In my opinion, the cost of this appliance is most assuredly worth it. The timer advances in 15 min increments, and if you press and hold, you can advance by the hour as well. The digital display looks a little more bespoke and in keeping with the design, rather than an off the shelf afterthought as well. So, does it? I was nicely surprised by that. The box was in such bad condition the people receiving the slow cooker threw the box away and the slow cooker is sitting on the counter waiting my arrival in November. I'd recommend this for anyone that's looking for a slow cooker. I particularly like how they’ve used the three layers: Whether you want to cook pan-fried salmon for lunch or some clam chowder for supper, this cookware collection is everything you need. All you usually need is to soak them in warm water, then use a mild detergent with a soft brush to wipe the dirt off. I think it is also worth mentioning that the nonstick ceramic coating makes cleaning simple. So, yes, it's more expensive but I think the features are worth it. When using a ladle, you can get nearly everything out instead of scraping around the side trying to get the last bit hiding at the bottom corner. At first this seems only for looks but after several uses everyone agreed it really helps with getting the last bit of food out. The first big improvement you get is the non-stick pot. Cons: high-end pricing, which you might expect from Calphalon. The middle layer is aluminum. Also, since they’re resistant to distortion and abrasion, you’re likely to have them for years to come, which is great when you consider the price. Calphalon Stainless Steel Cookware Sets Reviews. You won’t need a glove or towel to grab these pots, no matter the heat. That’s why these products, when done correctly, are considered high quality. Of course, you can get much cheaper slow cookers. As explained above, tri ply contains three layers of metal (two sheets of stainless steel and one sheet of aluminum or copper in between). Bought it on sale. Poor conductivity can easily lead to hotspots and burnt food. As always, I encourage my fellow consumers to read over the included User Manual, so as to be aware of those important safeguards and usage instructions. We've lost several crock pots over the years to sink mishaps. As a 13-piece set, it offers a more comprehensive culinary solution than the 8-piece and 10-piece alternatives. All Clad is renowned for its high quality products – with high prices to go with the quality. If you are still looking for a high quality tri ply stainless steel cookware set that lasts, then you can’t go far wrong with Calphalon. I think the reason it looks small is that the bottom is made for a stove and thus something you may want to be aware of if you're planning to cook like a large roast in it (I think it might fit but maybe not lie flush in the bottom due to the design). It doesn’t in any way affect the operation but just seems a bit odd to have an appliance focus on style but then make such a sound. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Spreading heat is important to help prevent hotspots and burnt food. These materials may also be bad for the environment. Being aluminum and non-stick coated (all over) means that it can be used in more than just the slow cooker. The main perk of the light, non-stick liner is that you can take it out of the slow-cooker, put it on your oven burner and cook and/or saute with it. Perfect for making all types of stuff perfect size and perfect for soups. The dark stainless steel helps it to blend in a lot with other items in the kitchen, but also stand out as something sleek and stylish. The cookware comes with stainless steel handles that won’t melt, glass covers for better visibility and a high-sheen finish for a classic appearance. Another similar stainless steel cookware set by the same company is the Calphalon Contemporary. In-store pricing may vary. The bottom of the pot looks just like the bottom of a regular cooking pot because it can be used on a stovetop or oven to combine options like searing with slow cooking without switching cookware. Performance Highly recommended. If a pot fails to disperse the heat, then what’s it good for?


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