Microbiol. Bitterness values, as measured in bitterness units (BU), of the K10 sample and the control were 18.82 ± 0.33 and 16.77 ± 0.32 BU, respectively. Figure 3 shows yeast viability during the fermentation. The selected panellists were trained throughout several orientation and discussion sessions to be familiar with the descriptors using the corresponding reference materials (Table 2) and different commercial beers. Microbiol. Continuous nisin production in laboratory media and whey permeate by immobilized Lactococcus lactis. doi: 10.3109/07388551.2011.640624, Papagianni, M., and Anastasiadou, S. (2009). 2). Scheme of the inoculation (x) of Lb. Optimization of bacteriocin production in Pediococcus acidilactici Ba28 using response surface methodology. Antimicrobial activity of the K10 strain against beer spoilage LAB was tested. plantarum LE27, significant differences were found (p = 3.86−5) (∗∗). plantarum LE27 did not present any antimicrobial activity against L. monocytogenes 104 on the MRS broth and only very low antimicrobial activity on CW. Aliquots were also treated as described previously to obtain CFS and tested for antimicrobial activity against L. monocytogenes 104, as described above. Asian J. Pharm. Working off-campus? (2012). LWT – Food Sci. However, selection of bacteriocinogenic LAB and the inoculation time should be carefully examined. The feasibility of using bacteriocin‐producing LAB strain in beer brewing is envisaged. The FAN contents of both the control and K10 samples gradually decreased. However, they were not significantly different at the end of primary fermentation. Optimized production of bacteriocin from cheaper carbon and nitrogen sources using response surface methodology. plantarum LE27. The role of QS on bacteriocin production has been studied in more detail on Lb. Another study used different strains of Lb. Available at: http://www.R-project.org/, Rojo-Bezares, B., Sáenz, Y., Navarro, L., Zarazaga, M., Ruiz-Larrea, F., and Torres, C. (2007). strains are not characterized for lactose fermentation (Papagianni and Anastasiadou, 2009), between 11% and 89% of Pediococcus strains are able to ferment lactose (Vos et al., 2009). This result was consistent with the study reporting that beer with LAB starter cultures has a higher FAN content than untreated samples 28, showing that the added starter culture enhanced enzymatic activity. 109, 371–387. The non-induction by the addition of CFS or dead cells has been explained by the fact that inductor molecules could not be released into the culture medium and, therefore, remained in the intracellular space or associated with the membrane, and could not be sensed by bacteriocinogenic cells (Chanos and Mygind, 2016). In Figure 4, growth kinetics show similar behaviors of P. pentosaceus 147 in mono- and co-culture. Additionally, CW contains soluble vitamins and some enzymes that may be of interest to different industries (Prazeres et al., 2012), i.e., as raw material for biotechnological processes or for obtaining metabolites from bacterial growth (Sánchez et al., 2009). Filtration time, pH, alcohol content, bitterness, foam stability and turbidity results are presented in Table 4. The carbohydrate fermentation profile of P. pentosaceus 147 indicated an ability to metabolize lactose. Microbiol. Therefore, only limited species of microorganisms have been reported to survive and spoil beer 1. Turgis et al. plantarum LE27 cultures were individually transferred to MRS and CW broth, at the end concentration of 106 CFU/mL, and incubated at 37°C for 24 h. Every 3 h, aliquots of cultures were obtained, 10-fold diluted in NaCl 0.85 (w/v) and plated in duplicates on MRS agar, followed by incubation at 37°C for 24 h and with the results being expressed as CFU/mL.


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