The result is satisfactory and I am rather happy that the rice cake smile rather happily though I have hope that it “laugh with the mouth wide open” as in my Pandan Huat Kuih. In Malaysia, it is probably made from sugar palm (arenga pinnata). Sometimes the gula is already melted down and sold in bottles, Hi Mrs Koh. Having said that, I still like my gula melaka pure. The one that I use is about 55 g per block. The boiled sap can also be solidified and sold in the form of bricks or cakes. Palm sugar also contains a dietary fiber called inulin, which is known to keep a check on blood sugar levels, and low amount of fructose, a type of sugar our body quickly converts into triglyceride - a form of fat.. Major suppliers are Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. For normal flour Huat kuih, it is like this, Thank u for ur scissors advice to ‘cut’ the huat kueh. The only thing I can think off is the steamer heat. Palm sugar is sometimes qualified by the type of palm, as in coconut palm sugar. However, instead of using eggs and butter, to make it pure vegetarian for religious praying ceremony, I have omitted the eggs and use vegetable cooking oil instead of the butter. It can range in colour from golden brown to dark brown or almost black, like Indonesian gula aren. Pingback: Yoghurt With Nangka & Gula Melaka – New Malaysian Kitchen, Can you tell me how heavy is a block of gula? , Happy to hear that. Thank you. Palm sugar is a sweetener derived from any variety of palm tree. Those with mixed sugar allows more people to have a taste of this delicious sugar without having to fork out too much. NEW MALAYSIAN KITCHEN - EASY HEALTHY TASTY, Char Kway Teow & Satay Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur, Nasi Lemak & Ayam Goreng Berempah Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur, Hainanese Chicken Rice Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur KL, Curry Laksa & Yong Tau Foo Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur KL, Wantan Mee and Char Siew Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur, Nyonya Kuih Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur, 2-days Intensive Cooking Class in Kuala Lumpur. However, many manufacturers add sugar so they can produce larger quantities and sell at a lower price. When I first use it, I thought I accidentally burned it! It is known as gula jawa (Javanese sugar) in Indonesia, and gula melaka in Malaysia. Other examples include chendol and ondeh ondeh, a ball-shaped dessert made from glutinous rice flour, filled with gula melaka, and covered in shredded coconut. I have used Gula Apong or nipah palm sugar instead of coconut sugar. Do give this simple recipe a try. The sap is then boiled until it thickens. I cook with fresh ingredients & natural seasonings. Cos my wok is too small. Whatever type of huat kuih recipe she tried, always smile and some are better than mine. Palm sugar is made from the tree's sap. Is this the right texture? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can I use plain flour n add more baking powder or double acting baking powder? The sucrose-rich sap is boiled down to produce a thick brown syrup, poured into a bamboo mould and then hardened into round cylinder blocks. I did grease the scissor cut cross and steam on high heat but still cannot huat. In some areas, predominantly in Thailand, the terms “coconut sugar” and “palm sugar” are often used interchangeably. I have tried it using all purpose flour today. There is specific difference on palm sugar naming in Indonesia; if it is made from coconut, it is called as gula jawa or gula merah (red sugar),[9] on the other hand gula aren (aren sugar) refer to palm sugar that specifically made from the sap of aren palm flowerbuds. It is known as gula jawa (Javanese sugar) in Indonesia,[8] and gula melaka in Malaysia. Pure gula melaka can be expensive and the smoky flavour is an acquired taste. The colour varies from dark brown to a light golden colour. Only its leaves and flowers grow above water. For bigger blocks, an intelligent guess could be about 100 – 150 g perhaps? The Palmyra palm (Borassus spp.) Gula melaka sago pudding is a dessert made with gula melaka[13] and a common hot or cold dish of Peranakan (Chinese–Malay) origin. Instead of white processed sugar, you can use this. P. dactylifera is common in the Mediterranean and Middle East. At the time of writing, this brand of gula melaka is not available at those supermarket. Possibly the sugar did not melt making it dense, Hi may i know if i can substitute the coconut milk with something else ? Hope you like the post today. Palm sugar is made from the sugar-rich sap. Sign up to receive a FREE e-book: 'Guide To Cook & Eat Healthy'. I am happy with this adventure and I believe by preparing this, it will also bring additional fortunes to you and your closed ones. I always get this gula melaka from Jaya Grocer. I have been to a few supermarkets such as TESCO, Aeon Big, and Jusco. I did not let the melted coconut sugar and santan cool down before adding in the flour when making it for the first time. Required fields are marked *. Pure gula melaka is made the sap of palm only.


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