How can I create numbered map markers in Google Maps V3? How did a pawn appear out of thin air in “P @ e2” after queen capture? From hereon, we used the newly loaded MarkerWithLabel class instead of the Marker object provided by Google Map API. image.png your own image file that sites along side this script. Been working well for me for several years now, but admittedly tricky to get the icon images in synch. The labelContent contains the text that will be displayed as title/label. Here's the documentation for the marker class, and none of these attributes seem to help: You can use Marker With Label option in google-maps-utility-library-v3. I start by loading the google maps api and within the callback method initialize() I load MarkerWithLabel.js that I found here: I then create the markers with createMarker(): Since I added mapIconLabel class to the marker I can add some css rules in my css: I don't have enough reputation to comment on answers but wanted to note that the Google Chart API has been deprecated. Is there anyway I can load my local image file? The position, map and the icon attributes are similar to the Marker’s attributes, however, the other parameters go through the properties of the new object.. Discard post? Based on @dave1010 answer but with updated https links. Google maps Icons - Download 948 Free Google maps icons @ IconArchive. Why did mainframes have big conspicuous power-off buttons? Kudos for him. 10/22/19. Clever! You will lose what you have written so far. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. How can I merge properties of two JavaScript objects dynamically? Sometimes these icons are letters for example H for hospital or P for parking. Edit: if you don't want to create a JavaScript class, you could use Google's Chart API. Our automated system analyzes the replies to choose the one that's most likely to answer the question. The Infographics portion of Google Chart Tools has been officially You will lose what you have written so far. Google Maps JS API v3 - Simple Multiple Marker Example. It only takes ~30ms to generate each marker on our setup. Is this a correct rendering of some fourteenth-century Italian writing in modern orthography? You may want to download a set of numbered icons from the sources provided at this site: Then you should be able to do the following: Note that you can easily add a shadow behind the markers. deprecated as of April 20, 2012. Use the following format when linking to the GitHub-hosted image files: color I got problems with MarkerWithLabel when adding large number of marker to the map with custom label position. You could create your own custom marker based on the OverlayView class (an example) and put your own HTML in it, including a counter. Otherwise people can't find this word. Looking at the source code, Google has their own way of doing it through a URL: I haven't played extensively with it but by changing the hex color codes in the 'highlight' parameter(color parameter does not change the color as you may think), the 'text' value can be set to any string and you can make a nice round icon with any number/value inside. Where is this image coming from? This is a useful cheat sheet showing all the standard icons to use in Google Earth, Google Maps, and other map related applications. This doesn't work if labelIndex > 9. This will be less customisable but should work. Fix numbered pins can be enabled if numbered pins are enabled (above) and there is a column in your data with numerical values ranging between 1 and 99. Why Is an Inhomogenous Magnetic Field Used in the Stern Gerlach Experiment? Unfortunately it's not very easy. Thanks a lot. There is an option that allows numbered pins to be added with a single click. Here are custom icons with the updated "visual refresh" style that you can generate quickly via a simple .vbs script. A work around would be to load the png into a browser and use Developer Tools to select image data (use Ctrl A). Is ground connection in home electrical system really necessary? In this demo I create the SVG using D3.js, then transformed SVG to Canvas, so I can resize the image as I want and after that I get Base64 from canvas' toDataURL method.,…, Google Maps API Reference: Complex Markers,|FF0000|000000,,,…,, How to place and center text in an SVG rectangle,, Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here. If the file is not local or relative you set a full url e.g. Personally I ended up using a different approach. To turn them on, go to. Getting Started. The following is a collection of icons Google makes available for Google Earth and Google Maps. In the image below you can see both the hospital icon and the tourist attraction icon. Add pin numbers to your custom Google Map. Why is the battery turned off for checking the voltage on the A320? Can you explain your issue in more details (Links, Screenshots, ...). It's quite feasible to generate labeled icons server-side, if you have some programming skills. Google Maps. To add a simple marker with any number inside using a URL. How can I convert a string to boolean in JavaScript? Adding Numbers or Letters to Google Maps API Markers June 4th, 2011 - Posted by Steve Marks to Javascript / jQuery , Web Development . Limitations of Monte Carlo simulations in finance.


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