We sell only Professional General Use Pest Control Products. Tempo Dust formulation contains one of the most effective compounds available for quick knockdown and long-term residual control of bees, wasps, hornets, ants and cockroaches, among numerous other pests. CimeXa Insecticide Dust — Best Overall, CimeXa Insecticide Dust contains the active ingredient, silicon dioxide, a synthetic silica gel which is a potent bed bug desiccant. The dust is a form of contact and residual powder that should be used inside cracks, crevice, and void treatments. nor at Distributors like Hotel-Motel supply, HD supply, Guest supply or any other distributors.Pest control products Depot will strictly adhere to any and all state shipping restrictions. Pestcontrolproductsdepot.com do not sell Hazardous chemicals, fertilizer and product containing fertilizer. Ortho bed bug powder comes with a convenient puffer so that you can place the powder in every nook and cranny. Drione Pest Insecticide Dust — Best Dual Effect, Extremely effective in killing bed bugs and other insects, Can take a few weeks to kill large infestations, Some bed bugs may become desensitized to pyrethroids, Odorless, non-staining and water-resistant, The effect lasts for 8 months if left undisturbed, Can be applied as outdoor parameter treatment, A few customers complain it is not as effective as advertised, Criteria for Buying the Best Bed Bug Powders, Difference Between Silica Gel and Diatomaceous Earth. This ensures that you do not have to treat bed bugs every few days. Note that we cannot reply to questions asked via this form. Q: Does bed bug powder kills eggs as well? Before starting your extermination, cover yourself with a face mask and gloves so that you don’t run the risk of either touching or inhaling the insecticide. Tempo Dust is a ready to use insecticide that contains 1% cyfluthrin and can be used to kill bedbugs and pests. A multi-purpose bed bug killer that can eliminate insects in all life stages is the best options for you. h�̑�NQ��^"�ʏ��V}*:*�4�$����ߨ���������r����A�ܛ�!���2�={��D��E���n.���������LY�Bs��u��'�*:�}�ቲ�F}��>�.�7g?P^��?��P���\ф��:g�7����_�(�8`n}!sb>!� Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 100%, 8 oz. Always  read the label carefully before you buy a product and make sure the product is  intended for your specific use. It can be applied using a hand duster or power duster directly into voids and cracks and crevices, in and around structures. So if you find a current lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, tell us and we'll match it. After that, bed bugs dry out quickly and die. Labeled for use indoors and outdoors, this product effective residual control of ants, cockroaches, wasps and other pests in difficult, hard-to-reach sites. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Please be Specific and detailed. A: A research study from the University of Kentucky explains that a single treatment with bed bug dust is enough to eradicate the majority of the bed bug population. These products are not available in stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart or ACE Hardware etc. Plus, bed bug powder comes with other additives that may be toxic and harmful to your health. If you experience any of these symptoms after applying the insecticide, get medical treatment immediately. termites. This is one of the fastest acting bed bug killers available in the market, and it can kill bed bugs in all life stages, including the larva and egg stage, in just 24 hours.


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