Axl is also armed with a pair of handheld blaster pistols (although, in most cases Axl only uses one), which he calls Axl Bullets, and the ability to hover in midair and roll through enemy shots. In the Mega Man X series, set 100 years after the original series, Dr. Light resumes his supporting role through enhancement capsules that contain upgrades to X's systems together with messages relayed by silver/blue, slightly translucent holographic projections of the deceased scientist. However, near the end of the game, he reveals that he is behind the spread of "Dark Chips." Her name was never mentioned until Mega Man 3, marking her return, where her entry in Dr. Light's robot list is shown during the ending. Like Mega Man and Proto Man, Bass can also copy the weapons of Robot Masters, his body changing colors to reflect the weapon currently equipped. In the anime, he is voiced by David Kaye[25] in the English version, and Masaya Matsukaze in the original version of the series. He was actually created by Dr. Wily as his "masterpiece" in order to replace Bass and later destroy X, Light's masterpiece, thus settling his grudge rivalry with Light, and prove his superiority. In the anime, Bass was created from Pharoahman's data by Wily. He is voiced by Shinji Kawada in the Japanese version and by Michael T. Coleman in the English dub. . BlizzardMan.EXE is voiced by. Each member is found in a secret area of a stage and will move to another stage. He can also teleport and fire a circle projectile that will freeze Mega Man. His Triple Blade fires three blades in different directions. He and WhaleMan.EXE were given a chance to return to the tournament where they went up against ProtoMan.EXE and ShiningMan.EXE. Double (ダブル, Daburu) was a supporting character in Mega Man X4. His Solar Blaze can shoot a fiery orb that splits into two directions when shot from his head. However, she seems to show more concern for Zero, even blushing when talking to him. He can also steal power-ups and P-chips from careless players. In real life, Masakazu Eguchi is the name of the scenario writer for the games, and he often cosplays as Meijin at official Japanese events. Saburou is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya in the Japanese version and by, Aki (AKI) – An incredibly popular digital idol singer who begins a contest in Jawaii seeking one who can best impersonate her. He is rumored to be an alien robot like Duo. He has a distinctive helmet with a T-shaped visor, similar to that of Boba Fett. Dr. Light (Doctor Thomas Light) is the creator of Mega (Rock), Roll, and Protoman, in Megaman 1-10. However, his power source only allowed him to accelerate himself which made things around him appear to slow down. Dr. Doppler also plays a role in Carddass-exclusive storyline series called Rockman X: Mega Mission, where he unleashes his own virus, the Limited Virus, which is responsible for revival of some of Mavericks that X had previously defeated in previous games, as well as a copy of X himself (written as イクス, Ikusu), also known as iX by the fans to distinguish it from the original. Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Gemini Man can create holographic copies of himself. FreezeMan.EXE is voiced by, CutMan.EXE – CutMan.EXE is a solo NetNavi that is the vice-commander of Yumland's Occupation force and is tasked to eliminate the survivors of the countries that ShadowMan.EXE attacks. After eliminating the bosses, X, Zero, and Axl infiltrate Red Alert's Crimson Palace and fight Red in a battle to the death. LaserMan is deleted in the resulting battle, and MegaMan manages to avert the crisis. Duo is a robot hailing from outer space, designed to preserve peace and justice in the universe. Bomb Man (or Bomber Man) was also designed for land reclamation work. While King seemingly dies after this revelation, during Mega Man's ending it is revealed that he survived and is now a wanderer, much like Proto Man. While GutsMan.EXE was occupied with the viruses, MegaMan.EXE confronted PlanetMan. In Easy or Normal Mode, Vile is simply destroyed upon his defeat. He was reprogrammed by Mr. X to serve him. Mr. X reprogrammed Plant Man to serve him. In the Japanese version, Yuichiro Hikari is voiced by Koichi Nagano and later by Tokuyoshi Kawashima in Stream-Beast+. He is introduced in Mega Man 7, where he provides Mega Man with upgrades and parts. These Robot Masters were created by Dr. Light and were tricked by Dr. Wily into serving him who saved them from being scrapped after their period of use had expired. Dr. Light made X so that utilizing his conscience, he is capable of thinking, feeling, and making his own decisions through the "act of worrying", which he considered a new epoch in robotics. Roll was MegaMan's sister in the original series, while in Battle Network she is a close friend and later romantic interest of MegaMan. Japanese Name: In the manga, Bass' background stays true like the original but with a darker and more sinister personality. After Dr. Wily's plot is thwarted, Dr. Light and a Double Gear System-enhanced Auto recovered their bodies and worked to rebuild them and restore them to normal. He turns against Sigma's Mavericks, but in his final battle, instead of fighting Sigma, he confronts both X and Zero, though he ends up being destroyed in the end. He has been known as Dr. Light outside of Japan, however. She also appears in the similar Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, where she uses a different moveset that revolves around house cleaning.


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