Information is required as to whether forage oat varieties respond differently when planted under diverse environment interactions, and, if so, how important such genotype × environment interactions might be in an oat variety evaluation and selection programme. For the past several years, the NARC Fodder Programme and private seed companies have been actively involved in the seed multiplication of improved oats for the FAO Afghan Programme. The ideal fodder oat should be high in crude protein and digestibility, and low in crude fibre. The performance of the cultivars is given in Tables 6.15 to 6.18. TABLE 6.15Green fodder yield (t ha-1) of oat cultivars at five locations across Pakistan, TABLE 6.16Average green forage yield (t ha-1) of oats at various locations in 1998- 99. Time from sowing to heading or maturity is a good indicator for the selection of dual-purpose crops. In Quetta, less than half of the urban herd is buffalo, due to lack of irrigation and consequent scarcity of green and dry forage. Please enter your email address. Higher yields (up to three times) are produced in the 1000-2300 m band compared with lower zones, possibly reflecting better agro-ecological adaptation. S-81 under different maturity and harvesting treatments during 1991-92 at Islamabad (Table 6.9). LSD = Least Significant Difference. sudanense) have only just begun growth, but the winter fodders are finished. Seeds are of medium size. Little information was available in Pakistan on forage quality in crops harvested at various stages of maturity, so studies were carried out to determine the ideal stage to obtain a compromise between maximum forage yield and reasonably good forage quality. Lost your password? Land should be properly prepared to form a weed free field. The seed thus bulked is sold to farmers, commercial growers, government and private dairy farms and other agencies and organizations interested in improved oat fodder production and development. Key: (1) CS 1 = Repeated cutting at 4-leaf stage; CS 2 = Repeated cutting at tillering; CS 3 = Repeated cutting at jointing; CS 4 = Repeated cutting at boot stage; CS 5 = Harvesting once at head emergence; CS 6 = Harvesting once at 50% flowering; CS 7 = Harvesting once at 100% flowering; CS 8 = Harvesting once at early milk stage; CS 9 = Harvesting once at early dough stage.Source: Hussain et al., 1998. The National Agricultural Research Centre’s (NARC) Fodder Research Programme also introduced material from Western countries in the mid-1980s. Notes: (1) T1 = Cut for fodder 70 days after sowing and then harvested for seed at maturity; T2 = Cut for fodder 85 days after sowing and then harvested for seed at maturity; T3 = Cut for fodder 100 days after sowing and then harvested for seed at maturity; T4 = Cut for fodder 115 days after sowing and then harvested for seed at maturity; T5 = Cut for fodder at 50 percent flowering stage for fodder. TABLE 6.2Expected variance of a variety mean (Vx) for various assumed numbers of replicates and locations per test. 115 Forage yields are low compared to their potential. It results in distortion and mottling of leaves. 725 produced taller plants, more tillers per plant, more leaves per unit leaf area, the highest forage yield, dry matter, and superior forage quality. It was introduced to Sindh from Egypt between eighty and ninety years ago, and within twenty years was the main winter forage throughout lowland Pakistan and the northern irrigated tracts of India, displacing the former winter legumes Trifolium resupinatum and Melilotus indica almost totally. OL-10: Suitable for cultivation in all irrigated areas of Punjab. Commercial dairies are mostly found around big cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Charsada, Nowshera, Quetta and Mirpur AJK[3]. It has 200 ha of irrigated land for breeding, evaluating, screening, management testing, selecting and recommending forages, especially for the irrigated tracts. Dost et al. An FAO-assisted project in the early 1990s organized demonstrations and supported larger-scale multiplication of promising, well-tested forage cultivars. (Figure 6.2). It can be cultivated on all kinds of soil. Oat crop can tolerate higher pH levels than barley and wheat. It highly palatable to all stock and the straw is much superior to wheat and barley straw. Hide. TABLE 6.8Green and dry matter yields and crude protein of oats and barley as influenced by different cutting regimes, Notes: (1) CS1= Repeated cutting at 4-leaf stage; CS2 = Tillering; CS3 = Jointing; CS4 = Booting stage; CS5 = Harvest once at ear emergence; CS6 = 50% flowering; CS7 = 100% flowering; CS8 = Early milk stage; CS9 = Early dough stage; LSD = Least Significant Difference; P = Probability. Root Rot: It is caused due to root parasite. In order to assess a suitable sowing date for maximizing forage yields and optimizing time of forage availability, sowing date trials on high fodder yielding oat cv. Temperatures are similar to the irrigated areas, but depend on rain. They are very popular due to their health benefits. Low growing leguminous fodders, such as berseem and vetch, can be mixed with oats, ryegrass, brassicas, etc. It gives an average yield of 245qtl/acre. Over the past two decades, improved oat cultivars have had a significant impact in improving quality and availability of livestock feed, and, hence, on the lives of people living in resource-poor areas of Pakistan. If you are looking to search Oatmeal and want to enjoy the online shopping of Oatmeal than is the best online shopping website for this. All trials included standard control cultivars (Tables 6.15 to 6.18). Oats is an important Cereal crop as well as fodder crop. There are many advantages of mixed sowing over pure: more than one crop per season per unit area; weed control is easier; yields are higher than pure-sown crops; and fodder is of better quality.


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