MiO Vitamins Orange Tangerine Liquid Water Enhancer. A single 16-ounce energy drink usually costs between $1 and $5. High with vitamins B3, B6, and B12, MiO contains zero calories per 1/24 of the bottle and blends natural flavors together to create a bold, citrus flavor. MiO Energy offers a boost of caffeine to give consumers a pick-me-up; this line even has coffee-flavored options. Smaller, two-ounce energy drink shots usually run from $2 to $6. Kraft's MIO water enhancers drew the ire of the CSPI because young children may be more likely to use beyond the recommended servings of the colorful, sweetened product. Sucralose – This highly dangerous artificial sweetener is sold under the popular name of Splenda.. A study conducted at Duke University found that sucralose, a synthetic compound, negatively alters gut microflora and absorption of nutrients. They’re tasty, refreshing, full of caffeine, and are specifically designed to sustain high levels of productivity and performance, whether physical or mental. A 12-pack of 16-ounce energy drinks usually costs between $10 and $28. Each line has a unique quality. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Yeah, me too. MiO Fit is designed to replace your sports drink with its extra electrolytes and B vitamins. Feeling drained by your lunch break? 3. An electrolyte powder is an ideal solution for your needs, and Vega sports electrolyte mix is a great choice for you. This means that anything good that water has to offer is lost when you use the Mio water flavoring. Before you go straight for the coffee, consider a more potent beverage, the energy drink. MiO Original has a long list of flavors and does not report to have any extra benefits, other than added taste. It contains a wide variety of electrolytes such as phosphate, chloride, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, and these help the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients in … Energy drink prices vary based on the size of the cans or bottles and the number of cans or bottles in a pack. Our researchers reviewed the best energy drinks on the […] MiO’s Liquid Water Enhancer Concentrate transforms plain water into a refreshing and flavorful orange-tangerine-flavored drink. Best New Powder, Tablet, Mix MiO Energy MiO Energy is the winner of BevNET's award for the Best New Powder, Tablet, or Mix of 2012. Personalized health review for Mio Energy Caffeine + B Vitamins, Wicked Citrus: 60 calories, nutrition grade (C minus), problematic ingredients, and more.


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