For 1 D-class personnel to, every other day, come in with a basin and showerhead to wash and condition its hair (approved); it has been noted that standard-strength hair shampoos do not adequately clean away the excessive oil in SCP-811's hair, and use of a formula with a higher proportion of stronger surfactants has been authorised. -Dr.Gears SCPs Archived: SCP-249 SCP-226 SCP-524 SCP-1075 Random Contest Entry: Interview C Key're tha—[clears throat] They're called "needles". Like man. Possibility of placing a small turtle habitat in the observation area outside SCP-811's enclosure for enrichment under consideration. Tests have shown that SCP-811's entire circulatory system is filled with liquefied decaying matter. After 10 minutes of 811 learning the controls and 40 minutes of gameplay, the experiment was successful in determining 811's hand-eye … Iceberg (SCP Foundation) (3) SCP-105 (SCP Foundation) (3) Kain Pathos Crow (3) Exclude Relationships featuring SCP … Subject is not averse to preying on humans, and it is recommended that personnel not enter the enclosure if SCP-811 has not fed in over 16 hours. Some of the other scientists call her "Piff". As far as research indicates, SCP-811 cannot cause serious injury to anyone properly wearing their biohazard suit. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. 17 Comments. Oh? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. SCP-1496 was recovered in a raid on the offices of … It is 171 cm tall, and weighs just under 47 kg due to its strange physiology (see Addendum 811-2 for details). Tall. By El-Drago-800 Watch. Results were inconclusive. 629 Views. SCP-035/SCP-049 (SCP Foundation) (58) Dr. Alto Clef/Dr. Dr. Epiphany "Piff" Trebuchet, one of the most under-appreciated personnel members the Foundation has. SCP-1496 is a place setting, comprising a plate and several items of silverware. Temperature is to be kept at 25°C, and humidity should be kept above 70%. Enclosure should be cleaned biweekly, preferably by D-class personnel. Due to the impossibility of maintaining a sterile operating environment, limited understanding of SCP-811's biology, and difficulty in calculating the subject's mass, the risk of major complications or subject death has been deemed too high to authorise exploratory surgery. Dr. Epiphany "Piff" Trebuchet, one of the most under-appreciated personnel members the Foundation has. SCP: Containment Breach and The Foundation, Horror Movies, Creepypasta, SCPs and Urban Legends. Says the statue that can't defeat a Weeping Angels. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Bright: I didn't do nothing. Red red red. Not like Aé. Simon Glass (20) No Romantic Relationship(s) (17) Draven Kondraki/James Talloran (16) SCP-073/SCP-076-2 (SCP Foundation) (14) Other Relationship Tags to Be Added (8) This mucus does not appear to have any effect on SCP-811's own tissue, but any other organic matter that it comes into contact with begins to rapidly decompose, through processes not fully understood, reducing the matter into a slightly viscous black liquid.1 SCP-811 can then absorb said liquid through its skin and directly into its circulatory system. Subsequent MRI testing has revealed that SCP-811 has a number of unusual glands and organs attached to its lymphatic system, which may assist in regulation of the viscosity and microbial flora of the material in its circulatory system. Look. ~Dr. By SCP-040plz Watch. 4 Favourites. Within the stomach, enzymes and bacterial flora cause it to congeal into a grainy, tar-like substance that SCP-811 periodically voids by voluntary projectile regurgitation, a mechanism which it uses to hunt. Архивированные рассказы: Surprise! Skin… like this. Remainder of SCP-811's teeth removed and overdenture implants installed in a second operation. All discarded waste should be put in quarantine for analysis before disposal by standard biohazard protocol. See Document 811-b for a list of substances that may be administered as medication to SCP-811. Dr.Gerald may request tests to be done, but is to remain outside the testing area at all times. Water depth is not to exceed half a metre (0.5) at its lowest point. Addendum 811-1 To date, SCP-811 has requested: Addendum 811-2 Due to the fact that SCP-811 has lungs and teeth — despite having no apparent use for either — it was brought to Bio-Research Area-12's radiology lab for X-rays, to examine its internal structure. SCP-811 should be kept in a climate-controlled, cylindrical glass enclosure, between ten (10) and twenty (20) (inclusive) metres in diameter, filled to a depth of no less than two and a half (2.5) metres on average with wetland soil and stagnant fresh water. Bright: You can zip it Plaguie. SCP-811 is shaped similarly to a human female with disproportionally long and thin limbs and a slightly-bloated abdominal region. No heated elements or open flames are permitted inside the enclosure. Description: SCP-1496 is a place setting, comprising a plate and several items of silverware. She's the animal scientist and makes sure the animal SCPs are looked after. I'm trying to actually get things done here. SCP-811: [seems to understand] Before box? She works at the place I live so I see her a lot. It preferentially aims at the face or at any perceived open wounds on its target, then waits for the target to die of either immediate asphyxiation by blockage of the mouth and nose, or in a few days of multi-systemic failure resulting from aggressive bacterial infection. No invasive medical procedure may be performed on SCP-811 outside of emergency situations in which such a procedure is required to save the subject's life. Height of the enclosure must be no less than five (5) metres above the highest soil point. A gift for . All personnel entering the enclosure must wear full-body, non-organic biohazard suits and breath masks, and must be in groups of at least two. Aé small, very smaller than man. Its sweat has been observed to act as a mild skin irritant. SCP-811: [with sweeping, demonstrative arm and hand movements] Big man. Dr. Trebuchet: Early things. featuring SCP-811! SCP-811 does not defecate or otherwise produce feces in the traditional sense, and entirely lacks a small or large intestine. Шестеро мышат Logs of manageable size and additional humus-rich soil may be provided for good behavior. she needs to see someone about her insomnia. i can only guess how many times she's filed for sexual harassment suits due to bright. She's also French, ooh la la. YAY! ... Look. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. SCP involved: SCP-023 Personnel involved: Dr. , [DATA EXPUNGED] Date: / / Location: Site- Description: Timeline of events: 00:00:10 – A pair of glass eyeballs are inserted into the eye Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. The methane resulting from SCP-811's normal interaction with its environment is not anomalous and may be bottled for use as fuel. 1K Views. Aé, what after? Scared. Those suffering from asthma or other respiratory-affecting conditions are prohibited from entering the enclosure without a signed note from a physician with Level 4 security clearance. (approved); request was initially denied until a safe and effective method of administering general anesthesia to SCP-811 was discovered and a dental surgery plan devised. 11 Favourites. To be addressed by a two-syllable name that has been transliterated as “Aé”, SCP-811 being illiterate, and thus not capable of choosing a spelling for itself (approved). Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. SCP-811: [appears thoughtful] Most before? Архивированные SCP-объекты: SCP-023 - Чёрный пёс SCP-135 - Универсальный канцероген SCP-811 - Болотница SCP-1284 - Юная невеста Луны SCP-1359 - Лакомый кусочек. Instead, cellular waste and substances SCP-811 is unable to metabolise collect in what is, anatomically speaking, its stomach. It was Kain who started it. SCP-811, misinterpreting this as a sign of hostility, retreats into one of the pools of water in its enclosure, and does not resurface until both Wachtel and Dr. Trebuchet have left], Notes: While I understand the appeal of training the new blood on something relatively harmless and as green as they are, could you please throw them at some other humanoid for a while? Benjamin Kondraki (53) SCP-049 (SCP Foundation)/Reader (26) Dr. Gears/Dr. A new SCP comic made by KuluKnightofDarkness. While SCP-811 is not generally aggressive unless it feels hungry or threatened, all handling personnel are to be cautioned that it is still an opportunistic ambush predator, and safety precautions must still be taken to avoid possible injury or infection.


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