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Topics: • Momentum and Impulse • Solving Impulse and Momentum Problems • Conservation of Momentum Chapter 9. endobj momentum and to learn a new problem-solving strategy based on conservation laws. <> 6 0 obj The above equation can be very useful when solving certain momentum problems, as shown in the next problem. z&�:2�޽y���O&�1sm&����� ���4��Nyf���7�=>߾������w����[�ʄ����x3�e#�����&���,�җ�R㣯[�;fz��RJ��M�TDI��FK[�m��z�#��N�����fT�u9����f�2���˒�]ݭ�j�\p��ڦ���7�_\Wlqގ��9h�؊m�����������r�)�WC��#�}e)'���V���Xvҫ)�Ʉ8���C������� KJ����|��p�՟L�s��Ё-6;L�؝7��)6�R�H�>��4ڪf�˶ْ��>ۏme���*�h��Der�n�B5��� �ia6��f�~���ua2|(.ح/�OG�*\�y8>�[ �}se����'v>A���?���+�'�k�i����v���p�>�݂��������6��)\:7�'��S`{>5#�|]�(�oxޛޱ�ާ��>���u��l"c~�.ʼ��e�S�gW��4ƾՋ\�iݤO u^�~э�Qu^��� mL B����_�ٰ���̾�H�ǸU�5����ɇ�7ƛM�7�qH�Gv�b/��Z��v G�C}�}�Fي1�gw�V��9i��S��=�\R��%���R�i����Zݣ�\!�K7tR�V罘�V�E��;��*w�Xky�E*��5-�7Յ1u@-���ba�5�b6�����oZ>w�G����8Vf�(�B��lzY�a�*�2wSj��b+� �z�tb���*n�Vh����ãm\ ��\A2z2{��}hzn�߾�6�l����7H�\dQ.횧R������@���*k�ō(�@��6�bh�Y�nfEo&�\�Ckl��d6T��;U��o~�{V�����ao�Vm�um��W��������J��|/��~������xu�o�U/�o��~:���A�����wW��|�^q����WsYs�Vь�.�R�M;��vB�����V�8D�M�?��>.�R7��c�Z'��*;ݽ~��w�Yۦ�Iʏ��ގ�ua1�P�E+�N'�Ιi�~����"��7���uf��1گ-I4�4�j����_+Q%��D��&QU-q���Z�l��P�Dst����T"Q �D�HL���CK�0C*%J��]�GQD��PZ�>��ꅖ�B�4�B%�Db2�E�^��N���k:�+�%�P�g�uDZ��B��➛��d�j4������gm�M�� 3 0 obj %���� endobj �b``$���h� � N� h��WKk1�+:��z�VZۭi�͡ M!䰵{����@��;3+)�c��&�|���4�V3΄͘�a0LJ �eBY� �� ,r&M&�C0��>$KE��RK���p8(���D�~wv����r�0�y���/e5�5̈,�T�K=%u2��5S2���`��}��2MkLr�)����E5�Я�b��4�ŢLh��WM]6�Yr��ŜT7m���)�ո���KƓ��\�`�&׏�%�"���oVu����"? 15 0 obj x���[o��� �;�Q <> endobj 14 0 obj r��ژX8a�|����O�S]����|qO�4�?������|/GE��s �2P4Yg������%`Q�I��0X�‹h�qC�,H�F�0�(r2cw2����(*E{�(s�B�D� ��Vg�3���@�P�ju�9�� D� u0��h�C�@A'��:}����3=���(:���x�4N9�x��"�v�U�@��T�s�S���+6?! To keep the momentum constant, the man will have to run faster — faster by an amount that is inversely proportional to the decrease in weight. 0 11 0 obj %PDF-1.5 Momentum Word Problems The momentum of an object is a measure of how hard it is to stop the object and depends on the object’s mass times velocity: This can be expressed in the following equation: Momentum (p) = mass (m) * velocity (v) 1. Momentum Practice Problems Basic Momentum Problems (round all final answers to nearest tenth) 1. Name:_ Period:_ MOMENTUM WORD PROBLEMS • Momentum is a measure of how hard it is to stop a moving object, and it is the This is an excellent real-world example to aid your understanding of conservation of momentum problems. I’ve provided the answers so you can make sure that your work is leading you in the right direction. Problem # 10 See the problem, Cat righting reflex. �F� g��im�S�SW}b�c�QD��p8K[QiF���f��,�Φ�w6!�l�M'�l��^"��2ݰ3#�}��%�N�����S]d����I{��K�I'��ѱ���@�E�g��,e�,n�)^ݸ$D����5P��[_-���ZP��(��)����zS����/Ic�z_���BI7��d��{t��N�@T��~(Z �Q��G?�G��:��L�5|Vy�Z�F�H��Z�EV����%�N�Kn�$��1h���ZSt`�Ϟ���-;Q�" ��CT�RK�D'�(��titb��#���6�}� zZ�6d�Z�騯>ם(�p z�]T��qX���m����>5�+����6����/���BE@ �F9�xH�h���Om�� 194 0 obj <>stream Bookmark File PDF Momentum Word Problems Answer Key. Momentum Practice Problems Make sure you include the formula, the numbers plugged into the formula, and your answer (in a box) Basic Momentum Problems (round all final answers to nearest tenth) 1. The answer is again YES! endobj 1 0 obj 13 0 obj If both the car and the truck have same speed, which one can be stopped first? <> Worksheet: Momentum Word Problems CHAPTER 8: Momentum Directions: Answer the following questions concerning the conservation of momentum using the equations below. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity, which makes the two quantities inversely proportional. … <> Calculate the momentum of a … p = mv = 22 X 1.5 = 33kg.m/s 3. Visit my favorite educational institutions. <> endobj Linear momentum questions with solutions and explanations at the bottom of the page. p = mv = 1200 X 25 = 30,000kg.m/s 2. 17 0 obj endstream endobj startxref %%EOF Momentum Word Problems Answer Key - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. �uT�i��]����� <> In many real life problems involving impulse and momentum, the impulse acting on a body consists of a large force acting for a very short period of time – for example, a hammer strike, or a collision between two bodies. 2 0 obj Sample Force, Weight and Momentum Word Problems Complete the three magic triangles below including mathematical operations and units. endobj endobj p = mv Ft = ∆(mv) impulse = F∆t 1. Show all of you work to receive credit. �9�:����*c��S�)F�a�G6�]�f���9�ǐaK��錭�F�� N�U�lQ��7��3��j h�b```�T�k �aB� ���. endobj Calculate the momentum of a 12ookg car with a velocity of 25m/s. 7 0 obj Answer Key For Momentum Worksheets - Kiddy Math Page 19/28. V](�As`b��K�HeO�]��OH�SK�*�)9f5%��b���JP�Q>�\�'P�7�2���� ��l ˏ^6�x�Hl���6�� D����Y�WM[����s2c�=1&�0CI0���f9E�T�脢R�S�0�C'�E'��Z�]C;tQtBA:�8�9�d"���6�CC�xz��b���4�0�I�!�P��څ�r�/���Z�3jCR�ϩ�`�Ym�PtU����!̍?���. endobj What is the momentum of a child and wagon if the total mass of the child and wagon is 22kg and the velocity is 1.5m/s? stream ��m�R�V�E�vי�������e?lY�FI�J�֮��Z^�k9�*!���5|J��o;!.��Gh��Ř���=�1WӉ>o���g�Zxdn�Q �k���pE�! These questions may be used to practice for the SAT physics test. They have same speed but different masses. F = m • a W = m • g P = m • v 1. <> *��Ȕ0�6�ժ��}�C��t�l2�n�E9+j��t������z�;V�ē}w�jP��dk�3nx���$����� vIԴ�J�i'����84Ӷ�*+��n�xUa���M�C"߇�.KL�ƙ�_S�3�E@���!^�$��iC,�!�%;v�KBI34|ڡ���x�3bJ�����U�j�S�M{t:l"�t��Z���i�N�N$��ZF�x[����N*@QtB-��g�3��O�(�NW�x�(Չ��xRQ�$��T��ˌ�v,OtIG��$��뒔�U$��Qҹ�ժ �����&6���xf�cd��M��Ē�U�Sl�Γo�ՠ�%]�T����y�� 9&�47�M T�����^�������(1Ye���n��K�E�&EBM�2�&.����e�@z��*��s2c�>�Jb���1C�@Q(��(:dju�9�� D� S�s�h�N` �N ��s�����N2tz���g��D��g �N �O��z�3P�'��(B��*�9��3P�Ι9g S���` ��(qUb���@��x k�@K�HeO�]:O�SK�*�)9f5%����`��@%�^�^��(�q.�Q�&�T|��,j0)3fˀ�@x->n��% ���.�A������ �L���9�D�T����*R%r��g�H@�H(PU"ǜ{v����Dn��)�� �=���VER��C��'�H��Iw�6ǝI2�PT�Ԭ��s֡��g�Z�3b�:c�L|�麌u�Ռu��CW�&#���1���!n�A+�YQ��:�p���,��д��7c4Pɱ�������e�h��:��a��K���2�`&�� ����xY�N�cX�;��q���{���n�Ɲ��.C�OJ%�N�%�:�zv���JU�sȹg�N��N��A�F+s� :��C��lm �P�'�(B�*~ls�/�g�Z�3|�@7�^�lH8-Z+��A��U˖�O��A�� 5 0 obj Physics 12-04 Relativistic Momentum.pdf: 622.22kb; Physics 12-05 Relativistic Energy.pdf: 638.22kb; This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. %PDF-1.5 %���� endobj G��DJԹ�*Wy���G���Ʈ:�ۃi�0�L ޕ�];���0������ybq.6�v�����[Q�Zͫ�a�c�26�ۥ�t˚�7 ��2���m�~�������+�\)e����$#]r�b[G#�&���a�{�&+�E�H�u2YV DžM���N�u~$��Za(�i`�Ⱦe/�r8�/���l��[���~ �=W���s�����QI�����XNT%Ia@�:������T���ޘtFPʱ�n5b����9`���Vժ�2v~��%ݩ,/}P��4����w�p���ĆelH���ı �C�z3���x�9d��[W�$���j��(,Ws�h���¤�R�dWg!� A�ü|����- Ȃ��I{d�6`�"�:� ,@�ŭ$�Yk�>pUz�Ez�q�Scn���.H�W�C��J�� ��*䤣s�˖#��M@���1��뮜�0p-�Z A#m�#a�l�Qo:I N���p�#�.��/ �a�$Wv�C��#�!�!��5q�\�ܠKzbc�)|�&��Ԅ-�P�b��C6H�@0Vh̡��� Of course all you say, it is hard to stop truck relative to car. Impulse and Momentum • Inelastic Collisions • Explosions • Momentum in Two Dimensions . Can mass effect the stopping time or distance? 8 0 obj endobj endobj endstream endobj <> The following problem illustrates the principle of impulse and momentum. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 17 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> A net force of 100 Newton’s is applied to a wagon for 5 seconds. W��e���|Rf+F,Hy͍���6��6%7:�Lk�������pn��U��-��Fs)�QFۤ�4����ϊRs��6�.t��sS��n�܎���DJÝ1��*�:���[pn:N <> Calculate the momentum of a 12ookg car with a velocity of 25m/s. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> What is the momentum of a child and wagon if the total mass of the endstream endobj 172 0 obj <>/Metadata 13 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 169 0 R/StructTreeRoot 21 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 173 0 obj <>/Font<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Type/Page>> endobj 174 0 obj <>stream ?�����$d���&�r��T��r]������pVԐb3(�6�N�pR����W� �뇒�8z��ַFs�7EK��fZg$ 4 0 obj Contact Me. k�m������a�;�d��X�D��m�C��ts7�|^@p�x�����p �-C�Ζ[,�a�0�>��>b%� x����` F�}�?F��sޅ ����|�o(QL@e�E�����F�Y ����&�`w���t:�Fz���� �p@�܎V2 >eYK{x�C�@,�� �^-�{�2��I�Z�Y���J��f�I��"қQ2J��(#\"��Q�4���H/��źq�i��f�����T��Z ,�u�`�!+ �M$ ���� ��N"����3I)i^�IRҺ䪳`?����p�W�`/�1��Z��w�*xl�@[����;�@���B�m��5�M��Xa%�7�v��Ϫ�c�- /�a3�������^�x� G.2i�d�dA4�4����Y(ҡ�C'R�`mjPM��J�MM�)�n}g�~�s(j����7# #��� ���K�q��Δa ���T%���q��C>��H�Z,�S,䩌�.�A�J9�;����} }}�vWa1Ҵ�*8���z�������9G{�a�KFGz(�_ڠ��*�Ъ�K���ɶ��! stream endobj $���R��i���0�~��{��M�P��$4�p�99B��� �=�9����4 �Q�A��YN�p3(��o� ��8��� ��������`֎x J��p��.�����]� ���p��(�\��8�t�pa��>���FAz�p!x��Z�d:͟�c,v�l�T���Apᒶ�@���$�I�n�WĶ X��U�*c_��S��b���zp0;s����Vv/��l'�JKk�U�=̪��j>9H�f� Mass goes down when we replace the 1000 pound grizzly bear with a 250 pound man. With what force will a car hit a tree if the car has a mass of 3,000 kg and it is accelerating at a rate of 2 m/s2?


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