When you've gotten 30 Shines, he'll give you a pair of sunglasses to wear, which will darken your screen appropriately. Go to Pianta Village and choose the episode titled "Piantas in Need" and save all the Piantas and the villagers who gave you blue coins before will now give you 1-ups instead. To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. You can get the Sunglasses by obtaining 30 shines. If you've found any interesting secrets you'd like to share, please post them in the comments section! It's a lot faster than hoping for those 777's! We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Both of these items are given to you by the man wearing sunglasses. Do this next part quickly and carefully: on the peak of the third jump, hover, turn around, and grab on to the top of the gate. NOTE: During the flood, only Serena Beach and Pianta Village are accessable. Secret Shine 1: The Beach Cannon's Red Coins, Secret Shine 2: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Red Coins, Secret Shine 1: The Hotel Lobby's Red Coins, Secret Shine 2: The Red Coins of Casino Delfino, Episode 5: Secret of the Village Underside, Secret Shine 1: Red Coins of the Village Underside, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Dr. Eggman is causing havoc again and it... Meet TY, a fearless Tasmanian tiger in the wild and untamed Australian wilderness. This trick allows you to access Pianta Village without the rocket nozzle. At the peak of your jump, throw the bananas and you should clip through into the pool room. After watching the long cutscene and Mario's long drop into the Plaza, swim over to the log in front of the Shine Gate. The rest of the stages and any underwater manholes or buildings aren't. This glitch can also be executed in a similar manner with the Turbo Nozzle (even though it doesn't launch you vertically) for some reason, though the process of charging up vertical momentum is much slower. This glitch allows Mario to run around underwater in Delfino Plaza during the flood. This will let you have a large stock of lives to tackle stages and mini-stages that you want a lot of lives to spend on (the Dead Leaf in a Dirty Brook mini-stage comes immediately to mind). Face away from the gate, backflip (quickly press the opposite direction and jump) and hover over to the large Shine, and land on the little overhang surrounding it. Find all our Super Mario Sunshine Action Replay Codes for GameCube. Then go to the right side of the board where the electrical slime is. Get another coin (to make 100) and you will get an extra life. Jump on them, then ground pound them three times. Immediately after, find the pianta on a roof that throws you into a building for one coin. Then jump and hover in that direction for about a second and you should land on a platform with the pipe to the next portion of the level. Repeat as desired. If you need to dismount Yoshi for a long time and do not want him to run out of juice, leave Yoshi near some fruit, and he will auto-feed himself when his juice meter dips low. Look for a man with black sunglasses in Delfino Plaza (he's at the beach, close to the fruit stands) or in most of the other worlds and talk to him. You can even then charge up a second jump as you go flying, allowing you to gain even more height! The world is in peril as forces, both good and evil, make a play for the powerful Chaos Emeralds. He will take you to the Delfino Airstrip. You can then just get under the top enemy and knock him off. In Shadow the Hedge... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Full Steam Ahead! First, go to Delfino Plaza and collect 100 coins. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch. Want to see Mario in a different outfit than his trademark blue overalls and red shirt? However, the Rocket jump is still "stored" - if you sidestep from this point off a ledge, it'll fire as you walk off, sending you even higher than you'd normally go. Welcome to IGN's Super Mario Sunshine walkthrough. However, if you look opposite the Ferris Wheel, there's a long, green platform. Exit the course and repeat as often as you like. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. The man inside the costume of the Il Piantissimo character is actually a tanned version of the running man as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To unlock the Turbo and Rocket Nozzles immediately, without having to contend with Shadow Mario, you will need to enter and exit Corona Mountain. Tilt, Slam, Bam! See the man wearing sunglasses after completing the game, See the man wearing sunglasses after obtaining 30 shines. Jump onto one of the edges of the fountains most opposite the entrance to the room, Do a back-flip and hover towards the structure at the side of the room opposite the door and you should grab onto a ledge. A 1-Up will appear. This is very useful for the Red Coin Shine in Gelato Beach. Super Mario Sunshine Cheats. If This would apply to stages like the racing stages (with the Islander who likes to race) and some of the mini-stages (like the Pachinko stage). Talk to them and they'll each give you a 1-Up. If you can restart the stage easily (and quickly), you should learn to quit when Mario is in danger of dying. Super Mario Sunshine (3D All … In this episode, enter the casino as intended. The locals seem to have a bone to pick with the legendary plumber, as it seems that someone dressed like him has been polluting the town with some sort of ooze. For Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 15 cheat codes and secrets. How about putting on some shades and slipping into a tropical shirt? It will enable a glitch where they cannot drag you. Before it fires, jump, timing it so that you hit the ground around the time it would normally launch you into the air - if done correctly, it'll fire but you'll stay on the ground. This page of IGN's Super Mario Sunshine wiki contains some secrets and exploits you can use to your advantage when playing Super Mario Sunshine. If you've saved your game after you beat the final boss, you'll be able to get your shirt anytime you talk to this guy. In some levels you will see nails shooting up out of the ground. Clear Episode 7 in every level to flood Delfino Plaza. You can get the Hawaiian Shirt after completing the game. In Gelato Beach and other levels where there are Bubbas (the big red fish that drags Mario underwater), you can keep them from doing this attack with this little trick.Pick up a piece of fruit and start swimming with it. To unlock Yoshi, you need to beat episode four of Pinna Park. Years after its release, Sunshine's still one of the most complete, entertaining, lovingly wrought platformers for the GameCube. Click on each location to be taken to that World's Walkthrough page. Go down the pipe to enter Sirena Beach and select Episode 1: The Manta Storm. (Note that, to unlock Corona Mountain, you must finish Episode 7 in every area of the game. Please log in or register to continue. Mario has traveled Isle Delfino for a little rest and relaxation but what are the chances of that panning out?


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