The camera feature gets you a live view as soon as you open the app so you can see in real time the status of your door. Although Garadget takes a different approach, using a laser beam to track your garage door rather than a sensor, in our testing this tech was fraught with issues, including multiple false alerts. If you know you have a compatible Chamberlain, Craftsman, or LiftMaster opener, and you want an easier install, the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub is a good option. The Tailwind iQ3 will notify you only once if your door is left open, and it won’t repeatedly notify you, as most other controllers will. With all integrations you can only close it not open it - for "safety reasons" says the company. It is UL-listed, and the app has a good Rules feature for creating alerts to notify you if the door is left open for a certain period and then to close it for you. Best Smart Garage Door Opener Overall (With Motor), Best Smart Garage Door Opener Overall (Without Motor), Best Garage Door Opener for Voice Control with Alexa, Best Multi-User Smart WIFI Garage Door Opener, Best Budget Smart Bluetooth Garage Door Opener, Best Easy to Install Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener, Best Smart Garage Door Opener with Camera, Enter your email address and be entered into our, Share and get FIVE (5) additional entries. Genie ChainGlide Connect – WiFi Smart Garage Door Opener, 4. It doesn’t work across all garage door openers. Thankfully, there are lots of YouTube tutorials to walk you through it. Bluetooth connectivity issues. Additionally, the MyQ is the only controller that works with Amazon Key, which allows Prime members in certain cities to choose in-garage delivery. If you're going to DIY a garage door opener, make sure to do your homework and research the options for installing security features. We found great ones for the backyard and garage. If you want another effective DIY garage door opener, has a project you can follow. Most importantly: It will play your favorite tunes when you open or close your garage door. The Tailwind iQ3 Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener is the most responsive and reliable smart garage-door controller we tested. Considering what you get, the price of $261 (without installation) is more than fair.As far as warranties are concerned, it’s lifetime for the motor and belt. Most garage door openers will take 10 to 20 minutes to install, and may require a little bit of DIY skill (drilling into concrete, for example). It's a neat device that can magnetically attach under your opener. If they can pull the cord, it disconnects the garage door from the opener, thus allowing them to lift the sliding door and get in easily. The smartphone app will walk you through the steps of pairing the sensor to the device. I settled on a elegant but low cost solution i found on ebay for $29.99. Smart garage-door controllers also offer a simple, convenient way of granting other people access to your house. For under $200, this wireless garage door opener is a total steal! Repeat all the steps to connect the smartphone to the Bluetooth device as if it is a brand new phone. The Wi-Fi hub is usually designed to plug in, clip on, or screw in place atop the main system. And, if you get really stuck, reach out to customer service; they’re very helpful. LiftMaster has released the $150 Smart Garage Camera, an add-on motion-activated camera that captures video when your door is opened and closed, which you can view via app. The Meross will work with all garage door openers (there's an adaptor for Chamberlain and Liftmaster doors). It’s not UL-certified, but Tailwind’s hardware complies with UL requirements for the “unattended operation” of garage doors, including emitting several loud beeps and a flashing LED light when the door is closing (not all the controllers we tested were UL-compliant). It's compatible with the Fritzing app, and though it's a slightly more complex device, it's one most people could build simply by following the clear instructions laid out in this handy guide on Code Project. It has the longest list of features and is the only model that can also control automatic gates. The beauty of a wifi garage door opener is that they are VERY easy to install. If you’re concerned about whether the sensor is working and your door actually closed, seeing is believing. *At the time of publishing, the price was $30. For starters, not all smart garage door controllers will work with all garage door openers. If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The good news is that this is usually a one-time thing, as connecting once will pair the device with the garage door opener for future use. A wired sensor is also available, and it has an adapter to work with newer Chamberlain-brand openers. You get live view, motion alerts, and two-way audio for free, or 7 to 30 days of video history for $3 or $10 a month. Compatible devices: Smartphones, tablets, and Apple watches. The device costs just $100, plus the $1 monthly/$10 yearly fee if you want to integrate it with Google Home Assistant or IFTTT. You'll have no problem surveying the surroundings at night, either, as this device has infrared night vision capability. Tailwind’s companion app is well designed and easy to use, and it offers plenty of useful features, including the ability to share access to your door with friends, family, or visitors. Install is easy, you just wire it into the back of your controller and stick the sensor on the door (there is the option of a wired sensor if you want more reliability). The original Garageio is no longer available. With sleeker hardware and more smart-home integration options, including HomeKit, it remains an excellent controller that can open and close your door with geofencing (through HomeKit or IFTTT), voice control (using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri), as well as through its app or a Web interface. This may seem like a design flaw, but it could actually insulate your garage against attack. Tailwind works with Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, SmartThings, and Siri Shortcuts, with HomeKit coming soon. However, they can be very pricey systems, so for those looking to save money, a DIY smartphone-enabled garage door opener can be a good option to consider. The best feature here is a super easy install - you don't need to wire this into the back of your garage door opener, all you need to do is plug the hub into power and mount it to the ceiling near your opener. However, most newer Chamberlain openers have their MyQ technology built-in so you won’t need to buy anything. Given all its advanced features, the Asante Smart Garage Door Opener is easily one of the most affordable products on the market at $179.99. Great list and good alternatives to buying a WiFi garagedoor opener. iSmartGate Pro is the most expensive model we tested, the iSmartGate Lite is their cheaper model ($98) and has nearly identical features, except it only works with one door and you can't use wired sensors. It won’t work with any Chamberlain brands newer than 2011, but it does work with Alexa and IFTTT, though the app is unintuitive and overly complicated. iSmartGate Pro works with both wireless or wired sensors, which are waterproof and have built-in temperature sensing, and it can control up to three doors. Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub MYQ-G0301, 1. A wired sensor does mean a more involved - although not hard - installation. Otherwise dive right into our top picks for the best garage door controller. Nexx's sensors can also detect carbon monoxide and temperature and notify you if either go above below a certain range, a very handy safety feature. Learn more ». Because it doesn’t rely on a cloud component, setup can be a bit of a faff, but that's the price you pay for not sharing your personal data over the inter webs. After 46 hours of research evaluating 20 products, we picked Chamberlain B550 Smart Garage Door Opener as our top choice. Installation of the iSmartGate Pro hardware is straightforward: Simply connect two wires from the iSmartGate Pro to the back of your garage-door opener, affix it to the side of the opener with the included tape, and then plug it into the wall. The only one that will let you do this is HomeKit integration (but you need to buy a $70 bridge for that). It works locally, so it gives you control of your door even if your Internet service goes down (that’s because the iSmartGate Pro doesn’t send commands to the cloud, as other controllers do). So you can just buy one, plug it in, and start controlling your garage door remotely.


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