9. The talent does not take up much room and will not be moving. Take... Gatsby Themed. A small festival may prefer a minimalist stage with simple backlighting and spotlights. The top benefits of 3D stage design software: To get started, you’ll create and name a new event. A view also makes an excellent backdrop for musicians and presenters. Goal: Wow and connect with the audience. In Social Tables’ event layout design tool, you can add drapes and customize the color to the exact shade they want. But when it comes to designing stages for events—3D design tools rock. simple stage set up. Monday Motivation: The 4 Keys to Better 3D Stage Designs for Events, Focal Points for the Best Event Stage Design, How 3D Stage Design Tools Improve Your Events, How to Build a 3D Stage Design Using Social Tables, the complete audio-visual check list for events, ← Friday Finds: 5 Emerging Event Planning Job Titles You’re Not Hiring for (But Should! Paint the tiles whatever color you want (you may want to have a hardware store color-match some paints for you to match a specific screen presentation palate). 2. For this process, think of the ‘Objects’ menu as your palette. If the venue features a chandelier over a stage where a singer will perform, use luxurious curtains as a backdrop and tall urns on either side to create visual interest and a sense of intimacy. They can manage the dynamic tech, such as live audience polling, and curate social walls showing questions or comments tweeted from the audience. 8. Is your client trying to wow a large audience? If your client has interactive elements planned, you may need to include a seat for an ‘event’ host. If the venue’s lighting comes from Edison bulbs in wrought-iron fixtures, decorate the stage with mostly rich, warm colors and materials—orange and yellow, leather and wood—rather than clear lucite and glowing blue or purple. For a business seminar relying on visuals, centering the view is more of a challenge. A fantastic view: If the venue has an outstanding view, such as a city skyline, mountains, or a lake, use it as a backdrop for speakers standing at a podium or moving around the stage with a lavalier mic. Your staging needs to be resilient to survive for years to come and requires a simple design for fast production set-up and take-down. Backdrops can be crafted from foam board, corrugated plastic, monochromatic balloons of different sizes, or repeating cardstock cutouts hung on fishing line or wire. Goal: Create an intimate, insider’s experience. While this is a small party stage, this idea would make an... Shadows. Do they prefer a standing mic to a podium? Now that you know how to create a 3D stage design, let’s explore 4 essential areas to focus your attention during the design process. Switch the ‘Public Diagram’ option on using the link symbol in the upper right corner next and share with your clients! Or, echo architectural features on the stage, but use your 3D design to check for obstructed views. Where possible, grab elements from Social Tables’ rental catalog featuring items by company (e.g., Cort, AFR Furniture Rental, Crow Works) and broad event types (e.g., holiday, outdoor, production). Bright lighting, smooth surfaces, and an open composition suit the keynote speech at a tech summit. Add vertical interest with varying heights in the backdrop, columns, or inflatable elements. 10. Understand what the stage will be used for, the venue in which it will be set up, and the size of the event to influence your stage design. Stage design is just one element among a million for event planners, but it can be particularly daunting because there are complex, technical elements to get right. 5. #stagedesign #events #helloendless #eventplanning #stage. Add risers, if you are elevating a singer or presenter above stage level. We developed part of the video mapping content for the Samsung S4 launch in Istanbul and Ankara for the Dream Box agency in Turkey. Best fashion show stage backdrops set design 59+ ideas. But repeated small elements—long rows of stacked wooden crates with battery-powered votive candles inside, for example—are a simple way to create a striking impact. Sharing the design with clients catches areas where your vision mismatches with theirs. Beyond the stage location itself, the ceiling height of the event space will influence your design. And they’re not just reserved for large-scale event productions. Getting a 3D perspective helps planners design stages for any event, from a panel discussion at a tech conference to the stage for a wedding band. With a detailed digital representation, you can move elements around, spot obstructed views and trip hazards, and troubleshoot needs like a stage extension or simply having fewer people on the stage. Corporate: At corporate events, take the opportunity to brand your stage. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. 4. Or use digital stage banners (many smaller display screens tiled and treated as one big screen) to create an unusual visual impact. Free Event Management Software for Planners and Properties. Event diagramming software, such as Social Tables, includes 3D renderings of furniture from event rental companies. A well-designed stage makes the most of the venue layout, and prioritizes the comfort and visibility of featured speakers or performers. #stagedesign #events #helloendless #eventplanning #stage, 65 Ideas Cheap Lighting Ideas Stage Design. Here, a small stage works. A cabaret performance might call for more substantial mass, velvety or opulent texture, and warm lighting. For big stages with a large audience, be careful using small elements sparsely—this can appear sloppy and haphazard.


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