Top and bottom tracks are also manufactured from high grade roll formed steel, using original Stanley equipment and designs. Set the holes approx. each door … Again, make sure you calculate the door opening width from the INSIDE of the liners. It is very important that you take accurate measurements before ordering your sliding wardrobe doors. We offer a custom design service at NO extra cost. Tool, Bespoke Drawer **Please note the Minimalist Standard does not use this top track and top guide. Mark on the bottom track, along the centre line where the screws will be fixed. Although they are over 100mm wide (most colours are either 108mm or 118mm wide), they are normally cut down during installation. There is no load bearing on the ceiling. Again, we recommend MDF and decorate to match you walls, or use our range of end panels. This will allow you to access, one at a time, each of the 3.5-foot-wide openings of the wardrobe. All our sliding wardrobe wheels and guides are cycle tested to 100,000 opening and closing actions in accordance with ANSI BHMA A156.14, This is an American National Standard, created in conjunction with Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. Note: Depending upon the material and size of your doors they can be very heavy. For multi door systems alternate the doors on the tracks. The minimum length (left to right) of a sliding-door wardrobe should be at least 7 feet, so that it can accommodate two door-panels of 3.5 feet each. Make sure each door sits flush with the wall and/or other doors by raising and lowering the left and right sides of the door. Scribe and returns do the same job as wall liners (or strike plates), but they are much thicker, allowing you to cut (or scribe) them around skirting boards, picture rails, cornicing, uneven walls, or any other obstacles. Available in various styles to suit various sizes and delivered to your home. 4.6 Internal fittings - vertical supports, shelves & hanging rails. Sliding Wardrobe Door kit price includes white or silver tracks and all required fittings. © 2014-2020 HomeTriangle Online Services Pvt Ltd. Any aperture wider than 2620mm will need two floor/ceiling liners butted together.Note: For installations over carpet or where carpet is going to be laid we recommend you use the liner system. Drill 4mm holes through the bottom track at the points you have marked and then mark these positions on the bottom liner (or floor) with the bottom track positioned on the line you drew in the step above. Please note this is not an entirely conclusive list of available opening widths. Since hinged wardrobes are very commonly used, these wardrobes come in many designs, colours, materials and textures. End panels can be used in conjunction with ‘Wall and Floor Liners’ as shown in Option 2. Please provide the smallest measurement for the height and the narrowest measurement for the width. Also, hinges are much cheaper and readily available in comparison to good-quality track systems that are required and used for sliding doors for wardrobes. All 'Standard' doors suit an opening height of 2260mm (with standard tracks, or 2275 if you upgrade to soft close), and are available in 610, 762 or 914mm widths. Ceiling infill panels come oversized and will need to be cut down. Check both doors travel smoothly along the entire width. FSC Environmental Panels Position the bottom track 22mm behind the line you have marked (see illustration a). FSC is the Forestry Stewardship Council certificate that guarantees our products come from environmentally managed sustainable forests.


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