(Biblical Archaeology Search & Exploration) Institute. And God called the animals and called Noah and his family into that Ark. As we do so, amazingly, we start to resemble-- just a little bit-- the wonderful Lamb of God! email: colombo.office@kapruka.com, 14525 SW Millikan Drive, 29995, The donkey just doesn't want to go where it's supposed to go... and neither do His stupid sheep. You see, Jesus expects of us that we help Him catch a lot of fish, whether it's by hook or by rook or by nook! Put all this to good use; it's all part of a new Way station called JesusChristSriLanka.com. One thing's for sure: Jesus has used His construction skills to build for us a remarkably strong and sturdy Ark, a Lifeboat that He has created as part of His rescue mission to Earth... and only a very foolish and deceived person would ever fail to seek safety in that Ark. A lot of men are not going to church anymore... they're falling away from their faith. As we do so, amazingly, we start to resemble-- just a little bit-- the wonderful Lamb of God! email: melbourne.office@kapruka.com. Watchmen video essay. of the Christian Bible, which is also God's Own Truth revealed You see, there's no spiritual Switzerland-- God calls us to be proactive; He calls us to a decision. Jesus was once in human form as a humble carpenter on our planet Earth, but today He is a lot more like a fisherman who is casting out a worldwide net! --, <<   Click the booklet's cover picture [above] to read this message, now in India's TAMIL language! org Posted April 18, 2020: New English-Sinhala booklet pattern! >> Bible is our only source of seeking the truth that God revealed to mankind through his servants. Beaverton,OR,97005, You don't deserve it, nor do your foolish idols, nor does the Prince of This World. Here's a surprising fact that you maybe haven't ever realized: Did you know that Jesus fishes? It's like this: Jesus is not only trying to catch a lot of fish-- He is also gathering a lot of sheep, and He's trying to lead these very dumb animals toward the safety of Heaven! To Collect Or just get help for yourself, the help you need. You can get an awesome catch that way. It helps Him prod us so that we keep moving in the direction of Heaven, that safe pasture that is waiting for us at the end of our lives. A shepherd then had one staff used to fight off wild animals, and another that was used to guide the sheep carefully through tight spots and difficult places. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but His words will never pass away. Maybe so! Jesus Christ is the Rock of Salvation, the Foundation of Safety -- He's But sheep are really stupid animals, and that's why Jesus carries not only a Big Net but a Big Stick. Be the first to review this product! Toll free customer feed back and buying support line: +1-800-651-5099. And God's calling you in. And when that door on that Ark closed, it sealed all those outside... and they perished. God can take a few fishes (a group of Christian believers) and some bread (the Word of God, the True Manna from Heaven) and with these, through Jesus Christ, He works a great miracle. Total 64 Samsung Mobile Phones available in Sri Lanka. And sometimes He may have to extend that staff to you so that He can rescue you from your own foolish error-- when you are drowning in a pit of Earth's quicksand, or when you are about to drown in Earth's deadly waters... in a grave misfortune, or in a sea of catastrophe. He knows the right spot to throw a net... just exactly where all the fish are hiding. and He's the Only Person Who fully knows both Heaven and Earth -- of God's Developmental Plan for our vast Universe, perhaps finally


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