As an attacker, this little beast will draw you a lot of cards. This gives Viven far more utility than your average Green planeswalker, letting her slot into virtually any creature-focused deck that includes this color. Though we suspect a lot of people will be making house rules to allow Mothra to helm a deck of her own! Brushwagg is also an excellent target for the new Mutate mechanic, as long as it goes underneath the mutated creature. Almighty Brushwagg is strictly better than Charging Badger, Defiant Elf and Willow Elf. Enter General Kudro, a card that not only pumps Humans but boasts some nice utility features. Companion - Each permanent card in your starting deck has converted mana cost 2 or less. This means that Grimdancer will do really well in both aggro and control archetypes. The only downside is this card isn’t Legendary so you cannot use it as your general! This card also offers a consistent way to fill your graveyard without attracting too much attention from others. If you have noticed by now, cheating creatures out for free or almost free is one of the most powerful things you can do in Commander. You don’t even need to attack with the Crasher to get this effect, it’s absolutely bonkers. Aegis Turtle is strictly better than Armored Whirl Turtle, Kraken Hatchling, Murmuring Phantasm and Wall of Mist. This creature has the added benefit of growing in size the more creature cards you put into the graveyard. A New and Exciting Beginning . While this is a nice benefit, you’re mainly playing this Nightmare for the ability to tutor virtually any creature onto the battlefield if you have the mana. It’s difficult to gauge where the Mutate mechanic will ultimately land in Commander. For five mana, you get to look at the top card of your library, cast creature spells from there, make a blocker, or cheat out another creature. There’s a very good chance that if you end up resolving Eerie Ultimatum then you’re just winning the game either that turn or the next one. It also helps that this doesn’t have to be a Mutate themed deck, so you don’t have to run every card with this ability. Collin MacGregor is the Guide Staff Writer at Fanbyte. Frondland Felidar is a card that can single-handedly dominate each and every game in Draft and Sealed. Both cases are incredibly effective and show just how big Frondland Felidar will be in this Limited season. While not included in MTG Arena, this is one of the most popular formats in the entirety of Magic. Token producers have always been some of the most valuable cards in Limited. If you Mutate this with Dreamtail Heron, it receives the evasive effect of the Flying mechanic. As Lavabrink Venturer enters the battlefield, choose odd or even. Fiend Artisan’s tutor ability is no exception since it lets you dig through your deck for a card equal to or less than a colorless plus X. in Magic: The Gathering’s Next Set. It’s a god damn Sharknado in Magic: The Gathering what other reason could you possibly need? Human tribal has always been popular in Commander, but they’ve lacked a solid option for White/Black. On its own, it's very resilient due to 4 points of toughness, but you could also Mutate it into something even bigger and exploit the tap ability ad nauseam. If you want to play offensively, choose Deathtouch and Menace; if you want to play defensively, choose Deathtouch and Lifelink. The additional activated ability is what makes this 1-drop a real winner in Limited. Though you may draw it much later in the game, and it's the perfect mana sink since there is no limit to how many times you can activate its ability. Quite often you will find yourself in a situation where your opponent has one or two points of life left, and you just can't deal them because of the wall of blockers. Advertisement. It may not be your very first pick due to its double black mana, but when the option is open to grab it, don't miss it. Luminous Broodmoth (Mothra, Supersonic Queen - Godzilla Series), Mysterious Egg ("Mothra's Giant Cocoon" - Godzilla Series - 385). Each Godzilla Monster Series card features a monster from the Godzilla franchise pantheon as a Magic card from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. 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