Additional soy sauce, for dipping. Sriracha sauce. Instructions. Additional ingredients: 1 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, quartered. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes, or until they’re golden brown. 2 green onions, sliced. 1 medium lime Sauce: 1 pound sushi-grade tuna, cut into 1/2-inch cubes. Add tomatoes, onions, spicy Tuna flakes, and cheese. On grill or skillet on high heat, sear tuna for 15 seconds on each side or until desired prep is reached. 2 tablespoons soy sauce. Cut tuna into smaller slices. Transfer in a bowl and let it cool. Make the tuna salad while the tortillas are baking. Spread half of chips on a large platter or baking sheet. Tuna Poke Nachos… Stir to combine … Sprinkle salt and chili powder (if you’re using it) on the tortilla pieces. Meanwhile, peel and dice the mango. Serve with lime wedges. Everyone I have served these to love them. Side Dish Recipes See all Side Dish Recipes . This is a quick recipe for nachos with refried beans to serve at get-togethers or on a Sunday watching football. Step 4. Tuna Salad Recipes Side Dish Recipes. Pour the oil in a large stock pot and heat over medium to 350 degrees F. Cut the wonton wrappers in half to make triangles. Scatter half of tuna over chips, then top with half of radishes, avocado, jalapeño, and cilantro, then drizzle with half of Sriracha mayo. Heat the pan and add spicy Century tuna in oil. Cut tuna into 1-inch steaks and season with salt and Old Bay. Peel and de-seed avocado and cut into thin slices. Top it with thinly sliced fresh cabbage. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Let it simmer over low heat until the liquid evaporates. 1 teaspoon sesame seeds. Instructions. Add the avocado, chopped pepper, green onions, red onions, lime juice and salt and pepper. Mix the … Drain the Bumble Bee® Solid White Albacore in Water and place it in a bowl. 1 avocado, halved, seeded, peeled and diced. Arrange Chips at the bottom of your serving plate. 1 avocado, cubed.


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