Of course, there’s only so much detail we can squeeze The customer may be responsible for transportation/shipping charges. My Green Mattress currently offers four main mattresses: the Natural Escape, the Kiwi, the Hope Latex, and the Pure Echo. It could be good for a year or less considering the fact that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Dunlop is made from taking the sap of the rubber tree and using a mixture of sulfur and vegetable fats that causes it to puff up and gives it the spongy texture. When sleeping on their sides, our lightweight testers noticed some pressure buildup around their hips and shoulders due to the mattress’s medium-firm feel, but they found the mattress relatively comfortable overall. My Green Mattress Review and Factory Tour. Our stomach sleepers were the least enthusiastic of our heavyweight testers. Last but not least, they have the same firmness rating of 6, which is medium-firm. Custom-designed mattresses are not eligible for return. The wool layer quilted into the mattress’s cover helped wick heat and moisture away from our testers. If your mattress has a defect covered under warranty, My Green Mattress will provide you with a replacement mattress, of the same model and size of the original mattress. Quality Sleep Shop, its parent company, was founded in 1969. It’s a stone’s-throw away with a large commuting population. My Green Mattress has made wool-free mattresses in the past – custom for some customers…if that is a need, I would get in touch with them directly. The Kiwi is a hybrid mattress with a more firm texture. Tuck's editors test & choose the products we write about. This Organic Girl highlights the beauty of mindful living with an emphasis on conscious consumerism. The outer edge of the mattress uses 13.5-gauge coils. My Green Mattress warranties any mattress for a period of 20 years against defects. Owner Tim says the mattress store has been around since the 1960s and there is a local population who just want what they want. Newer mattress companies have to allocate a significant amount more of their budget on advertising to get their company off the ground which automatically inflates prices. The latter tester felt the Natural Escape performed well overall but noted some slight motion transfer, which can be attributed to the springiness of the latex and the bounce of the coil layer. This makes it much more hypoallergenic, and only those with the most severe anaphylactic responses to the actual plant protein would have any sort of reaction at this point. This refers to the degree to which a mattress molds to or cradles the contours of the body. The Natural Escape is also quiet, so it could lend well to discreet amorous activity. The customer must donate the returned mattress and provide proof of donation, including a photo and a receipt. My Green Mattresses are handcrafted in a family-owned organic certified factory. These ratings are based on findings from our internal and external testing teams, as well as verified owner and customer experiences with the mattress. That being said, I was literally shell shocked at how simple his mattresses are designed. I’ve been sleeping on them for years now but seeing the mattress assembled kind of blew my mind. The 3-inch comfort layer and 8-inch support layer are also right in the average range, allowing enough room for most sleepers to sink in without feeling the coil layer while providing even support. Construction of the mattress typically begins the day after the order is placed. White Glove delivery is available for $199. Soon after that, Tim bought the company in 1995 at the age of 25 and has owned it ever since. 4. While I have done my best to let you know how my overall experience with the My Green Mattress … Construction . And just as a reminder, the Pure Echo is 100% latex free and may be a good option for people who don’t want to be exposed to any type of latex. 5. My Green Mattress was founded with the mission to create an all-natural mattress that wouldn't harm those that are sensitive to off-gassing or other forms of toxicity in and around mattresses. A factory certified GOLS/GOTS mattress is different than a mattress “made with” certified GOLS/GOTS materials. In addition, the wool acts as a natural flame barrier to reduce fire risk. The temperature of a mattress throughout the night is affected by how much body heat is retained. Looking for a mattress that is comfy, organic and won’t break the bank? The My Green Mattress Kiwi has a lot of similarities with the Natural Escape mattress. The My Green Mattress This one is literally just three layers of latex wrapped in a cotton cover. My Green Mattress has earned an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. This coil count is higher than many mattresses on the market, and mattresses with higher coil counts are often more durable. The mixture is then fired in molds in kilns and hardens this way. White Glove delivery is available for a non-refundable $199 fee and includes delivery, setup, and old mattress removal. This makes it a perfect choice for growing children or for adults who are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress. MGM is a family owned business with 14 employees total. My Green Mattress, for example, weaves Oeko Tex certified all-natural wool into its cotton covers to act as a natural flame retardant. So in the end, even his conventional customers are getting a cleaner option whether they know it or not. This mattress is handcrafted with a 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring that offers enhanced lumbar and edge support. Across all sleep positions and weight groups, the Natural Escape and Awara received very similar ratings. Every material is tagged, indexed and marked for traceability. This Organic Girl is all about choosing nontoxic beauty, clean foods and valuing an organic lifestyle. Plus they have a solid local following and a growing national following with very little spent on advertising. Check out my My Green Mattress review plus I fly to Chicago to take a tour of their newly certified GOLS/GOTS factory! In the early days, Tim lived above the original factory/showroom in an apartment which made for the world’s shortest commute. This gauge is slightly thinner than the coils used around the edge but thicker than the coils used in the rest of the mattress. The Pure Echo does have some notable construction similarities to the Natural Escape. They felt the comfort layer provided enough softness and conforming, while the zoned coil layer supported their hips to better align their spines. My Green Mattress ships free in the contiguous United States. They have awesome customer service and would be happy to help! Our overnight testers who sleep with partners also notice some motion transfer when their partners changed position or got into or out of bed. Carbon Neutral Certified (by Control Union) Delivery; Delivery Cost: FREE : Delivery Info: Our mattresses are made-to-order one at a time in our family's factory. Kiwi Green Organic Hybrid Mattress Brand new for 2019, the Kiwi mattress is a firm yet contouring mattress. Material composition is often the limiting factor for noise potential. These are the thinnest coils used in the mattress, so they offer support with more give. However, The Hope Latex’s three layers of Dunlop latex lead our testers to rate it higher for motion isolation and noise. Come see! The comfort layer cradled their curves, while the zoned support layer prevented their hips from sinking in too far. In some cases, mattresses may sink when weight is applied. The company also offers crib and bunk bed mattresses, mattress protectors, and latex pillows. However, our testers felt this creaking wouldn’t be significant enough to disturb most sleepers since the latex comfort layer muffled the sounds to an extent. Because it is fired in this way, the vast majority of plant proteins from the rubber tree sap burn off. The My Green Mattress line launched in 2007 with a focus on producing natural mattresses. This can lead some people to believe that they have an undiagnosed allergy to latex, when really it’s just contact dermatitis from the powders and such. We notice subtle similarities and differences when we’re testing mattresses, but these variations may be harder to spot while you’re shopping. Both have organic cotton and organic wool in their covers, while their support systems use pocketed coils. Just a little less bounce/spring and a little less give. My Green Mattress recommends you do this monthly for the first three months and then once every three to four months after that.


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