Rooibos, or Aspalathus linearis, is a member of the legume family of plant in South Africa. Thanks for your comment. That means that you get more drinkable tea, and thus it’s even cheaper than if you just measured the cost per gram of tea. Although the traditional genmaicha is made from bancha, now you’ll find genmaicha made with green teas such as sencha, gyokuro and even houjicha. As an example, take a look at this page to see some of the different types being sold there. ), while still having a calming effect.Green tea has also been used to effectively treat a number of other health conditions, including, but not limited to:High cholesterol – Green tea has been shown to decrease LDL, and increase HDL cholesterol levels, helping to prevent plaque formation, stroke, and heart attack.Arthritis and poor bone health – EGCG is a demonstrated anti-inflammatory, preventing or joint degeneration and osteoarthritis. If you stopped drinking coffee because of the caffeine, then maybe you should go for the plain genmaicha instead of the genmaicha with matcha. I hope that you enjoy drinking this tea as much as I do. Pick up a packet from your local Asian grocers like Welcome Fresh Food for around $13 and give them a go! It’s no secret that genmaicha is my favorite tea, I never get tired of drinking it. Matcha is purified and powdered so that when it is taken as tea or in food, the entire leaf is ingested. Place 4g of tea leaves and boiling water into the pot and steep for 30 seconds. The difference is that black tea is fermented to produce the characteristic flavor and this process destroys most of its medicinal benefit. Click here to continue shopping.. How many stars does this product deserve? Although people’s tastes are differen, I’ve found that in general beginners in tea have a high acceptance rate for genmaicha (as opposed to green teas such as matcha and sencha). But I do often have genmaicha after lunch. Genmaicha (which is the Japanese word for ‘brown rice tea’) is green tea with roasted brown rice. TOKUYO GENMAICHA (JAPANESE GREEN TEA WITH ROASTED RICE) - 400G, Write a Review & Earn Free Reward Points (Login Required to Earn), (Review length must be greater than 50 words to earn FREE reward points.). Use up the contents as soon as possible. After reading your article,I roasted genmai and had Genmaicha remembering my childhood. Hi,Ricardo! It has less caffeine and tastes less astringent. Since I started following your blog just about a year ago now I have read everything that you have posted with great enjoyment, and I have extended my knowledge of tea which has helped me greatly to know what I like and where to buy it from. In doing so I have been able to try different teas from different farms all on one convenient website. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Out of stock Naturally caffeine free, full of flavour, and health benefits, Rooibos is easily becoming the caffeine-free tea of choice. It sounds strange at first, but when you smell it and then drink it, you’ll realize that it makes perfect sense. Join the community today and rate! I recommend no more than once, though, but it’s up to you. Another option is to buy online, many online tea shops ship internationally. You can also subscribe without commenting. Yunomi is run by CEO Ian Chun who himself is a Japanese tea farmer who basically decided to start a company and gather many tea farmers of the region together so that they could sell their respective teas on one larger website. Surprising, isn’t it? (Figuratively speaking of course, as most people do prefer their tea hot! Mate is especially popular in Uruguay, where it is consumed from a guampa, or hollow gourd-like container, with a metal straw.When the mate is harvested, the branches are often dried with a wood fire, leaving a slightly smoky flavour and aroma. Sign up to hear about National Nutrition promotions and offers first. Need Help With An Existing Order? For full legal and privacy disclosure click here. Note that National Nutrition reserves the right to refuse the processing or shipment of an order for any reason. Email: admin[@], Tokuyo Genmaicha - Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice. Universal provides antioxidant packed food supplements: Goji Berries, Organic Green Tea, Korean Ginseng Tea, Panax Ginseng Extractum, Peking Royal Jelly and many more. This aromatic blended tea brings together the refreshing lightness, sweetness and the distinctive taste of roasted rice. Please tell me what you think about genmaicha in the comments.


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