A damaged bobbin case is a common problem. 9. Can we interchange metal and plastic bobbins? Then using a tweezer, you can pull it out. Not sure which machine is right for you, or which accessories are compatible with your machine? But just like all other lightweight sewing machines, the Singer touch and sew machine also has its share of problems. Saturday, Sunday Options. You should never interchange metal and plastic bobbins. You should turn the screw clockwise to loosen the tension and anticlockwise to tighten it. If this is not happening, then there is some problem. Look for a damaged gear under the machine, remove the bottom cover and look for a plastic gear that may have split or cracked. If this is the case, then you should readjust the tension and then check to make sure that the bobbin case turns properly. This is because the needle winder did not disengage properly. Replace the bobbin cover plate onto the needle plate. Stock up now, while supplies last! If this is the case, then you should remove the old oil and put some new drops of oil. Let us have a detailed look at the various singer touch and sew bobbin problems … Place your bobbin into the case and make sure it turns freely and smoothly as you pull the thread out. 8. It's the perfect time to share the gift of sewing. If it is not installed correctly, then the needle will not be able to pick up the thread. If you hear any other unusual sound, then it means that there is a problem with the machine. If you interchange metal and plastic bobbins, you may not get the right tension. 4. Your email address will not be published. I'll try to explain this as best I can. You are offline, the product will be added to cart once you are online on product availability, The products are being added to cart which are added while offline. Secondly, while winding the bobbin, make sure that the thread passes through the winding tension disks. Plus all orders ship FREE with standard delivery (excludes HI and AK). Clean out the case and place a single drop of oil on the shaft. When you reinsert, you should be able to hear the click sound. We apologize for the inconvenience. Insert the bobbin making sure the bobbin rotates counterclockwise when you pull the thread. See Details, Save an extra 15% off orders over $399! Another reason could be that the ring under the bobbin winder might be out of position. We just sold out of this popular item. In most situations, the bobbin case gets stuck because of lint inside the case. If you feel that the bobbin case is loose, then you should check and make sure that this indeed is the problem. Using the brush, clean the inside of the bobbin case. Technical Sewing Machine Problem and Repair, Look for a damaged gear under the machine, remove the bottom cover and look for a plastic gear that may have split or cracked. Insert the bobbin making sure the bobbin rotates counterclockwise when you pull the thread. You can find details on how to retime a sewing machine in this section.Replace gear - Re-time machine, The hook timing out, needle will not pick thread up - Re-time machine.Timing belt jumped a tooth - Re-time machine. You should immediately stop sewing and check the bobbin. 4. When you use a sewing machine, the only sound that you should hear is the usual sound of the machine. With a finger held gently on top of the bobbin, pull the thread until it stops in the slot (B). Thus, you should adjust the tension of the upper thread. Push bobbin winder pin to the right (illustration 3). This is because all machines are designed for a set tension setting. Plus Free Shipping on all orders (except HI & AK) SHOP ACCESSORIES https://www.singermachines.co.uk/faq/question/ajax/faq_id/77/, Glad to hear it — Thanks for the feedback. Similarly, if you spot a piece of fabric in the bobbin, remove that and check the machine. Problem; Singer Sewing Machine Upper Thread Gets Caught In Bobbin: The most probable cause of the top thread stuck in sewing machine is that the bobbin is not wound properly. But you should adjust it very slowly so that you do not miss out on the right tension. Our Machine Finder and Accessory Finder make it fast and easy. You need to follow the below steps for cleaning a bobbin. Sometimes the bobbin thread tension could be very tight. Typically, if the bobbin thread is wound correctly, then you should be able to grab the bobbin thread when the handwheel is turned towards you. The main reason for this problem could be the presence of old oil in the machine. You should also check the bottom plate to make sure that no needle, thread or fabric is stuck there. This is mainly because of the wrong tension of the needle thread. Sometimes you will notice that the bobbin tension does not suit your requirement or is irregular. Carefully remove the bobbin case and take the bobbin out. If still, the problem persists, you can use your fingers to adjust the thread. NOTE: This is a very important step as the bobbin can become unthreaded and cause sewing problems if it rotates clockwise. Remove the bobbin cover plate by pushing the release button to the right. Thanks for shopping SINGER and sharing the gift of sewing this holiday season! Please reduce the quantity and try again. Sometimes, when you try to wind the bobbin, you will notice the needle going up and down. Singer started making sewing machines in 1851 and is widely known as a maker of affordable quality sewing machines. To clean a bobbin case, you need the brush that comes along with the machine or a small toothbrush. This is because sometimes the bottom plate might be loose, and you can easily mistake that for a loose bobbin case. The sound could be because the thread or a piece of fabric got stuck inside the bobbin. © 2020 The Singer Company Limited, S.a.r.l. Delivery from 99p. If the thread is not wound correctly, you should do that without fail.


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