Matcha green tea is The Epic Superfood that improves mood, energy & metabolism. Pause, cancel, swap or delay. Tenzo's Movement Bundle is perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Make Tenzo your tasty habit—that you can feel good about, and hey, if you want to add a little sweetener, be our guest . 100% Organic ceremonial grade Japanese Uji Matcha. Ste 1-247, Chandler, AZ 85249  From time to time, we may send you more special offers. Enter your email address to spin the wheel! I’m fairly new to the world of matcha, but before Tenzo, I purchased a couple of competitor brands. And, science proves that drinking matcha increases energy (without coffee jitters or crashes), brightens your mood, reduces stress and produces Alpha waves in the brain, giving you a calm, alert and focused effect. And with just a 30 second prep time, you can be sipping and smiling fast. Its just awesome. Perfect for athletes, outdoors people, and busy professionals. It is well known for the health effects which are desired by every person in this modern and fast life. SOLD . Today, science has proven that matcha can improve focus, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and contribute to an energy boost. Bright green and packed with vitamins and minerals, this organic matcha green tea powder has a more subtle taste and smells delicious, too — just like freshly blended veggies. © MMXIX Epic Matcha, LLC. It provides you with 10-15x benefits of regular green tea health benefits. Use it to make matcha tea and lattes, smoothies Matcha Tea is a green powder of tea that is prepared in the Japan. We source responsibly from an organic farm and test many times for chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation to keep you safe! , 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Beach Volleyball. Turns out, coffee does three particularly harmful things to your body. If you're struggling to figure out what to get started with, you can build your own box - choose your matcha and teaware, then we'll send you custom recipes and guides to help you be healthy and happy. Nishio’s stable climate, fresh Let us tell you about this special tea in detail. Plus, the rush of adrenaline followed by the crash doesn't work for people who want to operate at a high level at home, at work, or outside. Her signature ingredient, matcha, is a superfood and health-giving green powder from Asia, that can light a spark in the body, mind and spirit as part of anyone's daily routine. Because you deserve to be your best self even from home, in your sweatpants. The Best Matcha for the Price Tenzo is 100% pure, organic ceremonial matcha green tea powder. All Rights Reserved. Based around ancient Japanese tradition, this bundle will help you be more focused, have more energy, and provides all the tools you need to set your habit in stone. I set out for something better that started with a Google search "what's the healthiest energy on the planet?" Tenzo is so much greener than my other matcha too which makes me feel uneasy as to what I’ve been consuming the past 4 months, “YOUR #matcha has quickly become my favorite!!!!!”. Positive Affirmations – View in Messenger. 4960 S Gilbert Rd. As a matcha snob, this stuff is a 10/10. Nishio is known for growing some of the highest quality matcha. With a smooth natural flavor and vibrant green color, our Matcha is highly potent and tested by two USDA Organic Classic Ceremonial Matcha green tea powder- is suitable for drinking, baking, smoothies, latte and protein shakes. My husband and I personally searched over 60 farms to source matcha from the most organic, sustainable and responsible regions of Japan and China. Get energized before and stay that way after. He only drank a coffee ☕️ nowadays, he’s drinking Tenzo with me each day. of Annual Sales Given to Chariteas Learn more >>, Family-Owned and Woman-Led Business Learn More >>, Epic Matcha is sourced from Organic & sustainable tea farms in Japan and China. I fell into the popular coffee culture, thinking it would help me be more productive. I’ve journeyed to the land of the rising sun to bring back the most intentional, powerful and soothing way to begin your day. and soon after created Tenzo. I love the flavor and I love the packaging. Save 15% - FREE Shipping Australia wide. Independently tested in Australia. (Click Here to Read More). Read more about her journey—the challenges and the miracles—that brought Epic Matcha to life. Tenzo blew me away. The morning ritual formula to help you accomplish more in less time. Since then, science has proven that matcha can improve focus, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and contribute to an energy boost. Explore your favorite drinks, desserts and cocktails all taste great with matcha. Are you a holistic wellness center, metaphysical shop, cafe, restaurant or retailer interested in using or carrying Epic Matcha products? My body feels so much better from drinking matcha... and I don’t even crave coffee anymore. This matcha is truly EPIC. It blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain, which hurt your sleep and it increases cortisol production in the body, which leads to stress and anxiety. This natural and organic green tea is a part of Japanese beverages for over 900 years, and now it is used is evolving around the world. I started Epic Matcha because I’m fascinated with the small and simple things that you can do, like creating a morning ritual and drinking matcha, and how those two little things can light up your mind, body, and soul. Starting your day with intention has a profound ripple effect on every project you touch, every person you interact with, and every word you speak. You could see and taste the difference. Soon enough, I was drinking several cups a day and began to experience the bad side effects of jitters, anxiety, poor sleep, and stress. There's so many natural benefits that we created a list for you to explore them all! All Rights Reserved. We love that you want better health. It's cultivated in Kagoshima, Japan by a 12th generation tea master whose family has nearly 400 years of matcha making expertise. Say goodbye to anxiety, stress, and a busy mind. Matcha green tea powder is an excellent source of Vitamin A, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and supports healthy skin. I'm like a whole new person! The cleanest, most efficient, and easiest way to make your matcha at home. Matcha originated in China over eleven centuries ago when Buddhist monks in China discovered matcha for its energizing and calming effects. It's so easy a caveman could do it! Our Matcha is made from hand-picked, stone-ground and. Tenzo gives me energy without the jitters of coffee. Gold Matcha is the finest quality, Powdered Green Tea from Japan. Your morning ritual has an upgrade. We make it easy to manage your order from any device. Matcha green tea is prized in the Japanese ritual of the tea ceremony and its history dates back to imperial Japan, over hundred years ago. If you're hiking, working out, or doing some afternoon yoga this is perfect for you. So crisp and clean. You can unsubscribe at any time. It's cultivated in Kagoshima, Japan by a 12th generation tea master whose family has nearly 400 years of matcha making expertise. Our packaging is made from natural and renewable raw materials. 4960 S Gilbert Rd. It's got the caffeine to give you a boost, but is paired with a natural amino acid called L-theanine which gives you a calm, zen-like clarity. Pure Matcha Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha green tea powder is certified organic and grown only in the Nishio region of Japan. Several years ago, I found myself dragged down and my best self caged. Enjoy the calm, relaxing effects of matcha through the best morning ritual in world history. Tenzo is 100% pure, organic ceremonial matcha green tea powder. Not bitter and goes great in my iced matcha lattes. Looking for Non-Powdered Japanese Green Tea?


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