He likes to blog and share his knowledge and research in business management, marketing, literature and other areas with his readers. It is a twin benefit tool to both businesses and consumers alike. 2) Unequal distribution of tweets – Though there are more than 300 million active users on Twitter yet not all the users participate in tweeting. Twitter is still an attractive social media platform and one can expect it to start earning profits in a  few years based on the current trend. Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Twitter : 1) Good brand image for credible celebrity accounts – Twitter has been fairly successful in maintaining the authenticity of celebrity accounts which makes it one of the favorite social media channels of all times. Twitter’s number of Active Monthly users is now past 330 millions. 1. The social media network has still not been able to generate any profits. Better resource allocation and adopting other efficient measures to cut down operating costs might help the brand increase its profits. This has led to Twitter having to implement more stringent operational processes with regards to the processing of personal information as infractions can cost the company as much as €20 million or 4% of total worldwide revenue, whichever is higher, in fines. You can tweet to your followers and receive responses in real time. Here is the SWOT Analysis of Twitter. The amount of the deal was undisclosed but through this acquisition twitter hoped to accelerate its machine learning capabilities. 2. In 2017, its investment in research and innovation reduced to 542 million dollars from 713.5 million dollars. Read more about Twitter in this SWOT analysis highlighting its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 7) Effective integration with other platforms – Twitter has integrated itself with a whole lot of other platforms as a login method which again strengthens its data science. OBJECTIVES STUDY AND UNDERSTAND THE STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS OF TWITTER 3. Increase in popularity of mobile apps and marketing, 1. As a social media platform, Twitter has maintained a strong image. Internet driving shift in communication channels, 1. Therefore there is a tendency for them to be different from one country to another as far as interpretation and application is considered. Although the SWOT analysis is widely used as a strategic planning tool, the analysis does have its share of limitations. 11) It connects a common man to celebrities and organizations directly – Twitter gave the power to people to directly talk to their favorite celebrities, organizations, and places – how amazing is that. He graduated with a Hons. 4) Innovative upcoming social media companies – Not only the existing competitor but new and different exciting platforms are getting launched regularly because of low-entry barriers. Twitter is strongly used by businesses to spread awareness about their brands, products and promotional offers reaching their targeted audience instantaneously. Hatred and harassment are two of the most serious problems that social media has to deal with. T… The revenue of Twitter in 2017 was 2.4 Billion dollars. After the recent data scandal at Facebook, all the social media platforms are facing higher scrutiny and oversight related to user data. Pressure on social media networks has increased to create better user experiences and prevent the spread of fake news, hate speech and cyber bullying. Proliferation of the Information technology and computing industry has led to growth in the influence of social media. Customized Solutions I have used them in a lot of my personal research work.-Mudassir KhanAccounting and Business, Melbourne Polytechnic, Here the research is to-the-point, no beating round the bush. Advertisers can also make use of the platform to launch products and services through the Promoted Products feature. Despite being amongst the ten most visited websites in the world, Twitter has only 35 offices scattered across the globe. Its expenditure on research and innovation has reduced in the recent years. 4) The preferred channel of communication for celebrities and businesses – Twitter has become one of the preferred channels of communication by most famous people and organizations. This happens because of the best technology that is being used in the functioning of the platform. Twitter’s current policies and practices are thus severely affected and can even result in its business being harmed. Cuts down my effort to surf through heaps of redundant data.-Alexandra MookiMajor in Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, This website has an amazing support team. 3) Increase the usefulness of Twitter Moments – Currently, Twitter and Moments look like two separate platforms, they can use it as an opportunity to integrate it seamlessly and attract more traffic. Keep it up! Moreover, the flowing tweets that  look like a newsfeed are highly effective in terms of marketing. SWOT Analysis is a proven management framework which enables a brand like Twitter to benchmark its business & performance as compared to the competitors and industry. 1. Multilingual facilities have made it popular and usable even for the non-English speaking population of the world, and remains part of the reason for its enormous success. I thought it’s a good idea to group and present this information through a SWOT Analysis so that it would make more sense to the reader. Twitter on its part is employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect spam and has closed down thousands of accounts across the world for spreading fake news as well as pro-government propaganda. Opening new channels of growth and revenue will also help Twitter strengthen its core business. 73 comments on “ SWOT Analysis of Twitter ” David Jackson says: October 4, 2013 at 5:33 pm Twitter seems well suited to explore joint venture ideas. Brand promotion, building connect with customers, expanding audience and creating conversations centered around advertising campaigns is also possible here which helps advertisers increase the visibility and reach of their products. You can follow me on Facebook. Happening service with real time information: Twitter has emerged as a major social networking platform. Twitter revenue 2018 - https://www.businessofapps.com/data/twitter-statistics/, 4. Growing both direct and indirect competition, 1. 1) Low retention rate – The retention rate of users on Twitter is only 40% which shows the inability of the company to keep people interested in the platform. It has faced less issues and troubles as compared to Facebook. A SWOT Analysis of Twitter by Phil Laboon on 06/09/2009. The UI is pretty simple and easy to use which makes it even more attractive for people to join. Privacy and government regulations globally: There are a slew of legal forces that affect Twitter, namely privacy and government regulations. Twitter can target new user groups to grow its user base. Top Quality. The brand has lost billions since its launch. The online audience has grown fast in the recent years and  that has added to the user base of the social media networks. The company is playing really well by utilizing this brand value and attracting people, organizations from all over the world to join. If user data is used for rigging elections and similar purposes the results will be devastating. This is the reason that the brand has been unable to create high level profits like other social media channels. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them. The Facebook data scandal resulted in several problems. At the beginning of 2016, this number stood at 310 million. Seven years later, in 2013, Twitter was one of the ten most-visited websites and has been described as “the SMS of the Internet”. Twitter SWOT & PESTLE Analysis - SWOT & PESTLE.com. Copyright © 2020. The world of social media has grown highly competitive. Grow your business. 1) The no-profit model even after 10 years – After a decade of being in business, they have not yet come up with a profit model which may someday prove deadly for the company. A strengthening dollar is affecting the income and revenue of the social media business. Facebook has been somewhat agiler than Twitter in this area. Twitter’s focus now is on growing its user base and making its platform more user friendly. Reply. I’ll be exploring its possibilities further. This is a problem that twitter is still grappling with and must sort out prior to everything else. 2) Integration with other platforms – Though Twitter has integrated itself with some platforms yet there is a lot of gaps. 5) Data safety issues – The platform is people’s data heavy and data safety is at risk at such a public forum. It has also managed higher transparency and control through user participation. Holistic Analysis The Tweets made on the platform get rapidly distributed via over 1 million media outlets and through its many platform partners who often make the Tweets more timely, relevant and comprehensive by adding complementary and explanatory content to them. TellApart was acquired for $479 million and the revenue was improved through the use of ads that resemble tweets. 2. The SWOT analysis for Twitter is presented below: This is the sample complete report which will give you a glimpse of what your complete report will cover after purchase.


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