Peons often take as long to bring down as early bosses from games like Final Fight or Double Dragon. Comment. I will continue to play an absurd amount of this game in the years to come, and I’m glad to fit it into rotation when deciding which in the series I want to dive into with friends. Learn More. Streets of Rage 4 is filled to the brim with replayability and adds a healthy dose of fan service as a cherry on top. Dotemu has crafted a loud, neon-drenched love letter to the franchise that’s both proudly different and achingly faithful to its progenitors. It’s an idea that incentivises aggression and building upon combos, encouraging you to learn the act of juggling and dodging in a way that few beat-em-ups can muster. You have a d-pad or an analog stick and four buttons to help clear your way. No more worrying that you’ll run out of your precious continues. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. If you’re downed, it’s straight back to the beginning. The little I saw didn’t immediately live up to expectations I’d developed for a 2D brawler series that had its last official last entry in 1994. When Streets of Rage 4 was first announced, I was wildly skeptical. Homage is clearly the point here. I’d love to see Dotemu introduce some downloadable content in the form of new stages and side stories, since some of the new characters deserve a bigger spotlight, with larger than life scenarios teased but never touched upon in Streets of Rage 4. We’ll always tell you what we find. This series has always been about jumping right in and mashing buttons in a constantly randomized sequence of scenarios for you and a potential partner to rock-paper-scissor your way through. I mean, just look at those suspenders. Streets of Rage 4 feels more like a celebration of that history inside of a new and updated world. By Peter Glagowski Apr 29, 2020. Streets of Rage 4 is an enchanting retro surprise, bursting onto the scene and overcoming many of the justified grievances fans might have with reviving such … These kinds of games never really went anywhere, and you can find a ton of excellent examples of new takes on its style. But that’s usually the case with brawlers, and playing with friends can alleviate some of those hurdles. 0. Fluent in Spanglish. (At least River City has fared pretty well apart from the deadly dull River City Girls. We've ended up with a beautiful beat-'em-up that's perhaps a little too loyal to the original games, but is ultimately a blast to play, especially with others. When you and a partner are in sync with one another, it can feel like a dance. It’s an added bonus that Streets of Rage 4 is positively gorgeous, boasting a luscious hand-drawn art style that echoes the arcade classics perfectly. You’re out to put an end to an evil mastermind or rescue a friend who’s been taken hostage. Now it feels worth the risk. Boasting a new developer, familiar characters and beautiful sense of style, can it stand alongside the classics that inspired it? It’s unfortunate that the full range of stage designs don’t lend themselves to more varied gameplay mechanics. Stages range from corrupt city streets to underground sewers awash with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle references. Such a mission is achieved by beating the crap out of everyone, whether it be petty thugs, corrupt police officers or disco dancers hoping to strut their stuff on the city streets. Each playable fighter moves with varying levels of weight and speed, changing how you need to approach movesets to move through stages without taking massive amounts of damage.


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