Find out which students are getting accepted at University of Southern Mississippi, which are not, and how your GPA, SAT, or ACT scores compare. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and its programs are accr… What do you prefer? There are 4,401 male and 7,519 female students in undergraduate school and 892 male and 1,697 female students are attending graduate school at University of Southern Mississippi. We looked at where each of the school's admitted students lived before attending to create the geographic diversity rating. Southern Miss has traditionally drawn many of its students from Mississippi schools and community colleges, hailing from every county in Mississippi, though today the majority of undergraduates come from public schools across the southern United States and around the globe. University of Southern Mississippi is a public institution that was founded in 1910. Ethnically-diverse colleges offer students the opportunity to study and learn with undergraduates from racial and ethnic groups that are unique from their own. Often when we speak of diversity, which is simply defined as "variety", what we mean is multiculturalism, or the acceptance of people of different ethnicities, races, cultures, religions and economic backgrounds. We rank Southern Miss #1,808 in the nation for student age diversity. University of Southern Mississippi serves a low number of students outside of Mississippi, with 66 percent of the student body residing in-state. The "traditional" college student is thought to be between the ages of 18-21. A ranking of #1,861 for ethnic diversity means University of Southern Mississippi is above average nationally. Southern Miss offers approximately 189 programs leading to baccalaureate, master's, specialist, and doctorate degrees. Is Southern Miss attracting students from all economic backgrounds? At University of Southern Mississippi, the disparity between men and women on campus is on par with the national average. This university is ranked at #2,171 in male to female diversity nationwide. Southern Miss' rating of #806 puts it above the national average. If available, the chart below will include the male to female ratio among Southern Miss' faculty. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education. Southern Miss ranks above average in racial diversity. The University of Southern Mississippi, also known as Southern Miss, is a public research university in Hattiesburg, MS. The ethnic breakdown is detailed in the following table. A college's ethnic diversity is indicated by the student body's equal inclusion of students from different backgrounds . For the purposes of producing diversity scores, College Factual defines diversity as the most plurality. Even a school with high racial, ethnic and geographic diversity may not be diverse when it comes to the financial backgrounds of their students. Geographic Diversity. All rights reserved. Copyright by Wintergreen Orchard House. Compared to the US average of 56% female students, University of Southern Mississippi has a lower gender diversity than other US colleges and is less inclusive of males. Southern Miss Age Diversity Rank (1,808 out of 3,012) This may not be the best choice if you're seeking equality between the sexes (when it comes to their presence on campus). Public domain college data is sourced from the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics survey for academic years 2018/2019 and 2017/2018. There is a medium sized community of about 388 international students at University of Southern Mississippi representing at least 38 countries. University of Southern Mississippi Demographics & Diversity Gender Demographics & Diversity. What do we mean when we refer to diversity in college? 44% of students can be considered low-income as indicated by their receipt of Federal Pell Grant Aid. Diversity can be somewhat of a buzzword among both students and college admissions officers. Enter a college, major, state, city, GPA or SAT/ACT score,, U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics. Schools that rank high in diversity metrics are those with the greatest variety in ethnicity, gender, age, and geographic location of origin. The total diversity grade is created by combining the individual factors of racial, geographic, age and gender diversity. with a gender ratio of 64% women to 36% men. The undergraduate student body at Southern Miss is mostly female. Average racial representation in the faculty. All Students Undergraduate Graduate. The "traditional" college student is thought to be between the ages of 18-21. When available, the chart below will display racial diversity among the undergraduate students at Southern Miss. © All Rights Reserved. SAT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site. When most students seek diversity on a college campus, what they are actually looking for are opportunities to express themselves and find community with others who believe the same way, as well as opportunities to learn from those from different backgrounds and cultures. ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. and is not affiliated with this website.


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