Apparently it just has the flavour if lemon. Like buttery popcorn? Mix this vegan spice mix with dairy-free butter and spread it on toast to make garlic bread! TO STORE: Store in an air-tight container with the rest of your spices. Cheesy: Add some nutritional yeast or cheddar popcorn seasoning to add a cheesy tang to the popcorn. Life-Changing Chicken(less) Bouillon Powder,, Brown Estate Wine Review + 3 Plant-Based Pairing Ideas, Homemade French Fried Onions in the Air Fryer. Your email address will not be published. If you use store bought popped popcorn, make sure to buy unseasoned or plain popcorn. If you want your popcorn plain with a little sweet-and-salty taste, this is the best popcorn seasoning for you. I make easy and healthy everyday recipes that your family will love! It really depends on the flavor intensity you're looking for. It really depends on how much pasta, what you're making it for, etc. You can use it to season everything from popcorn to pasta to garlic bread. And reason #3 why we love this vegan cheese seasoning: It tastes AMAZING. Popcorn: You can either pop your own popcorn, or use store bought popcorn that’s already popped. Hello! Add a little vegan butter and let it thicken. Great for garlic bread! I honestly double this recipe every time because we go through it so quickly! Garlic powder & onion powder: Essential seasoning in this recipe. And we can't wait to share ALL our kitchen secrets with you! All you’ll need is a blender or food processor to blend all 6 ingredients together and get the nutritional yeast to a nice powdery consistency. I would like to make this recipe mainly for making it into cheese sauce but you didn't list the amounts for the ingredients. Thanks again. Salt: Feel free to adjust the salt to your taste, but I wouldn’t leave it out entirely unless you’re avoiding salt altogether. From there, just add some cooked pasta and your veggies of choice, and dinner is served! It’s also SUPER versatile. Be careful, as popped popcorn can burn easily. It can also be used to make an easy cheesy pasta sauce! We use it as a dairy-free parmesan on pasta, a cheesy popcorn seasoning, and mix it with vegan butter to make the BEST garlic bread. You can also add dill pickle popcorn to a variety snack table. You can also use that butter on a vegan grilled cheese for a truly transformative experience. This saves you from buying microwave popcorn in bags, which both cost more and are more wasteful! Read more about it in the privacy policy. TO USE: Add to vegan butter for a perfect garlic bread spread, use it to top popcorn to replace … And thank YOU! Mustard free: The mustard powder can be omitted to make pickle popcorn without mustard, however the flavor will most likely be a little more bland. With pickle juice: Some people like to add a little pickle juice to their dill pickle popcorn. This is a vegan cheese seasoning that REALLY tastes like cheese, thanks to these 6 ingredients: If there’s an ingredient above that you don’t like, can’t tolerate, or don’t have on hand, here are our best substitution tips: For the nutritional yeast: Unfortunately, I would not recommend replacing this with anything else. Cook it on low, stirring often, until it thickens to your desired consistency. Hi, Becky, we usually start with about 1/2 cup plant milk and about three tablespoons of mix blend. This recipe makes about 1- 1.5 cups of vegan cheese seasoning. When you have prepared the popcorn, simply add it to a bowl or a bag, and add the onion powder, garlic powder, mustard powder, salt and dill. Seasoned popcorn, especially the sweet varieties, would not taste good combined with the pickle seasoning. This will give the snack a vinegar-y flavor, and works really well if you’re craving even more pickle. You can pop popcorn kernels on the stove top, in a microwave or using a popcorn machine. Your email address will not be published. And if you want to make sure you never miss another Plant Power Couple recipe, don’t forget to sign up for our email list. No. If you make this recipe, make sure to post a photo to Instagram with #hintofhealthy! Why? This popcorn is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low calorie and nut free. Thanks for this recipe. Updated: Oct 30, 2020 by Tonje. First, prepare your popcorn. If you’re new to nutritional yeast: This is not the same thing as the yeast you use to make bread, nor is it the same thing as brewer’s yeast. Are you ready to discover a new favorite homemade popcorn recipe? Add some butter along with the seasoning! If you’re catering for several dietary requirements, this is one of the few treats that almost everyone in the group will be able to enjoy. I think they could actually work, but as you said, you'd need to tweak the amounts. Shake to combine the ingredients and to coat the popcorn in the seasonings. Hi, John. We do this by heating up some plain unsweetened soy or almond milk on the stove and whisking in the vegan cheese seasoning once it’s warm. Feel free to double the recipe though. We think so at least and we hope you do too after you try it! Salted popcorn can also work if you omit the salt in the recipe. When you do, let us know how it goes and all the fun, delicious ways you like to use it! Avoid using seasoned popcorn, as mixing the flavors might have a poor outcome. You just need about ¼ cup of butter (preferably unsalted), ¼ cup of honey and ½ teaspoon of salt. Most people never thought to add this type of seasoning on their popcorn! Serve it as a quick afternoon snack, at a party or when you have friends over. For the onion powder or granulated garlic: If you don’t have or can’t use one of these, you can just double up on the one you do have. But if you MUST replace it, I’d look to something like mustard powder. Required fields are marked *. This easy 6-ingredient vegan cheese seasoning is a staple in our kitchen! Need a substitution we don’t have listed here? Heat and melt them altogether and drizzle over the popcorn. Does this popcorn taste like pickles? Easy peasy! Could you please give the amounts? Leftover popcorn can be enjoyed at room temperature, but you can also reheat it in an air fryer or in the oven for a minute or two to slightly warm it up if you prefer. It's in the form of a powder and not sweetened. Sprinkle this vegan cheese seasoning over popcorn for one of the best movie-night-in experiences of your LIFE. You can store popcorn in a sealed container in your pantry for up to 2 days. To totally make our day, rate the recipe and leave a comment below or tag us in your beautiful vegan creations on Instagram. Fret not, though: You can usually order this magical ingredient online. You could use fresh dill, but I find that dried dill works better, as it has less moisture and won’t alter the texture of your popcorn. For example, you might want to double the ingredients to enhance the flavor, or add extra salt if you like really salted popcorn. The two cannot be interchanged. And no, I’m not talking about adding salt or sugar. This vegan cheese seasoning can be treated like any other spice mix in your cabinet. You can store this vegan cheese seasoning in an air-tight container in your spice cabinet. Store in an airtight container in the pantry. Follow Hint of Healthy on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for more healthy recipes. Thank you! I've been using using nutritional yeast and Spike along with a bit of healthy oil on my popcorn for decades but I'm looking forward to trying this idea. Shake to combine the ingredients and to coat the … But, if you’re working with a nutritional yeast that comes powdered, feel free to add all the ingredients to a jar and shake shake shake! We make vegan recipes that defy preconceived notions of plant-based food. I would need to leave the pepper out so went looking for something that would hopefully somewhat replicate the lemon pepper.


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