Snail oil or snail slime--or more technically known as snail mucin, snail serum or snail filtrate--is one of my favorite ingredients in skincare products. The wash-off product is especially great for those with oily, acne-prone skin due to its healing and hydrating benefits. The Medical & Wound-Healing Benefits of Snail Mucin. Snail mucin skin care has been popular for years in South Korea, with nearly every major Korean skin care brand offering at least one snail mucin product. We may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. Siam Snail, which reportedly uses a manual technique to induce snail slime, invited a Racked reporter on a press tour with the promise of getting an inside look at the mucin extraction process. On top of snail secretion filtrate, you can find exfoliating papaya extracts and antioxidant-rich green tea within the formula. Research indicates that snail mucin can help with anti-aging efforts due to the fact that contains hyaluronic acid, demonstrates antioxidant activities, encourages collagen production, and helps heal wounds. Snail mucin isn’t comprised of the actual snail itself – it’s the slime that a snail produces (think of the sparkly tracks snails leave on the ground). But then after a few days of using it, my forehead got a lot of CCs! Okay, so, I took a bite out of the hype and ordered the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. After a trip to Seoul, South Korea where I was able to try oodles and oodles of snail filtrate products, I was hooked. Finding this out did make me a little less squeamish about trying it on my skin and I was glad to know that innocent snails weren’t killed for these popular skincare products (read more below about how snail mucin is harvested). Give your skin the taste of snail mucin with this gentle nourishing cleanser. Wilson Chueire, Founder of Brazilian Skin, when asked about the use of snail mucin in their products stated, “We use SSF in Brazilian Skin’s Bratoxin because of the growth factors within the mucin which has been proven to significantly correct coarse periocular and fine facial rhytides. This is unsurprising as pharmaceutical products require much more rigorous evidence than cosmetic products. In the past few months, BFT has received photos of women who have developed significant allergic reactions following application of snail “growth factors” in conjunction with microneedling. Instead, she was taken on a tour of the farm and given some complimentary skin cream. I really wanted to try snail, and the good things outweighed the bad ones in terms of reviews. The majority of scientific studies that support the skin benefits of snail mucin focus on its wound healing ability. Interestingly, it's only just on my forehead, while the rest of my face feels moisturised and hydrated. It turns out there is scientific reason to believe this problem may be larger than what we previously thought. It may sound icky but hold that thought until you learn more. Snail mucin will make your skin tighter and firmer while encouraging the production of both collagen and elastin, leaving you with younger-looking skin. Although they are often marketed as anti-acne products, they also claim to have scar lightening, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, skin-regenerating, and anti-wrinkle benefits.


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