Example (1): © 2020 All rights reserved. Hence the square root of 169 i.e., ‘13’ is taken, STEP 4: we already know the one’s digit of the square root to be either 3 or 7 from STEP 1 Multiply the base figure by the first decimal, and then multiply the resulting value by the second decimal. 1352 is itself smaller than 18769. = 50, EXAMPLE: Daily Practice Questions for Numerical Ability: Practice only gives the perfection. Hence the cube root of 27 i.e., ‘3’ is taken, STEP 4: we already know the one’s digit of the cube root to be 2 from STEP 1 B2 = 72 = 4 9 Here “9” is the unit digit and “4” is carry, STEP 2: Similar to 2-digit multiplication the first and the last digit of the number will be the first and the last When you are ready, click 'Begin' to start the test. 99 × 11 = 1089 → {10[9+1] 8[9+9=18] 9}, Here the sum of the digits, 3+5=8  &  5+2=7⇓, Now, 352 × 11 A2 = 62 = 36 Note: Here, the unit figure denotes the number that present in the ones digit (6, 6), and tens figure denotes the number that present in the tens digit (8, 2). Here, the method is same as that of 2-digit multiplication except for a small change. If you need any guidance or regarding your doubt drop your message in the comment section. 352 × 11 = [7 + 5] + 1 = 1 3, Thousand digit of the product = [Hundredth digit of the number + Carry over 2] Numerical reasoning tests aren’t easy. The number 456455 is not divisible by 3, because the sum of the number is not divisible by 3. = [9] [36]; Answer is 936. Currency conversion questions are also a common occurrence. Here it is ‘169’ which is nearer to as well as lesser than 187. Our partner Test Candidates makes it simple to assess your candidates quickly and accurately. The denominators are the same, so 1 + 3 = 4. [2 + 1 = 3] The practice test questions on Aptitude-test.com are of a similar nature to most numerical aptitude tests used by employers today. What questions can I expect? As mentioned, multiple-choice options in numerical reasoning tests can often include distractors, and questions can include irrelevant information designed to put you off track. So their difference from ‘100’ is considered, i.e., [D1=108-100=08] & 1026 Difference, D1 = 08; D2 = 07 It is specifically designed to measure a candidate’s numerical aptitude and their ability to interpret, analyse and draw conclusions from sets of data. They’re often used in conjunction with other psychometric tests, including verbal reasoning tests, personality tests and situational judgement tests. However, this might not always be possible. Ultimately, practice is more important than either, since this is the best way to ensure you can work both quickly and correctly. Here it is ‘81’ which is nearer to as well as lesser than ‘84’. Rule-I: Borrowing and Paying Back Method: Example: your phone bill is £42. You should aim to complete the test within 10 minutes. This method can be applied to multiply 3-digit numbers whose difference from ‘1000’ can be multiplied with each other easily. This method is the quickest method of subtraction. However, most tests last about 30 to 40 minutes and have about 30 to 40 questions. It will vary between employers. The question types most commonly used in assessment tests by employers are Numerical Reasoning and Numerical Logic. Once you got a right strategy to solve the Numerical Ability questions then you can easily manage your time. 17 – 27= – 10, – 10 + 82= 72. 4+5+6+4+5+5= 29 this is not divisible by 29. The problem of 3788 – 3000 is easier than 3786 – 2998 and our answer is 788. + Ten’s digit of the no.] From Table 1, if the one’s digit of the cube is ‘8’ then the cube root would end with ‘2’, STEP 2: Always ignore the ten’s and the hundredth digits of the given number i.e., ‘6’ and ‘7’ here, STEP 3: Now the remaining numbers other than the one’s, ten’s and the hundredth digits in the given number is ‘32’ Therefore at the end of the 2nd Step Finally, brush up on your mental arithmetic. Numerical reasoning tests are also a good measure of how well an individual works under pressure. SOLUTION: Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should be revised as the very basics. Numerical Aptitude Test Numerical aptitude defines the ability of an individual to execute tasks relating to the handling of numbers. Step I: First Double Column = [7 + 1 = 8], Therefore, 756 × 11 = 8316


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