The forms mine, yours, ours, hers, his and theirs cannot be used before a noun.The forms my, your, our, her, his and their are actually possessive adjectives. and never hesitate to ask your colleagues to share some of their favorites. Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. <> Countable Noun Possessive determiners, my, your, his, her, our, their - Exercise - English Online name is Charlie. Log in, Concise Mathematics Class 10 ICSE Solutions 2018, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). An Entrepreneur (Director, White Planet Technologies Pvt. Some plural nouns exist without 's', such plural nouns can be converted to plural possessive nouns by adding an apostrophe and 's'. �''4��o �a K_LS:�bd�6����b����F�X���9 Fundamentals Possessive Case: When a noun or a pronoun is used to show ownership or possession, authority, etc., it is said to be in the Possessive Case. Good education is collaborative: it's important to build relationships with your colleagues as well as your students. For a singular noun, you add 's, and for a plural noun, you just add '. Noun Exercises with Answers Q. There are 25 pupils in my . ENGLISH 4U English Language Learning Home GRAMMAR GRAMMAR EXERCISES TENSES EXERCISES GRAMMAR QUIZZES & … 1 0 obj With possessive noun worksheets, students can learn a lot about how to use possessive nouns correctly. I have to come first in exam as this is the matter of my. You have millions of prize bonds. Noun Types of Possessive Noun and Basic Rules. Singular possessive nouns can be made using singular nouns by adding apostrophe and 's'. For example: babies’ shoes, garages’ fees, kites’ altitudes, lemons’ acidity, igloos’ construction, cabbages’ nutrition, Americans’ ideals, donors’ cards, eggs’ color, juices’ flavors, members’ votes, frogs’ croaking, inventions’ popularity, nuts’ saltiness, hampers’ conditions, owls’ eyes, planets’ orbits, Suspects’ fingerprints, the Smiths’ house, recesses’ measurements, quizzes’ difficulty, students’ grades, teachers’ qualifications, unicorns’ power, yokes’ material, violins’ melody, wagons’ circle, etc. Correct their work, and look for any problems or patterns that they continue to make. Collective Noun Possessive case - free English online grammar exercise. For example: people’s ideas, women’s clothes, children’s toys, geese’s eggs, feet’s toenails, cattle’s pasture, mice’s traps, nuclei’s form, oxen’s diet, lice’s size, cacti’s thorns, octopi’s legs, die’s roll, hippopotami’s strength, fungi’s location, formulae’s indication, etc. Both singular and plural nouns can be possessive. <> There are many online resources available to augment your lesson plan and teach about possessive nouns using worksheets. This is a wonderful chance to introduce the concept of modifiers. (The house belongs to both Jack and. /, My uncle, James’s factory was burnt down last night. The Taj Mahal is a beautiful building. Politics is his chief interest. Compare: That coat is mine. Write the nouns in the following sentences and state their kind also. Possessive nouns can be in singular or plural forms and used to show ownership in the sentence. Task No. You need to get detail information about possessive noun provided above and check your skill by doing following exercises. ���" �Om�-�B��”���+��…���t��'ol���}�l�����z2D=7���H�mk��5צ])Y���Ÿ�P�]�>�]�۳�Q�~P�D�M�*p Answers--Plural Possessive Nouns Possessives are used to show ownership. Here is a list of sentences with an option for circling the correct word. Answers Your scissors are quite dull. Examples of singular hyphenated possessive nouns: Notre Dame’s tower, my mother-in-law’s advice, my sister-in-law’s marriage, Yellowstone National Park’s hours, t-shirt’s logo, full moon’s brightness, mid-June’s heat, middle class’s income, attorney general’s job, real estate’s decline, front-runner’s confidence, my class teacher's book, The United States Post Office’s stamps, etc. ��r�u�w_�#w��'t���걋K-�Nfy�tەU�Ѵ/cJH:l8���t4���������l��\�L�M��|��cF�+��q2��CL��P~���h���g�1"Ο�W��a�7�'b�i���IH���:�(M h*k�q�� %�J������Ǚ�Zm7�� ��b4*:_>2� q`=�*�S��J�R.&AY�Y �9�b�{#Q�6Cg]�Ql^�K� In this case, only second noun carry an apostrophe and 's' such as Jack and Jill’s pail of water, Abbot and Costello’s comedy skit, Ram and Rahul's school, grandmother and grandfather's walking stick, mom and dad's room, brother and sister's study room, etc. For example: apple’s taste, cat’s tuna, deer’s antlers, book’s cover, boss’s car, computer’s keyboard, Diane’s book, diabetes’s symptoms, goddess’s beauty, Florida’s climate, fish’s eggs, fez’s size, laundry’s smell, jam’s ingredient, house’s roof, lawyer’s fee, gym’s rules, tree’s bark, tray’s usefulness, sun’s rays, today’s newspaper, marble’s shape, month’s work, moss’s color, senator’s vote, progress’s reward, watermelon’s rind, victor’s spoils. The quizzes are perfect for 4th and 5th grade students. Uncountable Noun To further extend their practice, add more example sentences to the list. Abstract Noun <>>> A possessive adjective cannot be used without a noun.) Read on to learn more about possessive nouns and how you can teach this concept to your students. Plural possessive noun is a noun which shows a plural noun having ownership in the sentence.


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