Size: x 120h "It's been really hard as a small business competing against such a Goliath," she said. Franko, AUD$5,990 cms Mightymite was formulated and launched to give Australians the chance to buy an Australian Made Yeast Spread. x 100h cms Ms Ramsey said Vegemite had copied these innovations. Size: It weighs a little more than a standard canvas and all up is about 10kg. x 4d cms Size: 200w cms Size: I have it on good authority that Vegemite made in USA doesn’t have as much salt in it. x 4d x 4d Size: cms 160w I have been a full-time artist for 10 years now, and feel blessed that I can do this wonderful thing for a job. x 4d Franko, AUD$3,950 cms x 100h Franko, AUD$2,490 x 4d x 120h x 4d I hate Vegemite myself but my youngest is a big lover. If you have any trouble logging in, please let us know. 160w x 60h Other brands can’t compete with Vegemite. Size: Members get more. cms x 140h x 4d Franko, AUD$3,995 x 4d x 120h 100w x 100h Franko, AUD$2,790 Franko, AUD$5,900 x 4d Franko, AUD$4,900 The Vegemite products (Original, Reduced Salt, Gluten Free) have the highest proportion of Australian ingredients (95%).


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