram.com/broadcast? http://www.wolfram.com/events/chicago2011/nVidiaFinancePresentation.nb, http://blog.wolfram.com/category/finance/.


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