Here is how to create clones from a source VM. # Balance-slb algorithm is configured for each bond on all AHV nodes in the Nutanix cluster with the following commands (Ran from CVM): ssh [email protected] "ovs-vsctl set port bond0 bond_mode=balance-slb" . Nutanix acli task.list command is obsoleted and no longer available in latest AOS 5.10 or later version. Creating clones for a source VM First, ssh into any of the CVM as nutanix user. ssh [email protected] "ovs-vsctl set port bond0 other_config:bond-rebalance-interval=60000" # Or run from CVM and change for all hosts in cluster: With this blog you will be able to perform: Creating a VM using a scriptCloning a VM … $ To check the date on all the nodes allssh ssh root@ date To check the NTP source allssh ssh root@ ntpq -p To update the NTP server allssh ssh root@… ACLI is rich in terms of action that can be done. Nutanix acli task.list Command. CVM Security Settings. Actually almost everything VM related can be done using ACLI. If you would like to learn more about Nutanix AHV networking, have a look at my earlier blog post – Nutanix … The need to configure Nutanix Time Server will also make sure that the interaction between components which requires synchronization with other hosts is working as expected. The flowing section is providing some basic scripts/commands that can be used in the acli interface. The following commands have been added to NCLI to support cluster-wide configuration of the SCMA policy. Note: acli command is available but task.list command is removed in latest AOS versions. In this article we’ll explore the steps on how to configure Nutanix Time Server client using the command line. You can do it from Prism Central, Prism Element, Powershell or from command-line using acli. AHV is very powerful from a scripting interface the so called acli. This entry was posted in Nutanix PowerShell and tagged Nutanix NutanixCmdletsPSSnapin PowerShell on 2019-01-29 by John Billekens Recently I needed to script some actions for a VM on Nutanix AHV. The Nutanix Command Line Interface (NCLI) allows customers to control various configuration settings to enable more stringent security requirements. You can run these command by logging to any of the CVM's. Then issue the acli command to get into the acli shell. The Nutanix cluster from this perspective is no exception. For deployment and configuration using Prism, see Nutanix official documentation. Run the command $ acli host.exit_maintenance_mode Run the command acli host.exit_list and make sure that all schedulable items are displayed as True. Perform steps 2 through 4 to verify the state of the cluster service, metadata ring, and data resiliency. I wanted to share with you some of the commands I found and used. The below commands helps to troubleshoot and fix NTP issues on Nutanix Cluster.


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