Durkheim at two levels discusses the social control role of education: It induces sociability into the mind of the children and it drives away the pathological strains, self-destructing desires from the mind of child helping him to fit into the demands of larger society. Social change may take place – when humans need changeWhen the existing social system or network of social institutions fails to meet the existing human needs and when new materials suggest better ways of meeting human needs. EDUCATION AND SOCIAL CHANGE 18. The role of education as an agent or instrument of social change and social development is widely recognized today. It is a process which enables every individual to effectively participate in the activities of society and to make positive contribution to the progress of society. The role of education as an instrument of social change is widely recognized today. Education can initiate change by bringing about a change in the outlook and attitudes of a person. • Education Perpetuates Eternal Values • Promotes Capacity to Welcome social Change • Evaluation of Social Change • Aids Coming of New Social Changes • Transmission of Culture • Education about Social Change Role of Education in Social Change 19. Earlier educational institutions and teachers used to show a specific way of life to the students and education was more a means of social control than an instrument of social change. It is an independent institution now. Education has been chiefly instrumental in preparing the way for the development of science and technology. The traditional education was meant for an unchanging static society not marked by any change. Education can initiate social changes by bringing about a change in outlook and attitude of man. 1) Education perpetuates eternal values 2) Promotes capacity to welcome social change 3) Evaluation of social change 4) Transmission of culture 5) Removal of obstacles 6) Increasing the areas of knowledge 7) Leadership role 8) Mother of new changes 9) Spreading knowledge 10) Stabilizing democratic values Education has brought about phenomenal changes in every aspect of men's life. It has become secular today. Role of education in Social Change. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationships and thereby it may cause social changes. Therefore being a mechanism of control education mitigates the gulf between individual and the society. According to Maclver social change takes place as a response to many types of changes that take place in the social and nonsocial environment. It can bring about a change in the pattern of social relationship and thereby, it may cause social changes. Francis J.Brown remarks that education is a process which brings about changes in the behavior of society. But today education aims at imparting knowledge. Home >> Education >> Education and Social Change. Modern educational institutions do not place much emphasis upon transmitting a way of life to the students. Education was associated with religion. The role of education as an agent or instrument of social change and social development is widely recognized today. UN Summit on Non- UN Report on Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS and Mobility in South Asia- UNDP Report 2010, India's Development Report Card vis-a-vis MDG, Sociological Perspectives on Health and Illness, Scientific Method in Sociological Research, Education, Modernization, Mobility and Social Change.


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