Turkish verbs and tenses | Turkish Basics. Verbs. In order to make a the Turkish infinitive, the suffix -mak or -mek is added to the verb root according to the last vowel of the verb root. Numbers. The infinitive is the mood of the verb without any conjugation. Learning Turkish Verbs; Multiple Choice Exercise; Cross Link Exercise; Dictation; What are they Doing? Alphabet. There are 4 main tenses in the Turkish language: The present continuous tense (şimdiki zaman) The present simple tense (geniş zaman) The past tense (geçmiş zaman) Home. Conjugate any Verb; Pronunciation - Video Examples; How to use the Tenses - Phrases; Learn with Examples; Multiple Choice Exercise; Fill in the Right Type; Fill in the Endings; Verbs - Vocabulary. Possession. Grammar. Plurals. I am, You are. Verb Conjugation. Var and Yok.


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