Don’t be always be white shirt bore. Black or brown patent leather shoes, coupled with a matching belt complete the look. But a light blue shirt is an equal match for a navy suit, if performed right. I disagree to some extent, but it’s a point worth keeping in mind when you’re putting your outfit together. Boom. This combo falls definitely into the statement category. Both as a suit and as a tie. Not any more. Because, of course, the tie you choose should complement the situation and occasion. Select a block coloured shirt – blue, green, grey or your favourite pastel hue – a tie. Reason enough then to make your tie the star of the show. As I’ve already mentioned, pink is a lighter shade of red. Look to the color wheel for advice on choosing the right red tie for your blue suit white shirt combo. Blue is synonymous with versatility and could definitely prove to be the new black. Each shirt has its distinctive features, silhouette, style element, and color. And I’m not talking about navy here. For a wedding. Contrast colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. The black shirt acts as an almost invisible backdrop for the tie, giving your outfit a balanced look. Black is a grounding color, and it’s related to blue on the color wheel. Shades is the operative word here. People will notice you haven’t just thrown your outfit together. Both black or brown shoes, highly polished and in good condition, can complete the look. Looks good, doesn’t it? If you wear a dark blue suit, choose a light, powder blue tie. Pink Shirt + Red Tie. Try it and see. Almost any color will complement your blue foundation. Besides, these suit combination ideas open up a whole world of expansive styles that allow you to display your creativity. A darker wool tie is perfect to combine with a light blue suit. Although highly debatable, the most secure choice will be a white shirt and a darker shade of blue tie. There are no hard and fast rules. Just by changing up the direction. I guess you mean a “tie with burgundy in it” instead of a toe (needed some time to figure that out). But the more formal the occasion, then change to silk and choose a wider tie. Your choice for a blue suit has already created a contemporary look and a bold statement. But this is not a hard and fast rule. Although black suits have always epitomized the ultimate, classic look for men in the past, the trend changed. You, too, can carry off the vibrant blue look like a real gentleman without appearing attention-seeking or loud. For the guy who wants to go bold, look to paisley and geometric prints. Window pane check is more open to being match with another check, due to the scale being so large and the pattern so subtle. White is the preferred choice for the shirt, too. Period. A forest green tie makes a refined and effortless statement at work, while basic neutrals – charcoal and brown – are ideal for men sporting a pattern jacket – be it, windowpane or chalk stripe. If you take a closer look at the color wheel, you’ll notice that the complementary color of the golden yellow tint is navy. Or would white shirt be better? #3: Slim fit stretch wool blue Suit by Calvin Klein. Black or brown leather shoes and belt, according to mood and formality of the event. Shunning a patterned shirt, opt for a grenadine silk tie – made in a solid colour with the visual interest being the unique weave – finer than regular silk knit tie, but grainier than flat tie. I’d feel much more comfortable thin-soled black leather with a belt to match. The most common colors of shirts are white, blue and pink, with white being the easiest to match. The ideal tie color could be either dark green or dark red. Don’t hesitate to choose the blue suit. This is the most straightforward scheme to achieve and is a great place to start for every outfit. Here, the tie will have to work a lot harder to add balance and harmony to the look. Lighter blue suit. Navy suit,burgundy tie and pocket square. But be aware that the wheel is meant to be a guide only. Can I get away with a Navy shirt and a lighter blue suit? But a black leather dress shoe is probably the best option. #2: Slim fit black shirt by Kenneth Cole. The trick here is to pair the darker tones of each component. blue suite, baby blue shirt, brown shoes & dark red tie. When done well, this can create a harmonious, balanced look. As such, you should combine the blue/white/pink look with black dress shoes with thin leather soles. Well, the pastel shirt is feminine no-more with a masculine navy tie (pink’s contrast colour on the wheel). #3: Slim fit shirt in white color by Kenneth Cole. A blue suit is one of the most versatile and “neutral” garments in a man’s closet. The reasoning is that a pale face and light hair will look loud on top of a black outfit. Thin wool or cashmere ties are great for relaxed, quasi-casual events. Rich in texture and in an array of indigo hues, all the cotton shirt needs now is neutral flannel tie – to align with the heritage denim shirt and rustic tweed coat. A vertical striped shirt looks great paired with a horizontal or diagonal striped tie. The trick here is to mix things up. If it’s slightly darker (as it should be if you’re matching it with a dark red shirt), maybe you should try burgundy or dark brown shoes. By now, you’ve already figured out that the blue suit is a perfect base for any number of add-ons. From weddings and first dates to everyday office wear, your blue suit-based combo creates an elegant and sophisticated look, especially when accompanied by the right dress shirt, shoes, and tie. Please check the section about navy suits and white shirts. There’s a school of thought that says you can only wear black if you have dark hair and a darkish complexion. Classic fit suits are often chosen for work and business occasions or any other formal events. And there’s even a choice to wear a tie – or not, in most workplaces. So pairing a pink shirt with a red tie seems an obvious thing to do. Small gingham check shirts are the most traditional and casual in the business world but don’t work well a checked tie. And of course, black shoes and a belt. Blue can be a challenging choice, and it takes a level of courage to pull it off. Thus, you can never go wrong with a crisp and clean white shirt matched with a blue suit. Green is a complementing colour to blue. Keep your suit and shirt shades of blue tight, and wear black leather shoes and a belt. Take the navy suit, soft blue shirt, and a blue tie as an example. This color scheme will lead to the same color combination of your suit, shirt, and tie. Tan brogues and derbies are also a preferable choice. If the black tie was making a statement, then the blue tie in your blue suit/black shirt combination works well as a bridge. It is where your blue suit excels. Or it can make a statement about your character, your ego, and your state of mind. Shirts in sky blue are very much corporate cool these days. French blue suit. (N.B. The best news? Details matter. Don’t forget to wear brown shoes! A mid-blue suit with a light blue shirt and a dark blue tie is a great example of this. So instead of sticking to the safe navy blue tie choice, a burgundy tie will do wonders in giving your outfit a bit of a lift.


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