Free postage. The package also comes with instructions manual to make sure the vacuum is protected completely. Sometimes the versatility plays a significant role while choosing the best product. Bag size is a very important factor. Here you will get four large sizes of storage bags, plus there are four jumbo sizes of storage vacuum bags that also come with the pack. There are 2 ways you can use it. The manufacturing company claims that you can save up to 80% of the space by using these vacuum storage bags. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The size of the bags also is designed right to fit in a mattress. Covering your mattress with a quality mattress bag will prevent stain, rips, bugs, and other problematic occurrences that may arise while moving. These bags have high tensile strength. It’s because the company claims that here they have used ultra-durable material to make these bags puncture-proof. You can even store a pillow along with the mattress. Users complained about the air getting in very soon, The bags were getting ripped off after single-use. Hence these are made of good materials that can also hold your clothes for a longer duration. Certainly not. I have worked in the mattress manufacturing industry for many years, and I was leading the research and development wing of one of the most popular mattress brand in the market. It will take lesser space and also protects your clothes from dust, insects, and dampness. The use of heavy-duty plastic makes it one of the sturdy choice, and it is not going to break easily. This Jumbo sized storage bag is from a family-owned business called “Vacwel”. Further, it has a double zip seal to prevent air from entering it and keep your mattress safe. For example, the queen version of this mattress bag will fit a mattress with a pillow-top of up to 14-inches. These bags are 27.5” x 19.5” in size and hence good storing space. They are one of the few manufacturers who produce 2x times thicker plastic mattress bag. It is an excellent mattress bag for moving. Yes, you can vacuum pack mattress provided its foam mattress and you have a mattress vacuum bag. If you are looking for a professional-grade mattress bag with commercial quality, UltraBlock Mattress Bag for Moving is the right storage bag for you. The final product on our list is the Malouf Seal Tite mattress bag. They save up to 80% of the storage space and become easy to store and move. There could be an infestation of insects, spiders, cockroaches, and many others. You also need actual protection from any kind of damage to your valuable mattress. The only issue is, a slightly sharp object can pierce through the material, so you have to be selective. or if you need to store your mattress somewhere for a period of time. © 2020 Mattress Advisor. They have been solving one of the consumer’s problems with regards to the vacuum mattress storage bag. Your mattress is not something you can throw in the wash if it gets dirty or stained; it needs a protective cover that can be cleaned. This is far better and stronger than the usual film. When you are travelling by planes it will also allow excess baggage space. The company gives a lifetime guarantee and if any defects will be replaced freely. The vacuum bag from AirBaker is BPA free and also puncture resistant. As mentioned before, It is a good idea for you to purchase a mattress cover for moving since this heavy duty plastic bag protects your bed during transportation. Moving to a new home is not that easy since you will need to plan everything out, from wrapping up all of your stuff, to making sure that you have a moving truck or van. If you are a frequent traveler and like to protect the mattress during your routine travel, use a mattress bag that has adhesive tapes and is easy to carry. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. It is a highly durable storage bag manufactured with additional 6 Mil puncture & tear-resistant polyethylene. The material is also puncture resistant. These are the bags where you put in all the clothes and then vacuum out the air from it and store it. This way, it will be easier for you to get your stuff out of the house compared to doing it on your own. Apart from that, our box allows you to adjust the box between 80 inches x 12.5 inches x 40 inches up to 80 inches x 12.5 inches x 79 inches. Some are provided with a handheld vacuum pump that will do that job for you. BedStars  thought about YOU! Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure, By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Tape the sandwich bag afterward to the bed frame, so you will know where to use them. This mattress bag is easy to grip and allows the mattress to slide in. Many bags come with a sealable feature, but you’ll still want to use some tape to make sure your mattress is fully secured in the bag. For those who have decided to keep their mattress in storage, you will still need to ensure that your mattress is properly packaged and stored to keep the pests from getting to it. These mattress bags are water and dust resistant to protect your bed or furniture from the elements, moisture, dust, unwanted critters, and anything else that may come in contact with your mattress while moving. We are saying this because here, you will get the major size options inside one package. To top it all off: WE PROVIDE NO RISKS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! That means the suction of air from the bag does not cause any puncture in the bag. Heavy-duty construction protects it from any kind of damage during moving. Not only this, but the company also has provided a handpump out of the box for vacuuming purposes. However, transporting your innerspring or even your memory foam mattress without a cover can expose your mattress to damage, which is why it is important to have a mattress bag to protect your bed. How much protection does my mattress need? Even though the material is sturdy enough to support the weight of the mattress, it can tear under stress. You don’t need to rely on the tedious process of using additional tapes. Use our picks of the best mattress bags available to help you find the perfect mattress bag for your needs. There is no warranty on this mattress vacuum bag. Compress Your Mattress Double Zip Seal & Leakproof Valve. And now, we can move forward for proper sealing. You can use them for your twin mattress or additional storage purposes. The material of these premium bags is also very flexible, that is quite enough for protecting your mattresses from any external damages. First time - Zippered Reusable Material mattress bag. You will be happy to know that the company has provided the double zipper type of closure in all the bags of this pack. Here is the tip for you, put some heavy things on the mattress while doing this process, or you can request your friend to walk on the mattress. But it is important to find out the right storage. Where will you get a better deal than this? These bags have high tensile strength. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. The mattress bags will not cost you more than 20 bucks. The waterproof design keeps the mattress safe from water, moisture, and other harmful items. If you’re able to transport your mattress in a regular passenger van, you may not really need a mattress bag. It also protects the mattress and fro all the insects like spiders, cockroaches, mites, and many more of them. The build quality is sturdy because it is made up of heavy-duty plastic. Here we have a budget and value for money pack with eight jumbo-sized vacuum bags. In case you want to lower down the size of a twin size mattress or queen size memory foam mattress, then this one seems reliable.


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