(Blood from a stone mission) hopefully that will fix that issue. @assassinscreed Have you fixed the free upgrade to Ps5 yet??.. Anyone else w…, @Fudce @assassinscreed Have you fixed the fact that UK players STILL cannot upgrade to the PS5 version? @AweGamers @assassinscreed Please fix the Fabric glitch!! @Ubisoft, @gnomepartyz Among a number of other quests. It's a great accessibility option and a shame the option is there but not working. @xf7zEOHOgI3hatS @assassinscreed @UbisoftSupport Viking for Hire quest is still broken after the update. #fix #AssassinsCreedValhalla, @hakunamatata167 @assassinscreed Installed update 1.0.4 and now AC Valhalla shurs down after a few minutes of running around ?? 50 hours into the game just to try stay interested and The Son…, @assassinscreed Fix the stuck on object glitch yeh deadset can’t do anything, So does addressing in patch notes mean they fixed or they'll fix it for an update @UbisoftSupport @assassinscreed @Ubisoft the mouse and keyboard input issue still not fixed one or the other doesn't work depending on whats plugged in 2nd Happy Thanksgiving hope you fix later plz. @Hypnofear @assassinscreed @dboxtech I haven’t had any of those issues ? specifically (Twinkle Twinkle) and (Home Sweet Home). @thatguyGamerKT @Ubisoft @assassinscreed valhalla is great. it’s not hardware related, though. ? One of my favorite series. @assassinscreed Is it known that since patch 1.0.4 the autosave stopped working? I've never had issues with #AssassinsCreed. @assassinscreed Played for 10 minutes after the update and the game still has the ram/vram issue, and is an unplayable buggy mess when trying to raid, @Jakemccandless3 @Odione12 @assassinscreed > Addressed various FX issues. Unable to interact. Screen tearing being the most prevalent. @LordMorbidious @assassinscreed Have you fixed the fact that UK players STILL cannot upgrade to the PS5 version? hopefully it’ll be fixed with today’s patch. Good support. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. I still can’t access his store at all he’s just sitting there in camp..... @anng1111 Anyone else who can't upgrade from PS4 be sure to contact @BBCWatchdog about it! @UbisoftSupport hello can help me with some issues with Assassins Creed, @lucastheotario @Assassins_UK @assassinscreed @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport Since installing the patch earlier today I lost 3+ hours of gameplay due to auto save not working, am unable to manually save or fast-travel in game. @assassinscreed @AssassinsDLC Is anyone else having fast travel issues? @JackInTheBoxYTB But they do have an eagle named Ikaros that can share his sense of vision. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get legendary lieutenants in AC Odyssey. @mero_germany @assassinscreed Same issue here after the update! @redbelles RT @L3thal_Euskal: @assassinscreed And the problem of achievements that do not unlock on #Xbox and #PS4??? I should wait after the “RELEASE” date to see issues? @assassinscreed are you aware of a glitch were you can’t progress the game,it’s when you do the hidden blade quest? @UbisoftSupport I have DMed you guys about the 20% off code not working on Assassins Creed Valhalla, when will I get a reply? @JooJr20300001 @RobSh1985 @URInLuvWivASyco @jmesmorton Be the first to know the next time Assassin's Creed goes down. @assassinscreed Please tell me you're gonna fix that glitch with the A brother's keeper mission. @assassinscreed @AssassinsDLC Son's of Ragnar, speak to Ubba still not working!! When assigned to the Adrestia, they’ll add certain perks to your ship. Anyone else who can't upgrade from PS4 be sure to contact @BBCWatchdog about it! @Shauna_Smash @Tripwire_Stone @assassinscreed It just says "various issues with quests and world events". @assassinscreed How about fix these absolutely HORRENDOUS bugs! rewrote the return codes from code cave. it’s not hardware related, though. I've been having issues with the couldron mission in Jotunheim and I still can't go into the to find the couldron and it wasn't fixed in the 1.0.4 update but that be greatly appreciated,if it can be fixed. @_ScrotalRecall_ Xbox One Control Scheme – AC Odyssey. RT @AcBeardy: @assassinscreed @Ubisoft The update hasn't fixed a damn thing. It's been a week since the consoles came out and I still can't play the game I paid £55 for! Ubba just stands there. Thanks, @assassinscreed You still didn’t fix the issues with the magister armor, @assassinscreed @Ubisoft So I went to play “the big finish” mission and it’s still not working after the patch please fix this ASAP.


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