Replace the answer on the multiple choice portion of the slide with an answer of your own. Click on top of one of the current answers in the multiple choice answer portion of the slide . ,"url": "" ,"name": "Link Multiple Choice Answers to Corresponding Slides" Link Multiple Choice Answers to Corresponding Slides, Link the Answers to the Corresponding Slides. The method of creating this multiple choice quiz template is by using invisible hyperlinks (also called invisible buttons or hotspots). PowerPoint. ,"url": "" "url": "", You can modify it for a true/false quiz or just add additional Slides to make the quiz longer." This multiple-choice test template has 8 questions, each with four answers to choose from, and an answer key. There’s more to PowerPoint than you think. "width": 393 Use this customizable, brief test of knowledge to identify which subjects your team is excelling at and which areas need more focus. ,"description": "This powerpoint template for a multiple choice quiz can be easily changed to suit the needs of your particular use. "@type": "ListItem", Change the title of the first slide to reflect your own question for this multiple choice quiz. You receive the powerpoint directly after buying it and you can easily change it. Copy one of the multiple choice quiz question, To copy a slide, right click on the miniature version of the slide shown in the Outline /, Place the tip of your mouse pointer under the last miniature slide. } , "@type": "ListItem", "@type": "ListItem", This pictorial step by step tutorial shows you how the powerpoint template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz." ] "width": 324 Open the copy of the multiple choice quiz template. Add a little something extra to your multiple choice quizzes by using an interactive powerpoint presentation template. ,"name": "Modify the Multiple Choice Quiz Template - Part 2" ,"image": { In case you assume it's going to cost the earth, TemplateMonster will prove you wrong. ,"image": { "height": 400, Repeat this whole process for each multiple choice question slide, changing the questions and answers. Drag this invisible hyperlink box out of the way, but keep it close by so that you can retrieve it later. "@type": "ImageObject", "@type": "ImageObject", "position": 6 Ive worked in projects and programmes for a long time and this is just the deck I was lokking for. All of us bet our coders have already set up a skin that is specifically tailored to your wants. Operated by Jetimpex Inc. All rights reserved. "@type": "ImageObject", "@type": "ImageObject", Use your free session. You can use this app (add-in) to instantly create a multiple choice quiz in PowerPoint that individuals can answer in Slide Show mode. { "@type": "ListItem", } "width": 398 ,"name": "Test the Multiple Choice Quiz Template" ,"description": "powerpoint template for a multiple choice quiz. Connect with a PowerPoint expert who can custom design your presentation.


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