This article is a contribution to the improvement of protected silver coatings for reflectors. You have requested a machine translation of selected content from our databases. Typical Applications: Bar-Code Scanners, Cameras, Gratings, Illumination Systems, Shutter Blades, Range Finders, Instrumentation, Telescopes. Hass, G., Heaney, J. With regard to these risks, the suitability of sputtered SiO2, Al2O3, and SiO2-Al2O3 nanolaminates for the protection of Ag was analyzed. As an external reflector, silver is overcoated with one of several transmissive materials, depending on the wavelength region of interest. For Al2O3 and for SiO2, the most unstable layer is the one sputtered with the highest supply of Ar (160 sccm). However, the least stable layer of SiO2 is still more stable than the best Al2O3-layer. These rules consider how far the cation polarizes the anion and thereby increases the fraction of covalent bonds which leads to a higher resistance in polar solutions [30]. During the process, the substrate scans vertical to the narrow side of the target. “Atmospheric corrosion of electro-electronics metals in urban desert simulated indoor environment,” The deposition rate for sputtering in the compound mode is expected to be lower than for sputtering in the transition mode and in the metallic mode. In contrast to these Al2O3 layers, the SiO2 layers show a significant change of mechanical stress due to storage at ambient conditions. (2006). Surface and Coatings Technology, 232 357 –170 (2011). : Anorganische Chemie: Prinzipien von Struktur und Reaktivität. 2 months. * Careful attention to terminologies, concepts and definitions, as well as abundance of illustrations offer clear support for the text. As described in the literature [21, 25, 26], these curves reveal areas, where sputtering takes place in the metallic mode, in the transition mode and in the compound mode: Sputtering in the metallic mode takes place if the operating point is in the part of the process curve that stresses from the lowest oxygen partial pressure to the first inflection point. “Glaschemie,” A Si3N4 layer with a high resistance to aqueous (alkaline) solutions also offers low and stable mechanical stress. Appl. InTech-Verlag, (2011). This article is a contribution to the improvement of protected silver coatings for reflectors. As an internal reflector, silver is overcoated with a black epoxy paint. To endure this period without a decrease of reflectivity, protective layers with a final layer which offers a high resistance to aqueous solutions and a low mechanical stress should be used. Standard optical and electrical characterizations as well as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray reflectometry have been carried out with unprotected silver films directly after deposition and reveal strong correlations between the corresponding characterization results. (28), 5666 The camera has a five element, We have been developing an immersion grating for high-resolution spectroscopy in the mid-infrared (MIR) wavelength region. Wilson, R. N., Better stability at all layer interfaces is suggested to improve mirror durability.   This coating also withstands high temperatures and has a long shelf-life. Appl. The detector system is a 1024x1024 Hawaii array housed in an IR Labs dewar and provides full coverage from 0.98 - 1.34 microns in a single exposure. Removal rates in nm / h of the Al2O3 layers (a) and the SiO2 layer “160Ar_2” in a basic solution (pH-value between 11 and 11.5), expressed through the negative slope m. Those samples which show no significant decrease in the first test were exposed to a solution consisting of distilled water and 0.63 m% Na2S. Eugen G. Leutze Verlag 87–101 (2010), Thornton, J.A. Surf. between ground- and spaced based reflectors, or primary mirrors and reflectors located, condensation, a cleaning process of the coated mirror can require a suf, even in a basic solution, and thus can contribute to an improved durabilit, criteria for protective layers (high resistance, The findings of the above mentioned research have been used to determine a final layer for a protected Ag-coating, which, was applied for reflectors utilized in the CRIRES, which offers a high resistance to aqueous sol, the narrow side of the target. All rights reserved. The RV results were obtained between 3800A and Inhomogeneous film growth of the protective layer can lead to a permeation of corrosion activators and thus to a damage of the Ag. The layers did not show a significant change of layer stress (above 10 MPa) in a time period of more than 3500 h. The SiO2 layers show a significant change of layer stress (figure 3 b). A Si3N4 layer with a high resistance to aqueous (alkaline) solutions also offers low and stable mechanical stress. “Influence of substrate temperature and deposition rate on structure of thick sputtered Cu coatings,” 50(9), 210–216 (2011), Scherer, K., Nouvelot, L., Lacan, P., et al. “Residual stresses in evaporated silicon dioxide thin films: Correlation with deposition parameters and aging behavior,” 63, 887–891 (1988), Särhammar, E., Strijckmans, K., Nyberg, T., et al. The frequent determination of layer thickness was carried out by IR absorption spectroscopy with a Varian 3100 FTIR. Besland, M-P., Lapeyrade, M., Delmotte, F., Brochure. on bright RV, The J-band camera system, or JCAM, is an simple extension to the current HET commissioning spectrograph to allow moderate resolving power (7,000 < R < 13,000) spectroscopy in the near-infrared. The optical properties, protection properties against H2S, solubility, film stress, and protection properties against particle-induced defect formation have been investigated. Even in an aqueous solution with a relative low pH-value between 11.0 and 11.5, these layers dissolve within a few hours (Figure 2 a). “Optical and mechanical characterization of evaporated SiO, Schulz, U., Jakobs, S., Norbert, K., Eugen G. Leutze Verlag(2010). Appl. Reactive sputtering is a suitable method for the deposition of Ag, Al2O3, SiO2 and Si3N4. : Corrosion of silicon nitride materials in acidic and basic solutions and under hydrothermal conditions. Advanced Optical Technologies, 3 The generation of process curves and the layer deposition was carried out in an inline sputtering system with a top-down arrangement. Sree, K. S., Technol. J. Phys. reflectivity) is about 7% in the same wavelength region on a clear night with For a coated reflector, the requirements concerning its durability differ strongly depending on the relevant environmental conditions for the application (e.g. (2007). : Principle of physical vapor deposition of thin films. EMF optical design engineers can help you design a custom metallic mirror coating to meet your exact specifications and performance requirements. Phys. May 2014. The CRIRES+-instrument is an instrument which will be installed at the Very Large Telescope (VLT). SPIE 11180, International Conference on Space Optics — ICSO 2018, 111804M (12 July 2019); Sign in with your institutional credentials, Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS. Furthermore, the least stable of the Si3N4 layers (Si3N4_3) is still more stable than the best SiO2-layer (SiO2_20Ar). With regards to the mentioned criteria for protective layers (high resistance to aqueous bases and a low mechanical stress) the materials Al2O3, SiO2 and Si3N4 have been investigated. Water-induced stress could also be the reason for the unstable stress of the layer Si3N4_4. Opt, 54 4966 The existence of high humidity can lead to condensation on the reflectors surface. Eng. The sample “SiO2_20Ar” has the most stable SiO2-layer. Cartledge, G. H., Jobst, P. J., Stenzel, O., Schürmann, M., Depla, D. [Magnetrons, reactive gases and sputtering], Ghent University Belgium, (2014). “Anorganische Chemie: Prinzipien von Struktur und Reaktivität,” Opt. Specially formulated with silver* ionic technology, PPG SilverSan antimicrobial**- protected powder coatings slowly release silver ions, which helps protects the cured paint film from the growth of microbes which can damage coated surfaces.


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