When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Shure KSM137 vs Sm81 How is the SKM compared to the sm81. Sadly but true, many SDCs nowadays sound blatantly awful: harmonic distortions, intermodulation, phase distortions and sharp resonances are all over the place! i think you can find those under $300 each. SM81 has uncolored highs, very insignificant distortion and it’s comfortable with high SPL sitting next to a cymbal. But I also had a chance to use some a bit more current, still US made and one of them sounded almost the same as mine, but another one was a bit "dry" - I suspect it was defect in some minor way. Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio, Comparative Samples - MC930, KM184, AT4051, and XXX. Designed for studio use, yet rugged enough for live applications, the KSM137 can withstand extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL). Shure SM81-LC is a very neutral and transparent instrument condenser with electret bias. Now let’s get to the technical part, particularly I would like to talk about noise. I have to agree that the sure ksm's don't have too much depth but they have a real nice present clean sound which i've used for overheads and acoustic guitar with really good results. For overheads, those mics aren’t just great – they are almost irreplaceable. It gives you amazing definition with a rich, realistic low end and mind-blowing crispiness. It just means it will require more amplification to match the level of other mics, and this will introduce more noise. Share on. Listened on Saffire Pro26DSP thru ATH-M50 cans. From 15 kHz and above it starts rolling off but it’s quite insignificant. Shure SM81 Shop now at Amazon. To tame the lower fundamentals, you need to create an area of pressure, so they don’t just disperse in the room. Select a Combination. I have tried these as a recording pair and didnt like the results. But there are also better mics! Most consumers can’t afford the pair unfortunately. Obviously, even the SM57 in the right place will sound better than the SM81 in the wrong place. All you need to know about wireless microphones. It is considered industry standard and although there are plenty of different SDCs available on the market today, few of them can quite match the old Shure in terms of quality. It has a high output level, low self noise and reproduces low frequency sounds exceptionally well. Shure SM81 is a brilliant choice for miking guitars although a bit costly. Shure SM137 Shop now at Amazon. Positioning of the mic is crucial, so take your time to try, and adjust if necessary. It is mainly used in studios for recording of guitars, pianos and cymbals but it’s also suitable for a wide range of different instruments. Aside from its non-hyped response, this mic is capable of capturing all the details and subtleties without introducing harshness or graininess, and this is a very important point. What you’ll see on SM81 is that it’s incredibly flat. Gefell M70 makes the guitar sound Pro - listen to those overtones. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Headworn mics provide unrestricted freedom of motion while cancelling, Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Dynamic Microphone Review, Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone Review, AKG Perception 220 – studio worthy budget LDC, Electro-Voice RE320 Review – Dynamic Recording Mic, Comica VM20 – budget DSLR & phone, mini-shotgun review, Røde VideoMic Pro+ Review, Premium DSLR Shotgun, Marantz Professional MPM-2000U USB Condenser Review, 7 Best Headworn Mics for Wireless Systems Review. I preferred the M70 on the first and second parts followed by the SM81. With the foam on, you can do some outdoor recordings however, it will pick up a lot of environment. How many times shall we repeat that Shure is capable of making durable things? Shure SM81 is rated for 6 mV/Pa sensitivity and 16 dB-A self-noise. I think the new line of KSM mics from Shure are slightly smoother sounding than an SM-81, but they are very similar in sound. SM81 is neutral and it sounds… even better! The tone was pretty good, but everything was upfront. The only problem is that a pair will cost you around $700, which is a bit frustrating. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I like that they are rugged, and to my ears a big improvement over the 81. There is a lot more to it for achieving a good sound and the SM81 is one of the few mics that didn’t neglect other factors. But of course there are amazing perks of using the SM81. I liked the Gefell a lot more on the first 2/3 of the clip but the the last strumming part goes to the SM81 IMO. With levels matched, it would still produce less noise than let’s say CAD e70 but not by a great margin. However, most of those mics would only look cool on the charts but when put in real life recording situation they would sound real crappy. I preferred the SM-81's as well, but I also think that the M70 sounded like it was in the wrong position.


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