I decided I wanted to try making Strawberry Serenity or Divine Grape, my two favorite flavors. Remembering that Kombucha is an ancient Chinese tea, I researched how to brew my own on this very website. So it’s perfectly fine to stick with quality organic sugar for brewing. In part because it is widely available — I can even pick up a bottle at Duane Reade — but also because the brand offers up a diverse roster of exciting, bold flavors I love. I’ve had good luck matching the flavor of GT’S by adding about 12mg of a zinc tablet to the secondary ferment in the bottle. It does continue to ferment even in the fridge. As it says on their website: “GT’s Enlightened Kombucha and GT’s Enlightened Synergy both use Kombucha that is 100% certified organic and raw. Add about 1/2 cup of sugar and stir to dissolve. You can also try our Green Power Blend. This Peach Pie Kombucha recipe has juicy peaches, maple syrup, and a hint of vanilla (in other words, you’re going to… Most of the time I can get them open, but I have two that I’m sure are going to be alcoholic by the time I get them open! Fully fermented for 30 days in small batches with heirloom living cultures, GT’s SYNERGY is a probiotic powerhouse with organic acids and active enzymes to support the gut, aid digestion, and boost immune health. By signing up, I agree to the Terms & to receive emails from POPSUGAR. Imagine how they were doing it 3,000 years ago in China? At this point, the label should be very sticky and scrape off easily. We have organic hibiscus available here —> https://store.kombuchakamp.com/Hibiscus.html. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure to try literally hundreds of different brands of Kombucha from all over the world! There are a couple ways you might try to replicate it. Flavor idea for your 2F Kombucha Tea Hopefully that will be enough to make it taste similar? (The amount of sugar depends on the sugar levels of your fruit. For example, if you look on the bottle of GT’s Synergy Trilogy Kombucha ingredients, it says the flavorings are raspberry juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice. Although kiwi is not listed, conceivably you could try juicing your own kiwi to try and recreate GT’s exactly. I didnt think it would work but I’m sick of buy Goo Gone 🙂 Filled it up with hot water from the machine and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and it peeled right off. You can strain upon pouring to remove any yeastie bits – remember, you are also removing flavor and nutrients when you do that – but if doing it at the time of consumption, most of the flavor will be retained and hopefully the teenagers will enjoy it. will definitely experiment with the “fruit brew” technique…so far have just been adding at bottle time. This is an honor since I consider you a critical resource to the Kombucha community. Chia seeds are best consumed as quickly as possible to maintain freshness. So while we don’t know the exactly GT’s Trilogy Kombucha recipe, we can take our best guess for a mix of juices and other elements to replicate the flavor at home! I love reading all your comments!! Add 6 ounces of fruit to 2-6 cups water and bring to a boil in a stainless steel pot. Best Synergy Kombucha Flavors of November 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews. 1 day ago, by Tori Crowther I am kinda hooked on ginger/vanilla. Remember to rinse well with clear water. Trilogy™. Synergy is the brand's designation for flavors with a larger percentage of fruit juice, and thus a sweeter, smoother finish. Synergy Trilogy™. The green ones are yummy! I’ve also used crushed egg shells and calcium tablets with good results. Just tried the hot water method today while at work. I remember the first time I heard of Kombucha—it was at the Bikram yoga studio where I practice. Treat yourself to this tasty trifecta anytime to feel relaxed and refreshed. Thanks for all the info! While there are many excellent kombucha brands on the market, GT's Kombucha is what you'll most often find in my fridge. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tart bursts of raspberry with bright squeezes of lemon and a bite of fresh pressed ginger. Fruity. I have purchased a high quality Spirulina but haven’t found the Chlorella yet. Best Synergy Kombucha Flavors of November 2020: Comparisons, AI Consumer Report, and Reviews. So it wasn’t BREWED with the ginger, but it is SO refreshing and delicious! Thank you Kombucha Mamma for inviting me to share my story! I’ve gotten my mother and husband on the kombucha train, but I haven’t managed to get my teenagers on board yet, but I’m not giving up on them. I’ve been using the GT’s bottles too, but I have a major problem with them. Have you ever considered starting your own brand? Something like golden monkey, golden yunnan black tea or silver needle white tea is amazingly good. Thanks to Kombucha Kamp for all your great info!!! ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! That’s the exciting thing about Kombucha, there is a lot of room for experimentation. i use 2 gallons of water, 2 cups of sugar, 2 cups of kombucha from a previous batch plus the scobie and let it sit 14 days, then i bottle it–i also use my old GT’s bottles!–and do a second fermentation–i like to leave it on the counter about a week, sometimes 2) this time though, after the initial fermentation, when i bottled it, i put in 2 oz pureed frozen strawberries and then filled the bottle with the brew and let it set and it really tastes GOOD! – Cook Time: 25 minutes “No way can this make mine taste like the expensive GTs brand I’ve been buying,” I thought. Current favorites are all the combinations of: lemon, ginger, raspberry and hibiscus. We brew in wide-mouthed vases and transfer to used Snapple bottles.). Mmmm – that pineapple sounds divine! GT’s SYNERGY is authentic raw Kombucha for everyone everywhere. Soak 1 TB for 20 mins until they plump, then stir into your Kombucha. There are some that turn out beautiful in color, but they still have the cloudy film on the bottom…if it’s part of all the good stuff I won’t stress it, but if it’s possible to have all the good benefits of Kombucha and Jun without the cloudiness that’ll be even more awesome and appealing. this last month, i’ve been enjoying mango as well as peach, both super double plus good! Please welcome guest poster and power home brewer McKinley Alvarez from Santa Cruz, CA! I also think it helps settle my stomach down too, but who knows, I’m not a doctor. Even today, with so many new brands appearing all the time, GT’s and Synergy Kombucha (see more about that below) dominate the marketplace. I don’t do the brew mentioned here, I’ve been brewing for about two months so I’m still following Hannah’s directions to a T. 😉 Speaking of which, tonight I get to decant a batch, yay! We have replacement caps available that hold in the fizz yet won’t break your arm when it comes time to open your bottle. So how would I make my favorite G.T.’s Synergy Grape Chia? (*Note: Frankly, this seems kind of low based on our experiments. ALWAYS use an extra SCOBY from your SCOBY Hotel when trying a new brewing technique. Treat yourself to this tasty trifecta! In case you’re not familiar, GT’s Kombucha is the market leader for commercial Kombucha. While their brewing methods are more traditional than mine, their results are fantastic—apricot/mango, pomegranate. i love this site. GT’s SYNERGY is authentic raw Kombucha for everyone everywhere. Trilogy combines our organic & raw Kombucha with a bright blend of tart lemon, tangy raspberry, and spicy ginger. Fruity. Fill vessel most of the way with purified water up to one gallon total. 2 days ago. See our price match guarantee. I’ll have to pick up some extra fruit this summer to try some of these techniques! Even received a Continuous Brew container for Christmas. Another way to remove the label is to pour hot water in the bottles, this loosens the adhesive from the inside and then you can gently peel the label off. Unfortunately kiwi juice is not readily available to consumers, at least not in a form that would be suitable for brewing. Yay! They work great! It must have been the same way, a different brew on every block. It has Spirulina and Chlorella in it. We do NOT recommend rinsing the SCOBY as that may deplete the yeast that cling to the culture thereby throwing off the balance between the yeast & bacteria. we’d probably reduce that to 1/4 tsp. (: Vinegar dissolves that label glue too. Hope this helps. Wet whatever label is left on the bottle and put back in the microwave for 20 seconds. Does anyone have the recipe for that one? But I love GTs Passionberry Bliss. Synergy Trilogy™. Trilogy is 100% raw and organic Kombucha and tart bursts of raspberry with bright squeezes of lemon and a bite of fresh pressed ginger.


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