Some find it off-putting or downright disgusting. AllEars.Net, AllEars® Newsletter and any other properties owned by AllEarsNet, LLC are not But not just any characters. The food at breakfast is delicious, with a mixture of breakfast classics yet also some divine African inspired food that really creates the atmosphere and produces the most appetizing scents. Characters: This is the one thing I disagree with Tom on. There were several different stations serving Breads and Pita, Hummus, Fruit, Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Rice, Curry Chicken, salads, mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, small sampler desserts like brownies, strawberry cake, bread pudding, cookies, etc. Is this actually possible? check in, get a buzzer or text message, and wait. Not pictured is the lava cake that I have seen raved about other places. The ceiling is this beautifully designed tapestry of fabrics that make you feel like you are indeed in an open-air market place, with shade provided by the fabric. When it comes to food, Tusker House is difficult to beat. Each of the characters spent a good amount of time with us taking pictures before moving on. Tusker House is situated in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. They do offer a breakfast version of this character meal, but we won’t be covering that here. Since this is character dining that appeals primarily to families, Disney wisely offers standard options in addition to the more adventurous African foods. The bread features the likes of pita bread, a few variations of corn bread and some generic rolls. The reason we love Tusker House for this is that it does all this (classic characters, good location in park) and more. It worked great. Planning on going? Beyond that, the interaction was pretty basic. Not because of my photography ineptitude (shocking I know), but because it was nowhere to be found this particular evening. They have a good mix of your normal items that picky eaters or kids will enjoy as well as some more adventurous African inspired dishes. This is not quiet or quaint dining - go to Tiffins if you want that. Tables in Wonderland card for a 20% discount, Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets. They told us (and it was good advice) to be ready with cameras and I was glad I of the characters caught the two girls with me off-guard by posing behind them both and the picture I got was super cool!! The restaurant is badly laid out, with the buffet in a huge entry foyer and the dining rooms narrow rooms with narrow corridors making the buffet traverse nearly impossible. Thank you. Overall, Tusker House is a great option for just about anyone. Do make your reservations here as early as possible as reservations here can fill up. Everything the buffet serves is pictured on the plates in these photos, but I am far too lazy to take photos of each serving station at the buffet; check out easyWDW’s review for that. Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates. Some of them are very noticeable, while you need to look for others. But I wanted an omelet, so I tried one. Was good food. Reviews of Tusker House Character Breakfast. I’m not sure I would call them distinctly African dishes, but I’ve never been to Africa so it’s hard to say. Great food featuring diverse flavors, excellent theming, with fun but typical character experiences is how I would sum it up. If you want really good food, good service, and to meet four major characters with ease then Tusker House is your place. Adults can appreciate the theme and variety of unique foods. There was also some sort of mango salad stuff that I absolutely loved (pictured in the middle of the plate below). The Tusker House buffet has something for everyone. When the characters did show up, it was only for quick poses and then they were off again. Shout out to Chris S. For bring out 2 beverages in the beginning for the extra thirsty party member. The food at breakfast is delicious, with a mixture of breakfast classics yet also some divine African inspired food that really creates the atmosphere and produces the most appetizing scents. All the staff in the restaurant are so friendly and welcoming and will always ensure that you and your family are having the best possible time. The staff was amazing as were the characters. The login page will open in a new tab. Top it off with the jungle punch and all of the characters, and it is a great start! We’ve always also had great character experiences at Tusker House. You get to meet a lot of characters in one go without waiting, you can jump on rides straight after without travelling, and...I have found that breakfast buffets are a little more reliably good than other meals. We’ll provide plenty of photos of the food from the buffet line and of course, the characters. I also love the Safari characters, we typically go to Disney at non peak times, but we've had good luck with seeing all the characters in a pretty short amount of time here. We’ve seen the ear thing many times. Healthy to different to comfort, EVERYTHING. Tusker House is situated in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. Solo traveler asking: Can you request no character interaction? Not far away from Kilimanjaro Safaris, Tusker House features Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Daisy dressed in their safari… Luckily, the banana bread pudding was out of this world, so I didn’t feel at all slighted by the rest of the desserts being letdowns. are there is something for everyone. 2008-2020 © Zomato™ Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. Ha, ha–we had the opposite experience with characters: ‘must not have been crowded, because they came around *twice* during the course of our meal. This time we went straight into the restaurant and Donald met us later at our table. And those are just the things I remember the names of! For official Disney information, visit, VIDEO: Guests Evacuated Off of Expedition Everest in Disney World Today, PHOTOS & VIDEOS: These Were NOT the Crowds We Were Expecting to See…. Wait staff was slow to refill beverages. I’d encourage anyone to get up and just walk around and look at the artwork, signs, masks and anything else on the walls.


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