On the other hand, packaging is a noun that refers to material being employed in the process of packing. The shape, colour, size etc. It refers to the process of packing certain products like vegetables, fruits and meat ready for future sales in the food industry. ii. (c) Innovations in packing material may also necessitate product package changes. The main objective of packing is to safe the product. Packing and packaging are both materials used to pack with, but their functions differ in some circumstances. Packaging is the process of creating a cover for the product which identifies the brand and also ensures its safety for storage and transport. Storage and handling cost of empty packages – This includes the handling cost of bulky packages, heavy materials of construction, drums, etc. Gunny bags – Gunny bags are popular for packing goods like rice, grains, sugar, cement, white and colour washing materials, etc. The product of a particular manu­facturer when packed in an identical way is known as family packaging. Visual tests are done to prove its attractiveness. (b) Product loss – Oil, petroleum products etc. These rules require the following information to be shown in the label: (i) Name and address of the manufacturer/importer; (ii) Clear description of the product’s composition; (iii) Net weight or volumetric measurement; (v) Storage conditions required after the package has been opened; (vi) Manufacturer’s instructions for use or preparation, if any. Packaging operation cost – This includes the cost involved in operations like cleaning the package, product filling, closing, labeling, unitizing, stenciling, handling cylindrical drums, etc. This is the main difference between packing and packaging. It is a specialised industry involving the protection of goods and advertising of their value through clever marketing tools. Packaging decision may affect production, distribution, research and development, sales, accounting, and finance. are placed in a single package. It is true that packaging expenses definitely increase the cost. D—Desire, that is, and creating desire to purchase the product. Recognizable – Package must be recognizable. We offer a full range of shipping services through UPS® and other international air carriers. There are various mechanical tests to check the method of packaging. There is so much of information about the product that a manufacturer would like to convey to the users of the product. “Packing is the preparation of product or commodity for proper storage and/or transportation. The materials used in packaging should be such that protect the goods from the ill-effects of moisture, gas, light, air, etc. Packing is the activity carried out by a person or machinery to pack items for delivery. Drum test – This test helps to evaluate loaded shipping containers with respect to general overall durability and the protection afforded to the contents against certain hazards of handling and shipment. Packing implies the process of wrapping up of product into a case or container, for the purpose of protection. As against, the packaging is a marketing tool which ensures product promotion, identification of brand, labelling, etc. Prohibited Content 3. We will never sell or pass your information on to third parties. It also increases the popularity of the product. Plastic containers are used to pack liquid and solid products. Packing includes preparing a product for transport and storage. According to the Cavincare group’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ranganathan, the key to success was not manufacturing, but marketing and distribution. Glass – Glass is used to pack liquid products. 4. 6. This is the main difference between packing and packaging. Examples – Chocolates packaged in thin sheet, milk packaged in sachets etc. In the past, packaging consisted of natural materials such as reed baskets, woven bags, clay jars, wooden barrels, etc. This type of packaging also helps to reduce packaging expenditure. 4. Protection of grease-proof and water-proof barriers at the point of contact with solid blocks.


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