I love the Classic style of new England so this wardrobe is right up my Alley, and I can´t wait to see an expansion. Oil paints, by comparison, capably grace the eye with their suggestion of physical palpability in form and color, evoking natural, corporeal phenomena in a totality of nuance and resonance. The Cambridge I thought of was the one in Massachusetts, with some Hasty Pudding. I do love the tweedy, textural, academic (or maybe Nancy Drew/female detective?) cit., 1996, nos. cit., 1986, p. 153). The Haunted House: He Kept His Eyes Fixed on Me with a Look so Strange (1896), Elle tire de sa poitrine une eponge toute noire, la couvre de baisers (She draws from her bosom a sponge, perfectly black, and covers it with kisses) (1896), Et moi, Jean, Je vis la sainte cite, la nouvelle Jerusalem, qui descendait du ciel, d’aupres de dieu (1899), Femme a la torque ornee (Woman with a plumed hat) (c. 1900), Et l’homme parut, interrogeant le sol d’ou il sort et qui l’attire, il se fraya la voie vers (1883), Pélerin du monde sublunaire (Pilgrim of the sublunary world) (1891), Still Life with Fruit and a Monkey eating Grapes (1635), Still Life with Fruit, Oysters, and a Porcelain Bowl (1660 - 1679), Portrait of Stadholder-King William III (1650-1702) surrounded by a Garland of Flowers (c. 1660), Stillleben mit Früchten,Fischen und Vogelnest, Banquet Still Life with Nautilus Cup (ca. Redon started drawing as a young child, and at the age of 10 … I’m from Dublin Ireland and I commented earlier for the first time despite following you since 2014. I think the story could definitely rival Edith and the Kingpin which I also loved. ‘Flowers’ was created in 1909 by Odilon Redon in Realism style. 🙂, Rich and classic. In 1903 he was awarded the Legion of Honor. This us Susan again. That transit outfit is going to make such a reassuring first impression…surely that menswear inspired wool blazer is going to read like a doctor’s white coat to say, “All will be well; the professional is here.”, Bringing a Shakespeare scholar to Cambridge felt very “coals to Newcastle” until I realized this must be someplace more akin to Cambridge, Minnesota, than the British one with the famous university. I have done it with eyes open to the marvels of the visible world and, whatever anyone might say, always careful to obey the laws of nature and life.” – Odilon Redon, “Confessions of an Artist” (To Myself: Notes on Life, Art and Artists, New York, 1986, p. 7). This looks like a classic and classy camel and navy wardrobe. However, our heroine would be right at home in Oxford where they have an annual open air Shakespeare festival. Maybe with a return visit to see the performance. The camel sweater, scarf, shoes and bag have an interesting impact, and look so good with black, brown or navy. By 1904 Redon was devoting most of his time and efforts to creating flower compositions. September 9, 2020 FULL Academic Professional Mode Dear Heroine, This might seems like a very forward email, but since you are such an expert on Hamlet, I thought that I would ask for … I too would like to see this expanded with the accent colours. But the blues/teals/pinks/reds would be lovely with a navy base. If the heroine lives up to the smart academic promise of this wardrobe, the community theater will be utterly thrilled. I think an expanded version of this wardrobe is in our future – I can’t really pass up those accent colors, can I? Musée d’Orsay, Paris. cit., 1984, p. 208). Looking forward to seeing the development of the expanded wardrobe! THE VIVIENNE FILES IS A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR US TO EARN FEES BY LINKING TO AMAZON.COM AND AFFILIATED SITES. The right side muted, soft and warm and the left side clear, bright and cheerful. extravaganza sounds fascinating, and maybe “dampen” isn’t the word to invoke in the autumn…. But I can look and say “wow, that is really NICE!” Thank you Janice! Janice, The clothes choices are classy and comfortable, always a good thing. Landscapes comprised most of the relatively few oil paintings Redon produced before the mid-1890s. The Vivienne Files is a unique personal style blog with carefully-selected capsule wardrobes based on color palettes drawn from works of art, nature, and more. © 2020 The Vivienne Files | All Rights Reserved - Built with ♥ by RockFort Media. As a fantasy, it’s very nice. What a beautiful painting! I have tried to get interested in navy leather but it just never looks as luscious as this. 46 (as "Flowers in a Chinese Vase"). Having long worked in charcoal and black chalk, the use of color pastel sticks came to Redon quite naturally. Maybe this is a retiree who misses teaching? Required fields are marked *. His clientele for such works was rapidly expanding. I’m looking forward to the expanded version. I love the math of the possibilities , and the inclusion of prints here ! At the Salon d’Automne that year he exhibited 60 works, a quarter of which were floral still-lifes; in his solo show at the Galerie Durand-Ruel in 1906 he included 29 flower pictures among a total of 53 works. My go-to in the winter. I saw this post as a slot machine type ! cit., 1994, p. 288). Not sure you’ll ever top Edith and the Kingpin, but this one has promise, I think. 😉. In my case, the saddle color would be confined to leather goods, and maybe a pair of slacks. These are both very experienced actors who would benefit greatly from your insights into their characters. oh great grief, this could be SO MUCH FUN…, Earrings – Talbots; floral print shirt – L.L.Bean; tie dye mask – Cotton Citizen; mixed-cable button-front cardigan – L.L.Bean; 21 inch scarf – Jessie Zhao New York; Fair Isle turtleneck – Baum und Pferdgarten; camel corduroy pants – L.L.Bean; sand cashmere cardigan – N.Peal; pumps – Talbots; navy ponte skirt – Halogen. I’d love to be a Shakespeare expert, traveling to great old universities with brick buildings and leaves crunching under my feet as I walked the campus in these lovely clothes. I’m just not a classic kind of gal. His shimmering flower … Capsule wardrobes inspired by art and nature, This might seems like a very forward email, but since you are such an expert on Hamlet, I thought that I would ask for your assistance in preparing our community theater for OUR upcoming production of Shakespeare’s greatest play…, Earrings – Talbots; blazer – J.Crew; safety pin brooch – Talbots;mask – Bespoke; tee – J.Crew; corduroy pants – L.L.Bean; scarf – Reiss; bag – Urban Originals; loafers – Dr. Scholl’s. Sign up to receive information about the Rockefeller auctions, catalogues, publications, events & more, *We will never sell or rent your information. They’re in reserve for our re-visit; I find it tough to incorporate accent colors into tiny travel wardrobes! Ah, I can indeed be intentionally vague…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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