Plus, they're very easy to take care of, and they're relatively inexpensive. I do what I the moment:), I'm a QC user. But let's face it, they're not practical for everyday wear. I'm making it again in a garment-weight cotton and I think it will look a bit better. Some of us actually enjoy the unique details, and fabrics, that home-stitching can incorporate. The one who really doesn't know any different and just picks something based on what she likes and can afford. ), and does not look like something your great-aunt would wear... :-)On the "snooty" side I don't like seeing (or making) a garment whose fabric screams out "WRONG". Thanks for sharing! I do use quilting cotton for my clothes. The Negroni looks great in a quilting cotton. Interesting how things are so different on this side of the world. And most of the times I get all three :). I go for cheap, cheerful and quality. Thanks for this post, super helpful! Do you like the feel of it on your skin? If I'm patient and watch the sales, I know I can get things I trust more for similar prices. Our commitment to the highest quality materials and the latest fabric designs is what sets us apart with the wholesale market, we are always striving for customer satisfaction. And a Sprout cut and sew! I bought most of my fabric on Etsy since the fabric store we have here in Quebec city doesn't carry print I like. I always learn something new. I adore a lot of the prints in quilting cotton. This site is no longer being updated so head over to Seamwork to get all the latest patterns, tutorials, video classes, and more. You also might need to add a lining since some quilting cottons can become transparent with light going through it. As long as the fabric will drape the way I want it to in the finished project I will use it.I've made many garments from "quilting" fabric. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. It's OK, matching the fabric characteristics to the style is something you should learn. Real nice example! Some skirt styles do okay with quilt fabric. I love Sprout options and have been happy to save up enough to get one of your preprinted patterns – now with the discount code! You just make a judgement call based on what your needs are for that garment. variety of "quilting cottons" and a growing number of quilting cotton designers/houses who are releasing their designs on more apparel-type fabrics like voile. Located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It definitely helped me see it in a new light :) Thanks! Thanks for your comments; I read each and every one! This will remove any sizing and start the softening process. Sprout offers the Negroni as well, check out the photos they’ve got on their site. It seems to me that the appropriateness of quilting cotton for garment sewing is dependent on two things: The hand of the cotton (which can vary) and the design of the garment, which may need something with more drape, or which may work well with something with a stiffer hand. A lot of you went gaga over this taffeta skirt from Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing . I have to say that I just don't care. But on to the topic at hand: what are your thoughts on using them for circle skirts? Try the Dahlia or Seamwork Mojave for for two totally different takes on the quilting cotton dress. I do make things for my son and niece, though. It was lovely two-tone brown cotton with some sort of weird tentacle-flower print :D. I say if they could make double knit polyester suits, then why not use quilting cottons for dresses--and considering that some of them are around $20 a yard, cheap fabric doesn't have to be an issue. Depending on your level of skill and the design of your object, you may want to try our range of quilt cutters, which enable you to cut through several layers of fabric at once. i have made garments from it, so i'm not against using it, but intentionally seek it out. It feels good to moi. No offense taken. Make This Skirt! You’re begging for issues there. I think the anti-quilting cotton people are snobs and I don't put much stock in them. I think I fall in number 3. Quilting Cotton I find challenging to handle, my hands are sensitive to the touch of certain fabrics. Though, I wish there were a way to truly have a discussion here. I made a 50's looking dress from a Vogue pattern out of a quilting cotton because I wanted navy with polka dots and it was the only cotton fabric I could find. It was less body and a beautiful drape. better.Then I made a test skirt out of some super pretty quilting fabric I had on hand. If you are making a blanket, quilt or rug, give some thought to the border of your quilted item. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. They recently released our Aster blouse and I made my own Aster in a Spoonflower design I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. All their prints are way too bold for me; the pretty, more subtle print were all far too sheer. It sews nicely but does wrinkle. I've been looking for a pink and white striped fabric that comes close to the doll dress fabric, and the closest I have found is this: quilting cotton. The stripes might not perfectly line up with the crossgrain threads which makes it hard to sew into clothing. I own the Aster, but haven’t seen it up yet. I have to shop online or travel an hour away to a decent fabric store. I've used quilting cottons for clothing, and they are great for kids clothes.I recently bought a quilting cotton (for a quilt), and it had a lovely silky feel, and frankly, wasn't all that cheap. I love your dress too – it looks amazing! I like having the option to use them. Formerly in the first camp, naively influence by "experts" who know(?) Even the comment about seeing the same Alexander Henry skull print stung a bit (even though I think my version does rock: If the answer is no, I keep looking. Adrienne Looman. Everybody's honest opinion is equally valid and worthy of being expressed without censure. I have a personal rule for any fabric/pattern choice: would I ever, ever see this on a professionally made garment in a store? Love! I was making a coat to replicate a costume in a movie and had a dreadful time finding anything like the right colour and design, to say nothing of finding something cheap enough for me to afford 7-8 yards on a student budget! I believe I am the fourth type too. And any time a breeze comes along and flips the bottom edge of the skirt a bit, the bright red shows for just a moment. I love sewing with quilting cotton, it’s so easy to work with! Very few. Don’t forget the 20% discount! The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use: This privacy policy sets out how we uses and protects any information that you give us when you use this website. It's a shape I really like and the idea is to work it up in different fabrics, ending with some Liberty of London.I made the first dress with what I think is very decent quilting fabric bought a couple of years ago from a New York store called The City Quilter. I guess I was ignorant to the fact that this was even a debate!I like cotton. So my new conclusion is that it really depends on the quilting cotton.It also depends, I think, on the look you're going for and your prejudices as a seamstress. I love the prints available on quilting cottons! We are the leading online quilting fabrics store. Ha! Maybe I'll have to actually make a quilt one of these days. 2/36 Access Way Carrum Downs, VIC, 3201 Australia. The draping is both soft and structured. I'm looking for silkiness on par with the perfect cotton/poly blend sheet from your mom's linen closet- bought in 1972, washed weekly for at least several years. If people would stick to so-called quilting cottons for 50s designs, the world would be a better place..I mean that quilting cottons have some characteristics, mostly crispness, which are very suited to fitted styles. The more you can mix fabric into clothing, the more fashion-forward you are. I agree that not all garments can be made from it but alot can. Perhaps they are cheap in your universe, but not here in Finland. Quilting cotton most often comes only 44 inches wide, so if you are sewing a garment you’ll need extra fabric to accommodate this. I just bought it at the local fabric shop!


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